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Why Join Us?

Newhanfu Membership is our latest members program. If you’re looking for a global shop to get more affordable, high quality, and awesome traditional & modern hanfu dresses, you’ve come to the right place!

Benefits of Membership

  • Great Price, with a member discount, you could easily enjoy almost the lowest price on the whole Internet
  • Free Shipping, on your every order, especially the address in the US, EU, UK, etc, fast 6-10 days shipping
  • Lucky Packs, access to all amazing lucky hanfu sets are just under $39, they are the best gift for everyone
  • And more benefits, please see the full table below.
Member Support

We provide premium support for all members, if you have any questions – whether it’s about your orders, or consulting about simple knowledge of hanfu; Please just feel free to contact us at any time, usually our support team will solve most problems within 1 hour!

Point Discount

Max Discount: 50%

1. If you are a Newhanfu Member, you will get an extra 10-20% member discount.
2. Return & Refund Policy is not available for any orders with point-discount items, if there is a quality issue with the items, we will re-ship a new one for you or return the used points.

Please check our Point Policy or contact our support team if you have any questions, thanks.

Choose A Plan To Start

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Join our Membership to unlock amazing benefits

1. Member Discount

join hanfu membership club

Enjoy 10%-20% Off Discount on all products, including on-sale products. Member discount prices will auto refresh immediately when any membership plan is active, and then enjoy your shopping, no coupon code is required.

  • Enjoy 10% Off for 1-Year Membership
  • Enjoy 20% Off for Lifetime Membership

tip: you can still use more coupon codes, review discounts, store credits & gift cards to checkout after have you subscribed to any membership. Please join our newsletter to avoid missing every deal

2. Member Lucky Packs

join hanfu membership club

Lucky Pack is a non-profit program for members only, you can get a random brand new hanfu set at a super cheap price – under $39. See all Lucky Packs

tip: lucky pack is not a product, so it doesn’t support coupon, discount, return & refund, only if there is a quality problem, we will send you a new one.

3. Member Shipping Upgrade

join hanfu membership club

Member’s shipping address in our Fast Shipping Regions will get an additional upgrade of free shipping method on all orders.

tip: for more shipping regions, please see the Shipping Policy.

4. Review for Discount

join hanfu membership

Review Discount: just get a big discount to order and review your favorite hanfu – 20%-50% off stacking discount.

We all would like to hear an honest product review from you – it will not only help other customers choose the right items but also help us optimize the product and do better in the future, so please feel free to leave your thoughts, even the worst part of the product.

tip: we’ll invite members to review the latest hanfu via newsletter, and please write your review within 1 week after the package is delivered.

5. Gift Cards & Coupons

join hanfu membership club

When the holidays come, we will prepare a large number of Gift Cards & Coupon Codes for all members.

tip: gift cards & codes are available for on-sale products.

6. Member Gift Pack

join hanfu membership club

During the holiday season, we will present our members with a free unique Gift Pack, including many beautiful hanfu accessories, jewelry, etc.

tip: gift pack will be shipped along with the order package.

7. Member Featured Products

join hanfu membership club

Some premium and limited products in Grand Sale will only be available to members.

tip: many products will not continue to be produced in the future and become out-of-print.

8. Affiliate Program

join newhanfu membership 2021

Join our official Affiliate Program for free and enjoy an upgraded Pro Affiliate Level with more awesome support.

tip: the affiliate is 100% free and easy to use, just refer our store to your friends and get high commissions.

9. Premium Support

new hanfu join membership

Ask any question and receive answers within 1 day on average from our Premium Support team. And we will do our best to fulfill your needs, such as custom design, gift packing, same-day shipping, and more.

tip: chat live with our Facebook Support team and receive priority responses on your tickets.

10. Community Partner

join hanfu membership

If you are a fashion-related designer, blogger, or influencer; we look forward to being a partner with you! And we’ll show your work and business in the hanfu community for free.

And More…

new hanfu join membership

We are preparing more membership benefits, please stay tuned!

tip: new benefits added in the future are free for members, no second payment is required.


1. Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes, please contact our member support team for a special Coupon Code to upgrade your membership.

2. Do you offer refunds?

Yes, if you didn’t purchase any items in 30 days, we can offer a 100% refund for you (no reason required). See Refund Policy

3. Are there any renewal fees?

Only the 1-Year membership comes with a renewal fee per year.

4. Is there any discount when renewing?

Yes, the Member Discount also works on renewal.

5. What payment methods do you accept?

You can use PayPal, or any Credit Card (by Stripe) with Visa, MasterCard, or Discover marks.

6. What is the difference between the 1-Year and Lifetime plans?

Please check the Plan Comparison for more details on how the plans differ from each other.

The 1-Year Plan is best suited for experienced hanfu lovers with a bigger Member Discount and exclusive benefits. If you want to get a permanent membership, the Lifetime Plan is the best deal.

7. What happens if I don’t renew my plan after one year?

Your membership status will become inactive and you will not be able to continue to use all benefits of membership.

8. How do I renew my 1-Year Membership?

Just purchase a new Membership Plan, and the membership time will be automatically extended.

The Lifetime Plan is permanent, only one-time payment.

9. Why can’t renew my membership automatically?

To comply with the privacy policies of each region of the world, we do not collect customers’ payment security information actively.

So you will need to renew it manually, but don’t worry, we will send a few emails to remind you before your membership expires.

10. How do I cancel my Membership?

Your membership will automatically become invalid after it expires. Or please contact us directly and we’ll cancel and delete your account upon request.

11. Can I transfer my Membership to a client, colleague, or friend?

No. Membership is not transferable across accounts at this time.

If you have more questions, please Contact Us.

join hanfu membership club

60 reviews for Join Membership

  1. (verified owner)

    Love that extra discount! And the inclusion of gifts (sometimes?)!

    I will say that the shipping speed of orders does vary — I placed two orders on the same day, and while both arrived in my country on the same day/time, one of the two definitely reached me a lot sooner than the other. But that’s not really something that NewHanfu can control, and so far, membership has been excellent.

  2. Kata (verified owner)

    Best Hanfu Store!

    Please release more point discount hanfu, thanks!

  3. Kristinsdottir (verified owner)

    Great online hanfu shop.

    The shipping, customer service and prices are all perfect.

  4. Jivich (verified owner)

    Awesome Hanfu Shop!

    Nice quality, at a reasonable price!

  5. Heki (verified owner)

    Must have! Definitely 5 stars!

    I have purchased over 10 hanfu dresses from newhanfu store and only one item of last month’s purchase had a quality issue, but they quickly shipped a new one to me, thanks!

  6. Central (verified owner)

    Newhanfu store is better than I was expecting.

    Shipping: 4.5/5 (most of my packages are delivered in 10 days)
    Price: 5/5 (awesome)
    Quality: 4.7/5 (great quality, but some areas still need improvement, such as the skirt waistband material)

    Overall, I will buy more in the future and recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

  7. Vmchik (verified owner)

    Five Stars are well deserved.

    Already purchased three hanbfu for Halloween and Christmas and all of them are perfect, I will soon buy more for the Chinese New Year and also it will be the best gift for my grandma 🙂

  8. curiouskait (verified owner)

    Great hanfu shop! The newhanfu store had a variety of sales and discounts available, which made it easy to find a great deal. The staff were friendly and helpful, and were able to assist me in finding the perfect hanfu for a special event.

    Overall, I had a fantastic experience at this store and would highly recommend it to anyone in need of a new hanfu dress.

  9. Catkeen (verified owner)

    I bought many modern hanfu from newhanfu, I really love these dresses, I wore them to wedding, office and travel, and got many compliments!

  10. Paima9077 (verified owner)

    Sorry for the delayed review.

    I bought Three different hanfu dresses for Halloween, they are so beautiful and well made, yes, I love modern style hanfu, it’s the perfect style to be casual, cosplay or dressed up.

    And the most important thing is that Newhanfu offers the better member price than Aliexpress and Etsy, thanks!

  11. Lyndsay Rose (verified owner)

    I have bought a lot of hanfu dresses from almost all shopping sites this year, and overall newhanfu is one of the best hanfu stores in 2022.

    I’m not happy that sometimes the shipping could be very slow, although I can understand that the delay may be due to the shipping provider and COVID Policy.

  12. Kzuizu (verified owner)

    The seller’s address is located in Hong Kong, so return and exchange is a problem (I’m in US), so I suggest checking the size measurements carefully and read the reviews before you buy. Apart from that, everything else is perfect, especially the support team, 10/10!

  13. woodlandfrb (verified owner)


    However, recently the shipping was slower and I waited 2 weeks to receive my package, in the past it was usually delivered within 10 days.

  14. ARTva (verified owner)

    Good quality and price.

    Bui I want to get mroe lucky pack based on color, can you update a new listing? Thanks in advance.

  15. sconnie (verified owner)

    Awesome hanfu shop!

  16. islaai (verified owner)

    I got some store credit due to some minor issues with my previous purchase, so I immediately joined the membership and I will buy more hanfu next month.

    Also, I’m very grateful to the newhanfu support team for quickly solving my problem just in 30 minutes when I told them my issue (it was my first time buying hanfu from newhanfu store, and I was super afraid of shopping online before).

  17. Technical (verified owner)

    The best hanfu store!

    I’m a college student, and now my classmates and even our teachers, will only choose to buy hanfu from newhanfu (sadly, we have wasted a lot of money on shopping sites before).

    Reasonable & affordable prices, nice quality, lots of free gifts, and 100% customer service! Thank you Newhanfu!

  18. sour_rylee (verified owner)


  19. slugzuki (verified owner)

    Too few styles, too few choices, you should add at least 10 new hanfu every month!

  20. pocketses (verified owner)

    I bought a Modern Hanfu lucky pack about a month ago, and I got the #2 one, it’s fashion and comfy, I really love it, but unfortunately I found one of the cuff stitches is broken. I contacted customer service and they re-ship a new one for me very quickly, but this shipping was very slow and I waited over 2 weeks(BTW, the first package just arrived in 8 days).

    Overall, it wasn’t a too bad shopping experience, but I wish the seller could do better in the future.

  21. pumaturtle (verified owner)

    Hi Newhanfu team, could you please add new lucky pack based on color? Thank you.

  22. castillo (verified owner)

    Great hanfu shop, better fabric and shipping than AliExpress and Esty. More colors and styles, please!

  23. Mmmaxwell (verified owner)

    Super cute, comfortable and stylish! LOVE NewHanfu!

  24. Horton (verified owner)

    Great find! I absolutely love Newhanfu shop. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 😍

  25. Luca Holmes (verified owner)

    Great value! Great price and super comfy! Love Hanfu! Love Newhanfu!

    Every time I wore hanfu outdoor and I’ll always received so many compliments. I re-ordered 2 more casual hanfu for daily wear!!!!

  26. anonso (verified owner)

    Love Newhanfu! Definitely recommend this hanfu shop!

  27. aktikusss (verified owner)

    Have bought many times! Five Star!

  28. cdfchopper (verified owner)

    Must have! Although there were a few issues with some of the items I bought; the newhanfu support team fix them quickly and provide a refund for me.

    In fact, I still think this store doesn’t have the best hanfu fabric (I’ve bought many premium hanfu in China with great fabric, but I need to pay $150 or even more); So considering the reasonable price, free shipping and perfect customer service, Newhanfu is definitely the best hanfu online store.

    I will buy more, and if you also want some hanfu to take beautiful photos, just buy it!

  29. vegaui (verified owner)

    Just Join it! I really enjoy the member discount and member free shipping, I also help my friends to buy hanfu, and the membership has saved me over hundreds of dollars!

    Thank you Newhanfu.

  30. Mopmn (verified owner)

    After receiving my first package , I joined the membership without any hesitation. The product, shipping and service is all Five Star!

  31. annicebarbosa (verified owner)

    So glad to join, purchased lots of lucky packs. Happy!

  32. lovelace (verified owner)

    Thank you Newhanfu team, I got this free membership from the community.

    I bought many lucky packs for my friends, it’s best price and my friends are super happy with these special gifts.

  33. maximina (verified owner)

    Have purchased many products and the discount is totally worth the membership.

  34. erna (verified owner)

    Every time I wear hanfu dress, I receive many compliments. Will buy more!!!

  35. Tifany (verified owner)

    Everything is the way I expected from Newhanfu!

  36. parkinson (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to Join! Will buy more hanfu dresses!!!

  37. lawerence (verified owner)

    Love Newhanfu, have bought here many times, very happy to wear beautiful hanfu dresses.

  38. cristopher (verified owner)

    The price at Newhanfu store is a little more expensive than Aliexpress, but the quality of newhanfu is much better than Aliexpress. I will buy more beautiful hanfu dresses at Newhanfu and it’s worth to join the membership to get the extra discount and lucky pack, I super love the Lucky Pack!

  39. Pendergrass (verified owner)

    Don’t hesitate to join!!! Will buy again, again and again.

  40. marrerooo (verified owner)

    Just buy it!

    Pleasantly surprised!! Bought a $39 lucky pack and got a $99 fashion hanfu dress, I love it, couldn’t have been more pleased.. thank you!!

  41. Hanna Håkansson (verified owner)

    I purchased this a month ago and my package came within 10 days of purchased which I am very happy about. The Hanfu they make are of extremely comfortable and of good quality.
    Their customer service is top notch and you can expect a reply within a few hours (during work hours)!

    I am very pleased with their services.

  42. huff (verified owner)

    Best Hanfu Shop!!!

    I’ve bought so many beautiful hanfu dresses from here, the quality and prices are absolutely the best than other shop. Even if there are few clothes with minor flaws (you must know, hanfu clothes have lots of complicated embroidery, it is impossible to keep that every dress is perfect), don’t worry, just contact their customer service (I super love the support team), and they will resend a new one, or just directly offer a partial refund.

    Thank you very much Newhanfu!

  43. kristinaa (verified owner)

    Don’t use Amazon, Etsy if you plan to buy hanfu dreeses online (I’ve bought many times and disappointed every time).

    I would definitely recommend Newhanfu to all my friends, cheap price, fast shipping, high quality, super love their customer service, most questions are answered and resolved quickly.

  44. Ernestine (verified owner)

    So I have always wanted a Chinese-style dress, and Newhanfu was a brand that seemed to run large enough. I wore it out to the club about a week ago, and got all sorts of compliments on it!

    Definitely happy with the purchase, plan on buying more in other styles and colors. Also, the sellers customer service is great; I ran into an issue with another purchase, and they were fantastic in their response.

  45. Vasquez (verified owner)

    Have ordered from Newhanfu many times before and all of the clothes I have received have been of good quality and are yet to show excessive signs of wear.

    I have been a member for a few months and I think the best part of membership is that now all of my new orders can save more than $20 (because member free shipping and member discount). Also the seller often send many cute accessories as free gifts inside the packages, I love the surprises. Thank you very much.

  46. shari (verified owner)

    Best online hanfu shop you can find! Happy to be a member!

    These hanfu dresses allow me to feel pretty and put together effortlessly, they are good value for the money and I highly recommend.

  47. evelyn (verified owner)

    Quality is great, will buy more for myself and my friends. I highly recommend Newhanfu Membership, it is a must have.

  48. Todd (verified owner)

    Please make more! I love hanfu so such and I can’t wait to buy more, but your new arrivals are too slow, so I gave 4 STAR and wish your company could release at least 10 new products every month. Thank you!

  49. tchwartz (verified owner)

    LOVE Hanfu!!! LOVE Newhanfu!!! I got lots of compliments each time when I wear hanfu. I can’t stop, will be buying more!

  50. ccheryl (verified owner)

    Cheap prices and great quality dresses in my opinion. I shop there fairly often and always get my stuff delivered within a week (I live in California) but I might just be lucky. If you plan to purchase more hanfu in the future, you need a membership, it’s 100% worth and will save a lot of money.

  51. rita (verified owner)

    I order from them and clothes never disappoints me!
    good quality/price

  52. Shelly (verified owner)

    Absolute Excellent service!!! And I would recommend it to all who want to have nice hanfu clothes in a cheap price!!!

    Just love all what I’ve received!

  53. rachel6 (verified owner)

    Always arrives under two weeks and as long as you read the size charts everything fits well! Thanks Newhanfu Team.

  54. Orozco (verified owner)

    Joined! I would 100% recommend Newhanfu, the only online hanfu shopping website I trust.

  55. Malisa (verified owner)

    Just buy 5 lucky packs!!!

  56. osteen (verified owner)

    I honestly love newhanfu it offers cute hanfu clothes at an affordable price. I have ordered many lucky package from there and never had a difficulty. The variety is amazing would totally recommend 💕

  57. irina (verified owner)

    Subscribed to the Gold Plan, and already purchased, received three Qiyao lucky packs.

    Everything is perfect so far, Newhanfu Membership is a greeeeeeeat deal (yes, you shouldn’t miss it) if you are planning to buy many hanfu dresses this year.

  58. mmmcclelland (verified owner)

    Just be a member! I buy so much on this website. It’s always been perfect and arrives really quickly. I couldn’t be happier! My only recommendation would be to always check the sizing guide & reviews.

  59. Jeanette (verified owner)

    My new favourite website! Can’t wait to buy again!

  60. simpson (verified owner)

    I purchased two items and received the order earlier than the expected delivery day. Very pleased with my purchase and the quality of the goods and at such great prices.
    Good communication process throughout. Would definitely recommend and I have joined the membership. Thank you Newhanfu.

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