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hanfu types of hanfu dress

Best 8 Hanfu Types You Need to Know

Hanfu clothing is a kind of traditional Chinese outfit that people have worn in China for thousands of years. China hanfu is known for its simplicity, elegance, and timelessness; these days, fashion hanfu types are very popular with the young generation. And there are lots of different types of hanfu clothing that you can wear, […]

china hanfu wedding dress

A Brief History of China Wedding Hanfu Dress

Unlike the rest of the globe, China has its own distinct wedding hanfu attire. Themes like good fortune and happiness are prevalent in Chinese hanfu wedding attire. Because the colors dragon, phoenix, crimson, and gold are supposed to bring good luck and happiness, they are essential aspects of Chinese wedding attire and adornment. Aside from […]

feature of traditional chinese dress

The Feature of Traditional Chinese Dress

One of the most intriguing aspects of human history is the evolution of clothes and outfits. Every country has its own distinct traditional attire. Individual traditions and cultures might be identified, allowing citizens to be distinguished from others. Traditional Chinese apparel and dress is a time-honored heritage in a country known for its excellent silk […]

wuxia clothing cdrama dress

Wuxia Hanfu Clothing, the Costume of Swordman

The word “Wuxia” is translated as “Martial Arts” in Chinese. The word is often used to describe ancient Chinese novels, movies, and TV shows. This clothing line is for those who are drawn to the ancient Chinese culture and to the martial arts. Wuxia Hanfu is for those who want to be warriors in their […]

traditional chinese dress red hanfu

Top 4 Famous Traditional Chinese Dresses

If you are imagining traditional Chinese attire, what comes to mind? In this article, we will discuss the many clothing styles that have emerged throughout China’s historical dynasties, the ethnic minority groups’ traditional attire, and the current function of traditional Chinese dresses and clothing. The history of China is well-known for its many dynasties, each […]

cheongsam vs qipao dress

Cheongsam vs Qipao, What is the Difference?

Are Cheongsam and Qipao the same? Both qipao and cheongsam allude to the similar Chinese-style garment with a mandarin neckline, and the terms are now interchangeable. While the phrases cheongsam & qipao are sometimes used alternately (both terms pertain to the same article of clothing), their origins are distinct. The Cantonese word cheongsam means “length […]

traditional chinese costume new hanfu

Elegant Hanfu – Traditional Chinese Costume

Hanfu is the traditional Chinese costume and attire worn by the Han ethnic group. Three thousand years ago, when it first showed up in China, Hanfu robes were said to have belonged to ancient China’s famous Yellow Emperor, an enlightened ruler. It has been a significant part of Han culture, and it remains a foundation […]

china qipao dress cheongsam

Famous Dress of China Named Qipao

Qipao, also termed as cheongsam in Cantonese, is a one-piece Chinese dress that dates back to ancient times in Manchu-ruled China. The China qipao’s style has developed through time and is still popular these days. During Manchu control, the initial qipao was large and saggy. A halter neck and a long skirt characterized the Chinese […]

China hanfu dress

The Traditional Dress of China Hanfu

The name “Hanfu” describes to the Han people’s traditional style of dress prior to the Qing Dynasty, when the Hans ruled China. Whenever Chinese people talk of China Hanfu these days, they generally indicate a long and wavy dressing gown with loose sleeves and a waist belt. Hanfu, on the other hand, is a broad […]

cheongsam qipao dress blog

Everything About Cheongsam or Qipao Dresses

The qipao, also known as the cheongsam or “mandarin dress” in Cantonese, is a Chinese garment. The qipao was born in Changfu. A tight-fitting garment made from a single piece of cloth. Cheongsam or Qipao dresses are traditional Chinese garments for women. The dress has a tight-fitting bodice with a mandarin collar and long sleeves. […]

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