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Blue Hanfu Dress

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Find beautiful Chinese blue & navy hanfu for your wardrobe!
Chinese hanfu dress newhanfu

Latest Blue Color Hanfu

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Why We Choose Blue Hanfu?

Blue is the color of nature, the sky and the ocean, also is the color of calm, confidence, harmony, and peace. When it comes to choosing your blue hanfu dress, there are many different options, like male blue hanfu and female blue hanfu to consider.

China hanfu dress

“Blue is the color of a happy life.” When I was a kid, my mom would always tell me to wear traditional Chinese blue hanfu clothes on certain holidays and festival. I remember her telling me that wearing blue hanfu dress would make me feel good. And it did! I still have those child blue hanfu clothes that she bought for me when I was a child.

Blue Hanfu 1
Yuanyu Guo
A few years ago, I bought a blue hanfu dress for a special occasion. I was very excited when it arrived in the mail. I wore it for a few days, and then I got numerous compliments. I am a big fan of blue hanfu costume. It’s calming, inspiring, and can be used as an effective tool to help you focus and relax. Now I have so many beautiful modern blue hanfu that I could wear to work and to go on dates with my boyfriend.
Blue Hanfu 1
Alyssa Sang
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Blue & Colorful Hanfu

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Blue Hanfu Tips

The color of your hanfu clothes can have a huge impact on your mood and confidence. And when you wear a blue hanfu dress, you’re guaranteed to look absolutely stunning. Besides, blue and red hanfu, blue and white hanfu dresses are very popular in young generation.

I’m not the only one who loves a good blue hanfu dress. In fact, it’s one of my favorite colors. When I was growing up, I loved wearing dresses in this color. The bright blue hues of the sky and ocean, the warm tones of the sun and clouds, and the cool blue of the water made me feel happy. The color of the sky is a symbol of optimism, and peace.
Blue Hanfu 4
Kelly Hwang.
Roman, IT
I am the daughter of a hanfu designer. I have been surrounded by hanfu fashion since birth. I can remember being in the hanfu store when I was a child and looking at the colorful traditional hanfu clothes and wondering, “Why the blue hanfu is more popular than other colors hanfu". The answer it that blue is the color of happy and passion.
Blue Hanfu 5
Milca Candy.
San Diego, US

Blue Hanfu Shop Guide

In our lives, blue is the color of hope and faith. In the fashion industry, it’s the color of luxury, sophistication, and class. If you’re planning to buy a new blue hanfu dress for a special occasion, then you should be careful and choose the one that matches your personality and your event perfectly.

newhanfu hanfu blog

Top 10 Blue Hanfu in All Time

Light blue, sky blue, dark blue, or navy blue hanfu? Choosing the right hanfu color for your clothing can be an overwhelming task. You want to find the best shade that matches your skin tone, but you also want it to be unique enough to stand out. This is where it gets tricky.

You don’t want your beautiful blue hanfu outfit to be too bright or too dark. Light blue hanfu and dark blue hanfu, which is better for you? Or maybe it should be somewhere in between. Here are some tips for finding the perfect blue hanfu dress.

More Hanfu Styles

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FAQs - Blue Hanfu

It’s versatile. You can wear a traditional blue hanfu dress to a formal event, or you can wear modern style blue hanfu T-shirt to a casual gathering.

Hand Wash and Natural air-drying.

Blue Hanfu costume is casual color, it means that you can wear it as your daily dress.

Sure, every one could wear blue and any other colors hanfu dress.

Yes, both male and female, as well as kids could wear any style blue hanfu outfit.

Light blue hanfu or sky blue is simple for casual; Dark blue hanfu or navy blue is better for events and taking outdoor photos.

China hanfu dress
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