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summer hanfu

Summer Hanfu Dresses You Need for Your Wardrobe

You’ve come to the correct place if you want to enjoy your summer days doing anything fun and different. We’ve completed the legwork for you and selected the hottest it-dresses to contribute to your closet. The picks this summer are all about elegance and functionality.

Summer is all about light, breezy, and chic clothes and we are all in for that, which is why we have chosen something different, but at the same time, something really eye-catching for you; Hanfu dresses. Chinese apparel has a distinct aesthetic principle than Western clothes, which is to be comfortable through unrestricted airflow.

summer hanfu

The framework of Chinese apparel has changed from era to era, but there is little discrepancy in the aesthetic of annual and seasonal apparel, which typically encompasses undergarment, outerwear, as well as equipment, with the texture of the fabric being the only distinction, allowing distinct styles of Chinese clothing to conveniently deal with various climatic periods.

In reality, there are numerous designs of summer Hanfu that are appropriate for summertime. Presently, we’ll show you a couple Hanfu styles that are appropriate for the warmer months.

1. Crane Girl Hanfu Set

crane girl ruqun hanfu buy

This is a ruqun Hanfu set for females in the style of the past. The composition incorporates a traditional crane pattern and springtime blossoms embroider that is both elegant and lovely, and can be maintained comfortably during the summertime thanks to the free air flow.

The fabric is a combination of silky chiffon and polyester that is quite pleasant to wear. It also has a highly distinctive and eye-catching appearance, with a gradient red color and a crane print, both of which are known to be quite informal. It comes in three sizes to accommodate a wide range of body types.

2. Night Bana Fashion Hanfu

Night Flower modern hanfu

Hanfu does not have to be the typical ankle-length gown; it may instead be a lovely summer style knee-length gown that mimics western dresses while still retaining the elements and qualities of a classic Hanfu dress. In the summertime, this beautiful females’ modern Hanfu attire is the perfect choice for women.

The concept features deep flower designs, a fantastical red and black color blend, and a soft and smooth fabric that is both contemporary and adorable. The appearance is that of a tiny skirt, and it comes in three sizes. One free size tank top will be included in the set, as well as a shirt and skirt in your preferred size. You are bound to fall in love with this dress which is a mixture of both traditional Chinese Hanfu and western dress.

3. Autumn Songku

Lotus Songku Hanfu

This Hanfu set in the manner of a legendary song is one of the greatest you can find. It’s decorated with exquisite fall blossom embroidered in amazing shades of red and black, and it’s deemed equally stylish and comfortable.

The vibrant hues will provide you a fantastic sensation, especially in the summer. On hot days, the light fabric is smooth and comfortable, making it ideal for wearing. This set includes one tank top, one pair of pants, and one pair of shirts, all in the size you choose from the three options.

This is also one of the best Hanfu dresses that you can buy, and it is one of the most ideal ones to be worn on hot weather days since it is very breezy thanks to its loose style and easy flow of air.

4. Crane Tower Couple Hanfu

Summer Hanfu Dresses You Need for Your Wardrobe 1

The Crane Tower Hanfu outfit is suitable for both males and females. It’s a summer Hanfu dress for partners, and it definitely looks better when dressed simultaneously, although you can wear it alone if you wish. This lovely Wuxia-style dress is ideal for Hanfu enthusiasts to wear as a pair attire.

It’s a terrific present for your BF&GF or closest buddies, and it’s influenced by the renowned Chinese Yellow Crane Tower. There are different shades to choose from. This silky chiffon fabric is light and airy, making it ideal for wearing in the summer and on hot days.

This dress set includes one shirt, robe and also one wrap skirt. All of this is available in extremely affordable prices, hence making it a whole lot easier for you to look ravishing while also not being too heavy on your pocket.

5. Yellow Daisy Hanfu Dress

Yellow Daisy qipao dress

This summer throwback style short qipao dress in a trendy pattern is ideal for any occasion. A good piece for everyday casual wear as well as important occasions like as festivals and anniversaries.

It’s straightforward, which makes it an ideal choice for wearing on regular days, catching up with friends, or even attending college. This garment is basic yet intriguing, with a classic Hanfu style and a combination of western distinctiveness. It is quite light and comfortable to be worn in the summer because of the soft polyester material. It comes in four distinct sizes to accommodate various physical body structures.

You are bound to fall in love with this effortlessly chic summer Hanfu dress, and according to us, this should be a must for your wardrobe this summer season.

6. Red Cloud Male Hanfu

red color male hanfu

You might be wondering by now that why have we only added women’s Hanfu dresses in this article, when summer style should be for both men and women. This is why we have added this men’s Hanfu dress to our list as well.

Ruqun Hanfu for men in a relaxed outfit with an antique cloud emblem and red and black colors is the best men’s Hanfu dress you can find. This combination of colors is both striking and stylish, rendering it appropriate for both exceptional and non-special situations.

This simple yet classic Hanfu dress is offered in three sizes to serve people of various body types. It is made of a silky fabric that is easy to wear in the summertime. One skirt and one top make up this two-piece outfit. This stunning Hanfu dress is sure to catch your eye and should be a must-have addition to your summer collection.

7. Casual Weekend Hanfu

shop modern hanfu male

Hanfu gowns don’t have to be overly long and intricate all of the time. They can also be incredibly minimalist while still being very cool. Something that you may wear on a regular basis and even to a casual lunch. We’ve brought such a commodity with us.

This three-piece casual Hanfu clothing set in a relaxed outfit is specifically created for men. It is believed to be the essence of elegant and stylish, combining modern design with a traditional embroidered pattern. Something that won’t make you feel out of place on a regular basis, but will definitely make you feel cool. It comes in three different styles and is accessible in a grey and white color scheme.

It’s made of a silky cotton and polyester combination that’s perfect for summer. One T-shirt, one shirt, and a pair of pants are included in this outfit. All of this is accessible at extremely reasonable pricing, making it easy to keep your style while sticking to your budget.

8. Sword Couple Hanfu

sword couple kungfu hanfu

We have till now added both men’s and women’s Hanfu dresses in our list, but what about couple’s matching Hanfu dresses? There are a number of options available for that choice as well, which is why this item of our list is dedicated to that preference. Afterall, you can look cool in matching Hanfu dresses this summer while not suffocating yourself in heavy materials.

Many legendary swordsman masters would appear in Kungfu Hanfu clothing in old myths or Kung – fu character pictures. This is a unique design for both young and mature couples. There is even the possibility of purchasing the dress separately and not as a couple.

There are three sizes available for this garment. It features a beautiful calabash and clouds motif that is both comfortable and attractive. It is made of a silky fabric that is quite pleasant to wear, making it ideal for hot days. One blouse and one skirt are included in this dress set. You can have it in a male version with a black shirt and a red skirt, or a female version with a red shirt and a black skirt for a good color combination.


Summers are that time of the year where you can dress in cool, comfortable and airy clothes and upgrade your wardrobes with the new collection of the season. In this article, we have written about a new style of clothing which is slowly, but surely gaining popularity and should be on your list of purchase this summer season. That garment is none other than the Chinese traditional Hanfu dress.

summer hanfu

Hanfu dresses not only hold traditional and cultural importance, but also look very stylish and comfortable at the same time. Not to mention the fact that their looseness and easy flow of air makes it a best option for summers. Here we have listed eight of the best summer Hanfu dresses you can find over the internet and each is better than the before, making them perfect for your summer wardrobe upgrade this season.

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