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Items & Feature

Get a latest style hanfu set, all packs are new arrivals – listed in our store within 30 days, meaning you will always get the latest hanfu clothing.

Item Includes: 1x hanfu set (random style)

Please note that the items do not include the accessories and jewelry shown in the model picture, such as hair bands, hair clips, necklaces, fans, belts, etc.

Size Guide

General Modern Hanfu Size Chart (S/M/L/XL):

  • Chest: 88/92/96/102CM
  • Waist: 84/88/92/96CM
  • Hip: 96/100/104/108CM
  • To fit Height: 160/165/170/175CM

*Note: The unit is CM, 1 inch = 2.54 cm; Please make sure the product’s measurements will fit your daily wear size, or view the complete Size Guide Chart to get more help.

Point Discount

Discount rate: 100%

1. If you are a Newhanfu Member, you will get an extra 10-20% member discount.
2. Return & Refund Policy is not available for any orders with point-discount items, if there is a quality issue with the items, we will re-ship a new one for you or return the used points.

Please check our Point Policy or contact our support team if you have any questions, thanks.

Lucky Packs Samples

Summer Qiyao Hanfu Set Ming Dynasty Fantasy Costume Dress

Summer Purple Hanfu Set Unique Tang Dynasty Hezi Dress

Women Mamian Skirt Ming Dynasty Modified Hanfu for Everyday Wear

Women Mamian Skirt Ming Dynasty Modified Hanfu for Everyday Wear

Woman Black Bamboo Song Dynasty Qiyao Shanqun for Everyday Wear

Woman Black Bamboo Song Dynasty Qiyao Shanqun for Everyday Wear

New Pack 1

New Pack 2

Spring Man Martial Arts Style Qiyao Hanfu Costume

Spring Man Martial Arts Style Qiyao Hanfu Costume


1. Can I choose a certain style or color?

No. Lucky Pack is similar to a lottery, and you just need to choose the size.

2. Can I apply for a refund if I don’t like the style opened in the Lucky Pack?

No. All Lucky Packs do not support refunds. If the package is damaged or lost in shipping, we will resend a new one.

3. Is there any quality difference in the lucky bag?

No. All the clothes in the lucky bags are brand new and quality guaranteed.

4. Can I buy 2 or More packs at a time?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of purchases.

5. If I purchase several packs, will I get the same style?

Yes, it is possible but rarely happens. To avoid that, if you have purchased more than 5 packs during one month, please try to choose another style Lucky Pack or wait for the next month to buy again.

6. What‘s the price of these hanfu items?

All items’ regular price will be over $60 (except on-sale items), while most packs will come with one or two hanfu accessories gifts.

If you have more questions please contact us.

Before You Buy:

  • The price is in US Dollar, Paypal & Stripe payment will auto help convert currency when you checkout, if you fail to pay with your local city bank card, please try using a different bank card
  • Color may little vary due to different Display/Monitor settings, and the product photos use fill light, so that the visuals will be a little brighter than the actual item
  • Manual measurement, there will be 2-3cm differences of the size, and some items may be available in newly produced or improved versions, which may have minor differences, such as the position of the pattern print, the raw material & color of the pendants, buttons, and other accessories

10 reviews for New Pack

  1. XiaoLingKai (verified owner)

    My 2 new hanfu just came but it’s small on me 😭 there is one that I actually don’t have but different Style which my mom really like it ☺️. I got the Strawberry hanfu!! I love it’s small on me..normally I always get medium so I was worried that some hanfu might not fit me in medium so I chosen large size but didn’t expect it to not fit me. Hopefully the other hanfu fit me

  2. Chiyoru (verified owner)

    Second time ordering and the first time being really disappointed. The only good thing was the fast shipping (10 days).
    First of all, I got Strawberry Bloom which is worth only 55 dollars which goes against what they say in the FAQ. It is not over 60 dollars. :/ so in this case I feel deceived
    Second, I ordered size XL but as always I can find the label to truly check it out. Skirt is long enough but the short seems to be only size L.
    Thirdly, my personal opinion only and not really their fault – the clothes are Qixiong style which is my least favourite style. It’s complicated to put on and the skirt refuses to stay up. Considering how the shirt is small and open,it feels unsafe to wear it with the skirt.

  3. PRANATHI (verified owner)

    I got red lotus, it’s not from new arrival, but I loved it

  4. XXL (verified owner)

    Received 1 new arrivals lucky bag hanfu and really like the one I got (:

  5. Chiyoru (verified owner)

    I got the Ethereal Bamboo and I love it.I ordered XL (My European size is M, current weigt 70 kg,height 174 cm – the hanfu fits me, it was a good choice to order the biggest site). My order arrived in lesy than 2 weeks

  6. Xivvy (verified owner)

    I received Imperial Flutter!! It’s beautiful and it was even one of the ones I was really hoping to get. Am 53.5 kg, 158 cm, and S fit perfect. Quality is lovely and it came with a gift of the forehead temporary tattoo huadians and two lovely hairsticks, one gold and plastic and another metal with flowers!

  7. SteelCrown (verified owner)

    I got Imperial Flutter. I did not like it in the photos, but the real thing was gorgeous. I loved it, and so did everyone around me. They complimented me a lot on it. Only problem was the sleeves were a really short for me (ending at my wrists). I’m 170 cm, so I got the L version, and since I’ve never had a problem with the length of my arms, it caught me off guard. The skirt is the perfect length, though, so I’ll just make do while trying my best to resist testing my luck again by getting another lucky pack.

  8. illukimao (verified owner)

    I got Song Garden! It’s not really my style, but it’s super comfortable. The pack is really fun to get!

  9. (verified owner)

    I got a mamianqun. The exact one from the example picture. Other than the dress being a bit long I really like the design. This lucky pack works well for someone like me who can’t exactly decide what hanfu they like. I’ll come back again in the future to get more.

  10. Mami (verified owner)

    I’ve been a member of the newhanfu community for two years, every time when wearing a beautiful hanfu dress, it is the happiest moment for me.

    Thanks Newhanfu Team!

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