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traditional chinese costume new hanfu

Elegant Hanfu – Traditional Chinese Costume

Hanfu is the traditional Chinese costume and attire worn by the Han ethnic group. Three thousand years ago, when it first showed up in China, Hanfu robes were said to have belonged to ancient China’s famous Yellow Emperor, an enlightened ruler. It has been a significant part of Han culture, and it remains a foundation to comprehending China’s traditional values. Even though casual clothing like Zhongshan suits is more useful in current times, the Hanfu is regaining favour among young people in China these days.

Hanfu is made up of what?

An ankle-length tunic and narrow-cuffed, knee-length skirt were paired with a bixi, a long, loosely-fitting piece of cloth that reached the knees, to form the Hanfu. The Yi was worn over the change, and the bixi was worn over the ankle-length tunic. Silk scarves in red and green were on display. Since its inception, Han-Chinese apparel has undergone several transformations to keep pace with the changes.

traditional chinese dress new hanfu

How can wear Hanfu in different ways?

We can wear Hanfu in different ways. Underwear, an inner garment, and an overcoat make up a Han Chinese Garment set. Three layers of fabric cover 10 components: the sleeve, collar, hem, lapel, and belt. In addition, Hanfu practitioners wear socks, shawls, and jade belts. The jacket and shirt, the one-piece dress, or the jacket and pants are the three most common types of Hanfu. The jacket and skirt are the most basic form.

In time, robes replaced traditional attire. The jacket and skirt, on the other hand, were popular with women. In addition, men wore ornate hats and ladies wore hairpieces to complete the appearance. The Hanfu style may vary from the bright and spectacular to the basic and humble, based on the dynasty and historical period. Hair and make-up trends change with the era.

traditional chinese costume new hanfu

Hanfu in Modern Style

It is the goal of the Hanfu Movement to bring traditional Chinese costume design aspects into contemporary garment designs in order to raise awareness of Chinese culture, particularly among China’s young.

Hanfu of Kids

In general, children’s Hanfu dress resembled that of their parents. For youngsters, cross-collar designs were chosen since they were thought to be soothing on their skin. Children wore a lot of separates, such shuhe (a cross-collared shirt with long sleeves and a pair of tied-waist pants). Banbi (a half-sleeved jacket) was also worn by itself.

Why do Chinese Prefer to Wear Hanfu?

A strong feeling of national identification seems to be gained by wearing Hanfu. Members of the Hanfu Society at several universities in China wear Hanfu to celebrate Chinese holidays, and they take this occasion to show their Hanfu clothing to others.

traditional chinese costume new hanfu

Is it possible to sew Hanfu dress at home?

The Hanfu garment is most often used as a costume piece. The Hanfu dress is a traditional Chinese costume that you may build by yourself to celebrate Chinese culture or to attend a fancy dress party. You can make a Hanfu dress at home just by following simple steps.

Step 1

Create a Hanfu dress template that contains the robe, cuffs, belt, overlap (lapel pieces that hang on the borders of the front of the robe), and collar, as well as the measurements for each item. In order to create the robe, draw an 80 by 18-inch rectangle on the paper. The sleeves of the robe should be 40 inches long and 18 inches broad. Measure 40-inches long by 9-inches broad to make your collar and belt, as well as the overlap.

Step 2

Right sides together, pin the cloth to the pattern pieces. The first design requires two parts, the second requires two, and the third calls for six pieces. Flip the robe and sleeve pattern pieces, then fold them in half, lengthwise, starting with the first. When you’re ready to unfold the cloth, make a pencil mark on the backside of the fold line.

Step 3

Assemble the robe by sewing the individual parts together with a stitching line of ½ inch. Make sure that the fold lines on the sleeve pieces and the robe pieces match properly. Stitch them together after pinning them first. Remove the stitching margins and inspect the garment.

Step 4

Fold the third pattern’s overlap sections in half. Attach each component by sewing it within the robe’s edges.

Step 5

Your hip-to-shoulder measurement is the most important one. You may use a pencil to make an outline where that measurement meets the overlap points on your robe. In this case, you’ll need to add two inches to the right, four inches straight down, and a diagonal line to join to the left overlap point. Remove this piece of cloth from the rest of the garment.

Step 6

The collar parts should be folded and sewn in place. A half-inch of the collar’s edge should be left open. Assemble your robe with the robe’s cutout from Step 5. It is important to align the collar’s centre to the robe’s centre. Attach the robe’s collar using thread and a needle.

Step 7

The cuffs should be folded in half to make them easier to put on. Sew the Hanfu dress cuffs onto the ends of the sleeves. It is best to sew all of your robe’s collar and cuffs inside of it. Fold the robe’s hem in half and press it under again. Make sure the hem is sewn down. If the hemline is too long, shorten it.

Step 8

It’s best to stitch along the long side of the belt. Fold the exposed edge of the belt inside and out. Sew down the ragged edge. Steam the belt. Wear your Hanfu dress with the belt around your waist.

traditional chinese costume new hanfu

Hanfu’s Characteristics

Hanfu may easily be identified due to its distinct appearance. Crossed-collar with the right pattern, ropes around the waist, and loose-fitting garments with long, broad sleeves are the three defining characteristics of Hanfu.

In the first characteristic, Hanfu’s left and right shawl collars are crossed in a “crossed-collar” style. People could readily tie their clothing thanks to the tie strings on the left and right fronts of the garments. Also, the Right Design refers to the particular pattern in which one lapel covers another. Many nations in East Asia still use this form of dress, however other ethnic groups use both the Left and Right Patterns, but Hanfu only recognises the Right Pattern as an official option.

In the second characteristic, Ties with strings and hidden buckles are known as Hanfu. There are very few buttons on Hanfu garments, in contrast to the present trend. There is a common misconception that Hanfu wore a tie because buttons were not yet developed. It is not true, Hanfu has “buttons” that we refer to as “Hidden Buckles”. When a shirt’s collar is tucked into the sleeve, a fabric knot button known as a Hidden Buckle may be found within.

traditional chinese costume new hanfu

In the third characteristic, Hanfu’s tiny and short sleeves make it ideal for school and work. Hanfu formal gowns are known for their long, broad sleeves. The sleeves of Hanfu are longer than the arms when worn with this kind of garment. If you’re going for the “Shenyi” style, for example, you’re going to need sleeves that are at least four feet wide and almost to the ground. Wearing a Hanfu may help a person to become stylish and behave in a dignified manner, even though Hanfu is uncomfortable to wear on a daily basis.

Where I Can Buy A Hanfu Dress?

In today’s market, Hanfu is becoming more expensive as its price rises. Online stores have also increased their prices of Hanfu dresses. But I’m going to tell you about an online store where you can get a Hanfu outfit at an affordable price. The name of this online store is New Hanfu Store. It gives Hanfu dress at a very reasonable price with a great quality of fabric and design. Let’s have a look at some of their top products.

Women’s Hanfu Dresses

1. Peony Fairy

Peony Fairy fashion hanfu

Women’s 3-piece Song-style fashion Hanfu set. The combination of a large peony bloom with an anime fairy pattern is stunning and endearing. Light chiffon and polyester make up the fabric. This Hanfu Dress is very comfortable and breathable.

Review of this item: Wearing this attire makes you comfortable and you look great.

2. Flower Dew

Flower Dew new hanfu shop

Women’s bright 4-piece Hanfu outfit in a casual design. Make your next vacation even more special with this lovely and adorable Song pattern design. Flower embroidery and dew prints with a rainbow-coloured pattern make this a lovely piece.

Review of this item: It’s a stunning piece of clothing with a unique design.

3. Cotton Rose

Cotton Rose hanfu

Women’s ruqun Hanfu in the style of vintage Wuxia. It comes in green or pink and has adorable cotton rose blossom embroidery. Silk and chiffon combine to create this airy dress. It has a silky feel and allows for plenty of airflow.

Review of this item: The fabric of this Hanfu dress is light but not fragile, and the embellishments, such as the floral embroidery and the belt, give refinement. It’s worth the money.

Men’s Hanfu Dress

1. Bamboo Garden

Ruqun Hanfu printed with a retro bamboo motif for everyday use. Elegant and modest, the design has a blue shading from bright to dark. You can wear it on vacation, too.

Elegant Hanfu – Traditional Chinese Costume 1

Review of this item: Comfortable and flattering, it’s a great choice.

2. Crane Tower

Elegant Hanfu – Traditional Chinese Costume 2

Hanfu fans will appreciate these Wuxia-inspired pair outfits. If you’re looking to buy a present for your BF&GF or closest pals, this is an excellent option. 3D printing of the iconic Crane Tower in beautiful gradient tones.

Review of this item: It is very easy to wear and has a great design.

3. Sea Loong

Sea Loong Hanfu Robe Shop

Vintage Chinese sea dragon totem Hanfu robe for men in the Loong motif. For young girls and boys, this is a must-have accessory. Elegant and simple, it comes in white and light marine blue.

Review of this item: This dress’s material is very soft and supple. It’s hard to believe how appealing the colour combination is.

4. Nan-Mountain

mountain male hanfu shop

Hanfu outfit for an eternal swordsman in the classic style. Simple but elegant embroideries based on an antique Chinese landscape picture. It’s a mix of white, light grey, and yellow-grey tint. Everything about it radiates grace and elegance.

Review of this item: This Hanfu garment has a gorgeous and exquisite pattern embroidery.


In China, Hanfu is a symbol of traditional culture and an item of traditional clothing. Like China’s glorious history, it’s still shining brightly now despite its former invisibility. Today’s China, which is open and welcoming,  all visitors. Furthermore, we think that wearing traditional Chinese Hanfu costumes would provide you with a fresh perspective on Chinese culture.

Hope that this article will be helpful for you to know about Hanfu dress.

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