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fashion hanfu dress

Discover Fashion Hanfu Dress for You

Hanfu Buying Guide – Fashion Hanfu It’s difficult to know how to pick clothing that is appropriate for you. You can better set off your physique if you select the correct style. Instead of highlighting your strengths, it will make you appear bigger or shorter. It includes not just everyday clothing, but also Hanfu attire. […]

summer hanfu

Summer Hanfu Dresses You Need for Your Wardrobe

You’ve come to the correct place if you want to enjoy your summer days doing anything fun and different. We’ve completed the legwork for you and selected the hottest it-dresses to contribute to your closet. The picks this summer are all about elegance and functionality. Summer is all about light, breezy, and chic clothes and […]

hanfu material hanfu fabric

How to Choose Hanfu Material & Fabric

Introduction of Hanfu Material The name “Hanfu” signifies “Han people’s dress,” according to the “Dictionary of Old Chinese Clothing.” In other words, it’s a notion that distinguishes Han clothing from that of other ethnic groups. While the term “Hanfu” was not widely used in ancient China, it may be found in historical documents from the […]

new hanfu blog

Hanfu – A Formal Chinese Dress

History of Hanfu Hanfu refers to the historical Chinese clothes worn by the Han ethnicity. Hanfu was claimed to be the clothes of the fabled Yellow Emperor, a renowned sage emperor of Chinese History, when it first emerged in China more than three thousand years earlier. From 1600BC to 1000BC, the foundation of Hanfu was […]

Top 5 White Wedding Qipao in 2021

Top 5 White Wedding Qipao Dresses in 2021

Wedding Qipao dress is also known as Cheongsam dress was the Republic of China’s mandarin gown from Cantonese Chinese. The stylish as well as often stand-collared, tight-fitting Qipao (Chipao) or Cheongsam that is so popular today was formed in Shanghai in the 1920s and also made stylish by upper class and socialites’ women. When the […]

2019 buy qipao cheongsam online

Top 5 Basic Types of Qipao Dress Fabric

The Qipao dress is eternal, making a sleekly curvy silhouette on your figure once you wear it. The cheongsam or qipao dresses show breath-taking sophistication and femininity that is apt for any event. The canto, also recognized as cheongsam in the Cantonese area, is single-piece Chinese clothing that originated in China (Manchu-ruled) during the 17th […]

traditional Chinese dress

10 Most Popular Traditional Chinese Dress in 2021

Discover the top 10 fashion types of traditional Chinese dresses and their respective functions. From casual beizi shirt to formal ming style dress, from warm winter aoqun to loose-fitting summer ruqun, from wuxia outfits to elaborate festival outfits, there are plenty of options to enjoy retro Chinese culture. For a quick look at ancient Chinese […]

top 30 traditional chinese clothing

Top 30 Traditional Chinese Clothing of All Time

Traditional Chinese clothing is one of the world’s most iconic traditional items of costumes. You may also have heard of hanfu dress – it is instantly recognizable, with Overlapped and Rightward Collars, flowing cutting, retro Eastern patterns, diverse colors, and luxurious silk fabric. But hanfu robe is not the only classical clothing ancient China has […]

Hanfu Reviews Top 10 Best Sellers Hanfu Dresses

Hanfu Reviews – Top 10 Best Sellers Hanfu Dresses

It’s almost in the winter of 2020. Have you got your new hanfu yet? If not, then congratulation! Cause you can take a look at the lists of hanfu reviews about what are the best popular hanfu fashion this year. Every year, there are millions of hanfu costumes sold worldwide; we kindly figure out what […]

Why Plus Size Hanfu is so Popular in Ancient China

Why Plus Size Hanfu is so Popular in Ancient China

What is the meaning of plus size hanfu in China? And why did the ancient Chinese people like to wear wide robes and big sleeves outfit? I believe many readers are similarly confused about the fact that traditional clothing in the East is usually in loose designs, as opposed to the tighter dressing style of […]

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