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When it comes to most hanfu fashion, it all started in ancient times, during the Qin Dynasty and Han Dynasty. Since then, red and black hanfu has been the main color for traditional Chinese clothing. For sacrificial ceremonies, court dress in that time period was edged in red.

If you’re looking for a perfect, elegant Han dynasty hanfu dress that will make you feel like a princess, then you’ve come to the right place.

Qin Dynasty Hanfu

Emperor Qin Shihuang adopted a set of regulations that unified all people to wear a uniform style of clothing that consisted of shenyi (one-piece style hanfu), cap, and black shoes. Qin dynasty hanfu clothing went to the public, the commoners and laborers wore crossed-collared hanfu robes with narrow sleeves and trousers.

In the Qin Dynasty hanfu style, this is a typical suit that a man wearing a suit with a wrap dress beneath a long, flowing robe, and a stand-hat is necessary. It’s a nice piece of art, the formal dress from the Qin Dynasty, which represents the glory of the first emperor in ancient China.

Han Dynasty Hanfu

In ordinary times, Han Chinese men wore ru shirt and hanfu pants whereas women wore ru shirt and qun skirt. In the early Han dynasty, regardless of their wealth, still rarely wear clothing made of silk. Since silk technology had not yet reached a high level at this time. The only way to identify a person’s social standing is by the color and the quality of the materials used to make his clothing. At the time of the Eastern Han dynasty, the color red became the most respected because it symbolized the “fire virtue” of the Han dynasty. If you have a wedding party, why not have a try at the traditional Han dynasty wedding hanfu dress.

The Han Dynasty divided its clothing into two categories: Shenyi (long coats or robes) or Yijin (jacket-gowns). The Long Coat (Shenyi) made up most of the clothing of the Western Han Dynasty and the Jacket Hanfu Gown (Yijin) is what was worn by the Eastern Han Dynasty. At the same time, starting from the Han Dynasty, it officially had its official name, Hanfu (Han Chinese people’s clothing).

Shenyi Hanfu, Quju and Zhiju

When shenyi hanfu clothes are popular in this time are square sleeves, sloping necklines, red clothes, flat shoes and cicada-like hats. High ranking officials’ clothes and ordinary people’s clothes have basically the same style. Quju hanfu and Zhiju hanfu are the two most popular shenyi hanfu styles.

Long ago it was said that some people wore the Quju shenyi during the Eastern Han Dynasty. Women in this period wore long pants and long jackets. They also wore a long intricate belt. Their accessories were quite delicate and very expensive and they show the class a woman belongs to in the society.

From Eastern Han Dynasty, Zhiju shenyi hanfu because popular, men wear zhiju, and women liked wearing ruqun hanfu. Traditional Zhiju shows the peak of the Han dynasty hanfu, until the Three-Kingdom period, it is still widely worn in most China ares.

How to Choose Han Dynasty Hanfu

When it comes to picking out your Han dynasty hanfu outfit for the modern-day, you want to look stylish and feel confident. If you’re a fan of the ‘Hero Movie’, you’ll definitely find a retro shenyi zhiju or quju that fits your style. And it’s a great way to add a classic ruqun into your wardrobe, ruqun will fit well for both men and women.