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Green Hanfu Dress

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Find beautiful Chinese green hanfu for your wardrobe!
Chinese hanfu dress newhanfu

Latest Green Color Hanfu

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Why We Choose Green Hanfu?

Green is the color of spring and nature, the color of fresh growth and renewal. So it should come as no surprise that the color green hanfu is a favorite among fashionistas everywhere. Light green hanfu outfit is also a popular and hot fashion trend for hanfu girls.
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Green dresses are one of the most popular fashion items. Many fashion hanfu brands offer a wide range of green hanfu clothing for women and girls. Some hanfu designers create light and dark green hanfu, even add a splash of gold or red. When it comes to choosing the best women’s green hanfu dress, you should consider several factors, such as the hanfu style, fabric and pattern.

Green Hanfu 1
Mohan Isa

My favorite green hanfu dress is a modern design cotton & chiffon ruqun, which has been washed many times and has a smooth and soft texture. The color of this dress is light green, the he collar of this ruqun shirt is round and has a V-shaped neckline, the sleeves are long, and have two tie belts. Ruqun skirt is spring wild flower prints that’s so cute and I super love it.

Green Hanfu 1
Elizabeth Jex
newhanfu blog hanfu buying guide

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Green & Colorful Hanfu

  • Cotton Rose hanfu
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  • spring tea fashion hanfu
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Green Hanfu Tips

Choosing a suitable green hanfu is very easy, but what if you’re not an experienced hanfu buyer? Here are two real reviews from green hanfu lovers that will help if you’re just looking for a simple, classic, and timeless male and female green hanfu costume.

I am a youth mom, and I love dressing up. When it comes to choosing a green hanfu dress, I like to choose the one that suits my personality. I have tried many different types of classic hanfu dresses, and I have found that some are not suitable for me, like Qixiong ruqun. Finally, I got my best green hanfu that is a Song dynasty hanfu pants set.
Green Hanfu 3
Arvin Rose.
Frankfurt, DE
Modern style light green hanfu dress is a popular item for work and causal wear. It is a very comfortable and fashionable choice for many occasions. In addition, green and white hanfu also a very good choice for wedding dresses. A green hanfu can not only make your personality more charming and beautiful but also make your figure more slim.
Green Hanfu 4
Pia Ting.
Amsterdam, NL

Green Hanfu Shop Guide

A green hanfu dress is a wonderful piece of clothing, but there are many different hanfu types men’s green hanfu and women’s green hanfu dress in the market, so it is important to know how to buy a perfect green hanfu dress that will make you look stylish and feel good.

newhanfu blog hanfu buying guide

Top 10 Green Hanfu in All Time

With its clean, fresh and healthy image, green hanfu has become a favorite among women in recent years. They’re a great way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe without spending a fortune. If you’re looking for a fun and stylish outfit to wear this weekend, then you’ve come to the right place.

There are many different types of hanfu green dresses available, light green, dark green, these hanfu are very fashionable and stylish, and can be worn to any occasion. And we have chosen some of our favorite green hanfu dresses for you to browse.

More Hanfu Styles

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FAQs - Green Hanfu

Green hanfu dresses can be worn for almost any occasion, such as an elegant cocktail party or a formal dinner; daily wear, office and wedding.

Hand Wash and  please don’t wash light green hanfu with other dark color clothes.

Green is the color of nature and represents a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle. It is a color that can be used to create a beautiful hanfu outfit.

Sure, every one could wear green, light green, dark green hanfu and any other colors hanfu dress.

Yes, both male and female, as well as kids could wear green hanfu outfit.

Yes. Fashion designers often add a splash of green color to traditional Chinese hanfu outfit, like green and gold hanfu skirt, green and white hanfu shirt, green and red hanfu robe, and more.
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