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top 7 ancient chinese clothing

Top 7 Popular Ancient Chinese Clothing in History

Ancient China has always covered with a mysterious ring of light. From the earliest silk, and tea to later blue and white porcelain, which is all loved by people all over the world. Ancient Chinese clothing, as a new Asian fashion trend, it’s making a comeback.

We are bringing to you the best 7 authentic ancient Chinese costumes that you can buy online for less than $100, and many for a lot less! Check out the recommendations of cool ancient Chinese hanfu dress below to purchase these essential items at affordable prices.

Our editors independently researched and recommend the best popular products in history.

1. Shenyi

the three kingdom shenyi hanfu

If you’ve ever felt intrigued by the early ancient dynasty in China, Qin, Han dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period, then the most classic Shenyi dress won’t leave you with regret. A gentle school of one-piece design, shirt & skirt stitched together, the symbol of elegance and peace. The thoughts of Shenyi hanfu lie in natural, balance, merge, and integration of nature and humans, as well as all creature’s relations.

Shenyi is the first formal ancient Chinese clothing. At the same time, it is also the most common student outfit in the Confucius Institute, retaining the most authentic tradition.

2. Wei & Jin

wei jin dynasty hanfu dress

The scholars in the Wei and Jin Dynasty valued the beauty of natural scenery, and therefore invented the style of fluid Ruqun style.

I believe you must have seen Ruqun clothing somewhere. Yes, because of the loose and flowing design, like a free spirit, it was widely used in the old kung fu films and martial arts dramas. Both wuxia masters and poets love this kind of free dressing style.

3. Tang Ruqun

tang ruqun hanfu

Tang dynasty is considered to be one of the best romantic periods in China’s history. Feel like the heroine of an expressive Tang era poem in this gorgeous silk floral full-length ruqun dress with a colorful scarf from Chang’an.

The Flourishing Kaiyuan Reign Period is China’s classical literary era and is known for its evocative descriptions and use of color. Are you feeling inspired by the satin touch of this robe and the traditional Chinese patterns swirling in harmonious shades of gold and red? This hanfu dress will certainly add a hint of poetic sensuality to your everyday living!

4. Tang Court Skirt

tang dance hanfu skirt

The aesthetics in the Tang Dynasty costumes show the interactivity between the social customs and the change of the dresses.

In a highly free and open society, the court dancers and high-ranking courtesans first start to draped in a luxurious gauzy skirt and braids. It’s very sexy and beautiful and quickly became popular.

Don’t be shy; it’s time to be done with all that thick clothing and slip into something very sexy and colorful for the day, and glamorous for the night.

5. Casual Songku

casual songku hanfu pants

Classic trousers featuring an incredible floral design will compliment any spring or summer wardrobe. Vibrant blooms of pink, navy, and golden peonies and chrysanthemums are precisely arranged. We know peony flowers are a key component of the Chinese style of floral arrangement. Better yet, pair this with a daily shirt, or tank top to create a harmonious fusion of east-meets-west fashion.

Elegant but casual designs inspired women of fashion. Using the simple line and vintage element, ancient Chinese outfit Songku design has the ability to transcend ordinary design and make superior, refined, and leisure statement.

6. Ming Lady

ming style hanfu clothing

Tired of always reaching your maxi dress when supplied with a night time out for a party? Next time, opt for this beige and gold Ming-style lady gown that will definitely make a statement and be the focus of anyplace you go!

It was originally designed exclusively for princesses and noble ladies, in this captivating piece, incorporates the essence of ancient Chinese clothing design. Pair with an ornamental headdress, hat and exquisite heels to accentuate your specific evening look.

7. Royal Knight Robe

feiyufu hanfu male robe

Crafted in a male hanfu robe with dragon and dark cloud totem, they are excellent matching to jeans and boot, depending on the occasion. We fell in love with this cool robe when we first saw it on kungfu film The Imperial Guards. The dark figure and sword light, what’s not to adore?

And put on this bronze belt, understated but undeniably chic, they are the perfect balance of comfort and style. Complete your wuxia master dream with an ancient Chinese knight robe.

Which Ancient Chinese Clothing Style Do You Like Best?

These are the seven most popular ancient Chinese clothes. Which one do you think is your favorite? As more and more young people gradually know Hanfu from all over the world, it seems to have started to lead a new fashion trend.

Obviously, Asian style dress is bound to feature in all the most glamorous Instagram holiday envy shots this year, making us all want to dress like we’re at the martial arts world. Designers are using more ancient Chinese element prints in dresses, and it’s more elegant than the ever effect you might be imagining.

Have you ever bought ancient Chinese clothing before? Please leave a message below to share with us.

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