Point Policy

Yes, you may have noticed that some of our products have a “Point” badge. Congratulations! It means that these products support points buy – with a huge 50% discount.

Tips: many new products will have a 100% discount (limited time), don’t miss out.

Here’s the point policy for earning and redeeming points.


Earning Points #1 Store

1. Sign up for a new account (200 points)

2. Make a purchase

Earn points for every dollar spent on our products. For every $1 spent, receive 1 point.

3. Leave a product review (200 points)

Share your thoughts and experiences with our products and earn 200 points for each approved review.


Earning Points #2 Forum Task

1. Refer a friend (up to $1000 points)

2. Daily Check-in (20-100 points)

3. Publish a new post on Forum (up to $2000 points)

4. Engage on social media, connect with us on social media platforms, follow, like and comment (up to $500 points)

for more tasks, please check forum task.


Point Value

Every 100 points earned equals $1 in discounts on future purchases. For example, if you have accumulated 500 points, you can enjoy a $5 discount on your next order.


How to Use Points

  1. Add desired products to your cart.
  2. Proceed to checkout and look for the option to apply your earned points.
  3. Enter the number of points you wish to redeem and click “Apply.”
  4. The corresponding discount will be deducted from the total amount, reflecting the value of the redeemed points.

For example, product Hanfu A, the regular price is $50;

Now you would like to place an order to buy Hanfu A. After adding it to the cart, you could directly apply the points discount (e.g. $25 Off) on the cart or checkout page; and then you only need to pay a $25 (discounted price) to complete the checkout.


Points Return & Refund Policy

1. Please note that if your regular order (without point-discount items) is canceled or refunded. The order’s points will be returned as well (both redeemed and earned).

2. Return & Refund Policy is not available for any orders with point-discount items. Of course, if there is a quality issue with the items, we will re-ship a new one for you or return the used points.


1. Points do not have an expiration date, allowing you to accumulate them at your own pace.

2. Points can be redeemed for any product in our store, with no exclusions.

3. There is no minimum threshold for point redemption. However, the maximum discount that can be covered by points is capped at 10% of each item.

4. Need more discount? please check our point-discount collection, from 50% to 100% off discount!

Start earning points today and unlock exciting discounts on our exquisite hanfu and qipao dress collection!

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