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Hanfu Blog

black hanfu for women unleashing elegance and grace

Black Hanfu for Women, Unleashing Elegance and Grace

The different eras have seen the diversification of the hanfu styles. You will now find hanfu with different characteristics, making it possible to choose just what you like and what you feel is suitable for the occasion at hand. Just as the characteristics have changed, so have the colors! You can excite your senses with […]

stunning purple hanfu for your next event

5 Stunning Purple Hanfu for Your Next Event

Different cultures have different customs and traditions, and the hanfu is one such for the Chinese. The colorful hanfu available in the market today is very appealing even to the younger generation. It is, therefore, not uncommon to see many people adorning this cultural garment as stylishly as they like it. Purple is among the […]

a simple guide to wearing beige hanfu

A Simple Guide to Wearing Beige Hanfu

Gone are the days when the Hanfu was considered a traditional Chinese costume that had to be worn on important occasions like festivals, weddings and other holiday occasions. Today, Hanfu plays an important role in the Chinese fashion industry. More and more young women are coming forward to drape the Hanfu and flaunt their culture […]

from qipao to hanfu discover chinese red dresses

From Qipao to Hanfu, Discover Chinese Red Dresses

Apart from being the national color in China, red is a color associated with success, happiness, and good fortune. It is believed that it brings fame, recognition, and luck; hence most people will wear red, buildings are painted red, and most festivals even feature the color for their theme. Moreover, unlike white gowns for weddings […]

beautiful brown hanfu to your collection

5 Beautiful Brown Hanfu to Your Collection

The Hanfu, the traditional clothing of China, has gone through different stages of evolution in the last few years. The last 10 or 20 years did see quite a lull in the Hanfu fashion world; however, it is only since 2018 that many young men and women of China have started to promote the Hanfu […]

retro womens blue hanfu for work and play

5 Retro Women’s Blue Hanfu for Work and Play

Blue is a common color used in hanfu, and it can have different meanings depending on the shade and context. In general, blue is often associated with water, which represents calmness and purity in Chinese culture. It is also a symbol of the sky and heaven, which can represent transcendence, wisdom, and freedom. In modern […]

the beauty of dark hanfu china fashion trend

The Beauty of Dark Hanfu, China Fashion Trend

Traditional Chinese clothing, or hanfu, has been worn for thousands of years, and it has been a symbol of Chinese culture and heritage. The traditional dress is elegant, sophisticated, and truly embodies the essence of China’s rich history. Today, we will explore the beauty of the traditional dark color hanfu dress. Dark-colored clothes exude a […]

embracing the natural world with green hanfu

Embracing the Natural World with Green Hanfu

For the longest time now, the Chinese hanfu has been worn as a show of pride in culture and Chinese history and heritage. It is more of an identity that has been very significant from one era to another. In modern society, this garment has still appealed, not just to the Chinese people but to […]

colorful dresses for hanfu days and events

4 Colorful Dresses for Hanfu Days and Events

Are you looking for the perfect occasion to wear your hanfu dress? You have come to the right place, in that case. Before we give you some of our top recommendations for colorful Hanfu dresses, we will take you on a trip down the heritage of Hanfu clothing, and festivals where Hanfu lovers get together […]

how to style a white hanfu dress

How to Style a White Hanfu Dress

Since its first appearance, Hanfu, Han-Chinese clothing, has evolved and changed. It has become more stylish and elegant; you will love the multiple options available today to suit your preferences. A whole garment is usually made up of the inner shirt, underwear, jacket and skirt. These layers embrace elements such as belt, lapel, sleeve, collar, […]

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