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top sexy hanfu dress for party club

Top 5 Sexy Hanfu Dress for Party & Club

The Chinese Hanfu is basically formal, but of course, the emergence of casual designs and fabrics has made this traditional clothing versatile. Sometimes, however, formal is not as exciting. It is especially so for individuals who love living on the edge and experiencing adrenaline rushes from time to time. The adventurous, outgoing you, may want […]

fashion street style hanfu dress for women

5 Fashion Street Style Hanfu Dress for Women

When talking about street style, graphic tees and baggy jeans come to mind. It is a style that appeals more to the youth who feel comfortable in hoodies than they do in suits. Most people will choose streetwear for their everyday comfort because of how relaxed the style is. It is not even uncommon nowadays […]

find a vintage hanfu from chinese dynasty

Find a Vintage Hanfu from Chinese Dynasty

When talking about vintage clothing, anything going back between 20 and 100 years passes the test. The clothing in question must clearly represent the era it was produced in. Vintage hanfu options borrow from old styles of this Chinese clothing. They strongly reflect the ancient trends and styles within the different eras. The most popular […]

elegant hanfu for formal special events

5 Elegant Hanfu for Formal & Special Events

Unlike glamour, which seems to describe women more in the fashion world, elegance is unisex. The Chinese hanfu, just like elegance, is not reserved for women only; it is for both males and females. Therefore, you will find dresses and sets that are designed unisex, so men and women alike can wear them. So, what […]

cute hanfu to grace all kinds of occasions

Cute Hanfu to Grace All Kinds of Occasions

Women and girls are created with a tendency to want to look well put together and beautiful regardless of the settings or occasions. It is, therefore, not a wonder that the fashion world revolves largely around women. The clothes, make-up, jewelry, and fashion accessories are in huge varieties under women’s categories. And so the wide […]

short hanfu mini dresses for daily party

Short Hanfu Mini Dresses for Daily & Party

The Chinese hanfu has gained popularity in recent times, and it is now common to see large numbers of people wearing it even as daily wear. Even though there are pieces that should be reserved for special occasions, gone are the days when you could only wear a hanfu to special occasions. The wide range […]

well made cheap hanfu chinese dress

5 Well Made Cheap Hanfu Chinese Dress

The market value of the China hanfu industry has soared, especially in recent years, as this traditional clothing has become increasingly popular. The emergence of modern hanfu dresses has appealed even to the younger generation who value fashion. It is now possible for everyone to find a hanfu they will love wearing to get in […]

hanfu for sale top quality save your money

Hanfu for Sale, Top Quality & Save Your Money

The hanfu has become increasingly popular with more people going for the cultural clothing for varying reasons. Whereas some choose Han clothing to showcase the rich historical significance, some are attracted by the uniqueness of the traditional garment, while others associate with it to learn about Chinese culture. Wherever you fall in the categorization, there […]

add brightness to life in a floral hanfu

Add Brightness to Life in a Floral Hanfu

Floral fabrics are some of the most popular in hanfu. The patterns can be in large flower prints or clusters of smaller flowers, and both can be widely spread on the fabric or locally placed on areas like the trim, cuffs, or collar. Usually, you will find a set with a solid-colored top paired with […]

keep warm in cold days with wool hanfu

Keep Warm in Cold Days with Wool Hanfu

Wool takes a small percentage of the textile market globally. However, it is still very much present in a large percentage of clothes since it is blended with different fabrics. The modern hanfu has not been left behind as it largely incorporates this fabric. It is usually used to make warm winter hanfu coats because […]

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