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Top 10 Most Popular Hanfu to Buy 2019 Online Shop

Top 10 Most Popular Hanfu to Buy Online

According to the Finance & Economics official channel of China, it is estimated that at present, the number of consumers in the Hanfu clothing market has exceeded 2 million, and the total industrial scale is about 1.1 billion dollars. The crazy growing demand for Chinese traditional clothes has brought about a boom in the market.

10 Best Seller Hanfu Clothing – Chinese Dress Shop

10 Best Seller Hanfu Clothing | Chinese Dress Shop
Annual Sales Chart of Hanfu

You may be curious since so many oriental clothes are sold in China every year, what are the most popular styles and where to buy? Now, It’s time for a look back at the most captivating traditional dress trends of 2019. We’ve pored over every clothing that hit the runways during the 2019 popular Hanfu brand and online store, and the result is these 10 styles could do best to inspire people’s ancient dress dreams.

Whether you’re looking for a casual retro shirt for the weekend, a smart dress for summer days, a modern style at work or an occasion gown for weddings and other events, this list will get you covered. Shop our edit of the best traditional dresses you can buy right now that tick some of the year’s biggest fashion trends.

Ready for the only Asian vintage fashion trends you need to know about?

No.1 Ming-dynasty Horse Face Aoqun

Ming-dynasty Horse Face Aoqun

First of all, the top of the list in the year of 2019 is the Aoqun set from Lanruo, which includes one long coat with a straight collar and one horse face style skirt with a gold knitted pattern.

It has many colors and can be selected. Dress up this fabulous aoqun with a pair of sparkly statement earrings and retro hairpins on your next big night out, think an art gallery exhibit or fundraiser gala.

The Aoqun was invented in the 14th century, the Ming dynasty. It was the symbol of luxury and elegance in that era, and also the peak of the development of Hanfu clothes. So it’s no wonder how it will be welcomed today.

No.2 Casual Color Print Aoqun

Casual Color Print Aoqun

This casual style is very suitable for daily wear. You can see that the prints on its top are very precise and cute. And its skirt is made of very light and breathable chiffon material. You can wear them all day and feel very comfortable.

You know what? The model in the picture is the designer of this Chinese costume. We’re so glad that she has realized her dream of making a Hanfu style that can be worn every day.

Nowadays, many young fans are devoted to the design of Hanfu, and they designed many beautiful traditional clothes. Sincerely thank them for their efforts!

No.3 Vintage Red Ruqun

Vintage Red Ruqun

Delicate details and couture silk crepe combine to create a clean line and graceful cut in this stunning silk ruqun.

Why you need it? This feminine Hanfu looks beautiful dressed up and can easily be dressed down for retro style. Put it on, you’ll definitely be the center of people, just like an angel.

We’re pretty taken with this exquisite ruqun dress. Featuring a structured bodice, frilly sleeves and a hem that is just long enough.

The most important thing is that its extremely complex pattern needs 300 thousand stitches, which takes a month to complete.

No.4 White Fox Ruqun

White Fox Ruqun

The adorable fox embroidery is really cute and sweet. And made of super beautiful chiffon material, that’s fitted. We really love the white florals on the blouse, shine and delicate! The blouse is long so you can tuck it in pants. Great for scenic area or casual wear.

In 2018, animals and florals proved the most popular embroidery, but this year, we’ll see more dresses that mix two or more patterns in one dress. In fact, lots of young girls told us that they really can’t resist these extremely beautiful ancient patterns.

One of the best dresses we saw on the street was a red rose dress with a butterfly, which is certain to spark a trend for ancient patterns.

No.5 Classic Waist Ruqun

Classic Waist Ruqun

The relaxed and smooth fit make this cool girl shirt insanely versatile. Dress to be the hottest girl out there with an evening-ready top from the Jin dynasty. Jin’s high standards mean a better world for all of us. And compared to the gorgeous Tang dynasty ruqun, this style is the universal wear of ancient people.

Embracing your polished style, dare to go classic beauty on your next night out. The epitome of ancient chic, vintage style sets you up for a look laid back and fab. A typical image of an ancient oriental woman.

Ruqun isn’t just for special occasions. This ruqun can be worn day-to-night, spring through summer, and will become your most loved style.

No.6 Modern Style Dress

Modern Style Dress

People are in love with the modern cutting and bold florals of this vintage-inspired silk top. Modern Hanfu strikes an easy balance between classic and cool.

This year’s first piece, the signature right-collar, and retro embroidery is still a staple in the line. Today, it’s joined by a collection of tops, dresses, pants and more that bring an ancient perspective to everyday styles designed for real life.

Bring a subtle rainbow addition to your wardrobe with this muted pastel number with this Avant Hanfu dress from modern fashion designer. Made from a cotton-chiffon, it’s a quick cure for any summer sartorial panic.

If you plan to try Hanfu for the first time and want to avoid unnecessary embarrassment, the modern Hanfu will never let you down.

No.7 Summer Songku Pants

Summer Songku Pants

Users adore the quality make and lovely cut of this breezy silk shirt and light pants. Embrace the easy vibes of this silk shirt and pair it with a casual and classic chiffon Songku.

Perfect as a leisure afternoon wear or an essential part of your growing capsule wardrobe, there’s a place in your closet for this set.

Dress up this fabulous Songku in a comfortable cafe, chatting with your friends and just a hint of lavender to give us a bit of color this season.

*tips: Songku refers to the long pants of ancient China. It was most popular in the Song Dynasty, and it’s style is very similar to today’s wide-leg pants.

No.8 Male Kungfu Costume

Male Kungfu Costume

Are you interested in Chinese Kungfu?

If you an east swordsman fan, you must be familiar with it. Many people have learned a lot of spirits of Chinese martial arts from the Kungfu movies. Adventurous martial arts world, fantasy movement RPG, come to fight shoulder to shoulder with what you adored kungfu master and help other chivalrous girls.

Saw yourself as the swordmaster of kungfu films, in a plain Hanfu clothes, expertly waddling in, to beat the bad guy and safeguard world peace.

There are more than 500 million Kungfu fans all over the world, so it is necessary to have a cool Kungfu costume.

No.9 Loose Collar Dress

Loose Collar Dress

Now updated with a curvier fit, front darting, and generous stretch, this is perfect for bigger busts. The silk is so soft and beautiful, the quality is excellent in fabric and construction.

When I try this suit on I honestly cried. It’s been so long since I wore a blouse that covered my chest without gaping. This hanfu also fits correctly in the mid-section instead of hanging off my chest like a tent.

Perfect for those days where you don’t want to wear anything clingy, this oversized, permeable dress will cuddle you up with flowing air, while the elegant hue means you can also wear it for upscale events.

No.10 Warm Winter Cloak

Warm Winter Cloak

In cold weather, you might worry about wear normal Hanfu to go out. If you also want to wear a winter Hanfu in icy day, the warm cloak is very necessary, now with this heavier fabric cloak, you can enjoy the whole day with your beautiful dress. This useful accessory is your rescue when temperatures down to 0 degrees.

You could put on this “anti-cold armor” to go for a walk in the snow-filled park or even plan a hiking with your friend.

It’s large enough and an interesting cap. And most importantly, it feels so soft and extremely comfy, once put on, you won’t want to take it off. And to keep this looking gorgeous, just send it to the dry cleaners.

Why do people love Hanfu?

In the past year, we have witnessed the increasing Asian traditional clothing popular rate and the Hanfu Movement all over the world. Hanfu is not only clothes but also a cultural symbol, which carries rich oriental traditional culture. “Hanfu Fever” gradually warms up is due to the beauty of the ancient rhyme of itself, the return of Chinese cultural self-confidence and young people’s love for traditional culture.

Few items can truly be considered a closet staple or a must-have item for every girl. A beautifully fitted, high-quality delicate Hanfu is one of those items. With the ability to transition seamlessly from past to future, Hanfu clothing is a worthy investment.

But due to the production process of vintage clothes is more complicated than that of ordinary modern clothes, the production cycle is also longer. Nowadays, it’s very common when you buy a Hanfu costume online and need to take two or three months to receive it.

To be continued…

Thanks to network and social media spreading, many young people become a devotee of the Hanfu revival activity, which has spanned a decade and in the last years has seen a spike in followers. Besides, lots of clothing brands and retro fashion designers are creating thousands of new products for us day and night.

We believe that there will be more people to discover the charm of Hanfu, fall in love with this beautiful and gorgeous traditional clothing in the future, and everyone can buy it easily. That day will come soon.

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