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Hanfu Reviews Top 10 Best Sellers Hanfu Dresses

Hanfu Reviews – Top 10 Best Sellers Hanfu Dresses

It’s almost in the winter of 2020. Have you got your new hanfu yet? If not, then congratulation! Cause you can take a look at the lists of hanfu reviews about what are the best popular hanfu fashion this year.

Every year, there are millions of hanfu costumes sold worldwide; we kindly figure out what our gods like the best in 2020.

Got ideas in your mind, your hanfu is more likely to be victorious in the coming party! In this post, I will discuss ten hanfu costumes that are best popular in the online/offline market.

The figures within the article are mainly from major online shopping mall platforms, Taobao, Tmall, etc., as well as order data provided by a dozen professional hanfu factories. These reports are all up-to-date and trustworthy, so let’s get started.

The Top 10 Hanfu Reviews in 2022

1. Lanruo Taiping

Hanfu Reviews Top 10 Best Sellers Hanfu Dresses
100000+ sold

Lanruo designed a wonderful ming style & horse face hanfu. The classic hanfu coat with stand collar and silk fabric hangs loosely from the shoulders. And a tremendous dramatic gilding skirt with vintage hanfu patterns, in thick red and gold prints with pleated hem. Lanruo already ran a fashion hanfu store for eight years, been celebrated for the style of Ming dynasty lady hanfu. And Taiping is their flagship product, over 100,000 sets have been sold this year.

The fact is that this hanfu has been awarded the best-selling hanfu for 2 years in a row is enough to see how crazy consumers are going for it!

2. Modern Hanfu Girl

Hanfu Reviews Top 10 Best Sellers Hanfu Dresses
80000+ sold

The traditional hanfu is disconcerting for many people brought up on the principles of western dress. That’s why modern hanfu clothing came into being. Instead of enhancing or exaggerating the classic style, cleaving to bosom or bum or building them up, the modern hanfu ignores it.

No special tailoring, follow the cut of regular clothing, more suitable for daily life and office. And the question of sleeves, also avoiding the wide, big ones.

3. Hanfu Goddess

Hanfu Reviews Top 10 Best Sellers Hanfu Dresses
60000 sold

We’re all crazy about ancient Shenhua(myth) legend. Flying Goddess was one of the biggest films of 2019. And this was noticeable with all of the fairy cosplays at various conventions last year, especially at comic-cons, it got so much love hanfu reviews.

With another Fenshen series movie coming out in 2020, you’ll still be seeing a lot of Fenshen cosplays, like fox fairy and spider fairy. They’re all awesome, that’s why it’s essential to have a hanfu goddess cosplay costume this year.

4. Flying Loong Robe

Hanfu Reviews Top 10 Best Sellers Hanfu Dresses
60000+ sold

Owning a flying fish loong costume is the desire of almost all hanfu men. The charm of the outfit is just irresistible, and the difference between you and the Kung Fu warrior may just be a set of cool hanfu robe.

Traditional Chinese dragon and Kylin totems, plus an artificially crafted gilded belt, and a pair of black hanfu boots. You are the swordsman hero of a martial arts movie, the wuxia master.

5. Dancing Hanfu

Hanfu Reviews Top 10 Best Sellers Hanfu Dresses
50000+ sold

Worn by imperial concubine or stage performers of traditional Chinese dance. Compared to a regular hanfu, this style is more light and soft, making it easy for hanfu dancers to perform more complicated dance moves.

Performing hanfu is most frequently unlined or just lower lined, to keep the dancer cooler. It is more likely to be seen in ancient painting than any other.

6. Flower Fairy

Hanfu Reviews Top 10 Best Sellers Hanfu Dresses
50000+ sold

A new chic hanfu with a flower fairy theme was a huge hit with young people from the moment it was released. It also appears frequently in different hanfu review articles.

Occasionally the hanfu becomes a literal historical record or propaganda item. A 21th-century hanfu designed for a lady is patterned in bands of light blue, purple, and white with pictures of cherry blossoms and butterflies.

7. Summer Hanfu Songku

Hanfu Reviews Top 10 Best Sellers Hanfu Dresses
60000+ sold

As the weather becomes warmer, a casual songku hanfu for a girl is an excellent choice. Summer hanfu has a bright color and simple design to help you enjoy a cool summer holiday.

It is a cotton, silk blend and unlined hanfu that is informally worn by a male, female, and anyone at any age. Compared with other types of hanfu, the songku set is much easier to wear and maintain and less expensive. In the Song dynasty, this type of hanfu is very popular, noticeably, they are also the 2020 top 3 popular hanfu style.

8. Wedding Hanfu

Hanfu Reviews Top 10 Best Sellers Hanfu Dresses
30000+ sold

A very formal hanfu dress is only worn by brides or at a traditional performance. It is usually all red or very colorful, with red as a base color. It is to be worn outside of the actual hanfu, for example, a ruqun, and won’t tie with a belt.

When this hanfu is released at the start of this year, many are already betting that it will be the best wedding hanfu of 2020.

9. Dragon Hanfu Girl

Hanfu Reviews Top 10 Best Sellers Hanfu Dresses
30000+ sold

Swap out that phoenix for loong in this chic Saint beast embroidery. In one of this season’s most popular silhouettes, you really can’t go wrong with this premium dragon hanfu dress.

Mythical beast dresses were popular last year thanks to brands like Hanshang and Rumeng. However, they are going to become more dramatic this spring with exaggerated sleeves and skirts.

10. Winter Hanfu Cloak

Hanfu Reviews Top 10 Best Sellers Hanfu Dresses
20000+ sold

What can get more Wintry than a white cloak with wintersweet flower embroidery detail? This winter hanfu cloak from Beijing hanfu studio is the epitome of cold weather must-have for your MerryChristmas & new year holiday and beyond.

Let this wool knit fabric be the comfiest dress you wear all winter vacation. Pair with snow boots for a stroll and just throw on a hanfu cloak when the chill sets in.

Want to See More Hanfu Reviews?

At times the hanfu seems so infinitely adaptable that its alliance with fashion is sometimes more interesting as a phenomenon than for the clothes it inspires. Hanfu can be for everyone, and they are constantly changing, so there are always a lot of surprises every year.

It is full of glories, history, hanfu’s fabrics, embroidered or stenciled, boldly or delicately patterned, sumptuous and simple, muted and radiant. Vitally, it shows how a garment can capture the culture of a country.

Got any ideas for your hanfu in 2020? Welcome to comment your hanfu review below and share what’s in your mind; hope you enjoy the post and become the shine hanfu goddess at your next big event!

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