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Hanfu Blog

4 typical chinese hanfu blouse collar

4 Typical Chinese Hanfu Blouse Collar

Hanfu blouses are convenient, especially for people who want a mix of vintage and modern. They work very well with modern fashion because they are trendy, and mixing them up with hanfu skirts or pants or other types of clothing makes it easy for the wearer to achieve a formal or casual look as desired. […]

the symbolism of chinese dragon hanfu pattern

The Symbolism of Chinese Dragon Hanfu Pattern

In Chinese culture, dragons are associated with strength, good luck, and power. They represent authority and power in controlling floods, rainfall, water, and typhoons. It was assumed that emperors descended from dragons, hence why it is most popular in the twelve zodiac signs. The popularity of the dragon has remained to date, with most people […]

the common 4 types of traditional hanfu tops

The Common 4 Types of Traditional Hanfu Tops

Hanfu tops and robes are usually defined by the construction of their body. Therefore, the body will define what type of hanfu they are. They may differ in features, but they all seem to always have a seam down their middle back. This means that the tops consist of left and right fabric stitched together […]

stand out in chic han element clothing

Stand Out in Chic Han Element Clothing

The traditional Chinese clothing Hanfu appeared 5000 years ago, and its standards were established in the Han dynasty. The Han Fu then officially became the basic clothing style for the Chinese and developed rapidly, influencing the culture immensely. There are different Chinese dynasties, and each prides a rich, memorable culture. The Han period is, however, […]

the hanfu horse face skirt and how to wear

The Hanfu Horse Face Skirt and How to Wear

The horse face skirt is also known as the Mamian skirt or mamianqun. It was and still is, the most typical dress style of Han women, especially in the Qing and Ming dynasties. Fresh and elegant is what the skirt was about in the Ming dynasty, but then it transformed into rich and gorgeous in […]

mamianqun hanfu horse face skirt for women

Mamianqun Hanfu Horse Face Skirt for Women

The Mamianqun is also known as a horse-faced skirt and originated during the Song dynasty as worn for high-class courtesans. The skirt is a colorful pleated silk garment and gets its name from its resemblance to the Mamian fortress that has stairs on the sides, just like the pleats on the skirt, and a door […]

phoenix hanfu dress for wedding and party

Phoenix Hanfu Dress for Wedding and Party

The phoenix, also referred to as Fenghuang, is a mythological bird in Sinospheric mythology and reigns over all birds. Feng referred to the males originally, whereas Huang referred to the females. This gender distinction is no longer made; they are all blurred into one feminine entity. As a result, you will find the bird paired […]

retro style chinese crane hanfu unisex dress

Retro Style Chinese Crane Hanfu Unisex Dress

The exceptional creativity of the Chinese people has seen them having a symbol for everything, including longevity, death, and life. Chinese art encompasses all the aspects of life and uses them to tell a story without the need to use words. When it comes to symbolizing longevity, deer, pine, gourd, peach, bamboo, and the Crane […]

popular fantasy animals on china hanfu

3 Popular Fantasy Animals on China Hanfu

Motifs are very common on hanfu garments. They could be animal motifs, plant motifs, or motifs of immortals. They are so common that a hanfu does not seem culturally complete without them; they are like the finishing touches on the hanfu dresses. A hanfu could contain one type of motif or a combination, most of […]

cute rabbit hanfu dress for women

Cute Rabbit Hanfu Dress for Women

In the Chinese Zodiac, the rabbit is the fourth animal and luckiest of the twelve animals according to Chinese culture. It is a symbol of beauty, elegance, and mercy; hence those born in rabbit year are usually peaceful and calm. They are also considered people with good taste and artistic in nature. They are the […]

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