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red hanfu

Red and Hanfu – Traditional Chinese Culture

Red Color and Its Cultural Importance in China

When it pertains to traditional Chinese culture, the color red is extremely important. The color red, or vermilion, which corresponds to fire, represents great fortune and happiness. Throughout Chinese New Year as well as other holiday parties and community reunions, red may be found aplenty. Aside from the Chinese New Year, red has been utilized in Chinese weddings from the time of its earliest civilizations, and it is thought to be the traditional wedding hue.

In Chinese culture, a red package is a cash gift presented on holidays or exceptional events. The packet’s crimson color represents good fortune. Because red is a conventionally symbolic hue of pleasure, it is absolutely prohibited at funerals; yet, because the identities of the deceased were originally inscribed in red, using red ink for Chinese names in situations other than governmental seals may be deemed insulting. Red is still a prominent hue in contemporary China, and it is associated with and employed by the state extensively.

red hanfu

But red isn’t the only small thing that has been a big part of their culture throughout, there is also another thing that we would like to introduce before we show you a mix of both, which will represent Chinese culture in a very exceptional yet intriguing way.

Red Hanfu Dresses and Their Importance in Chinese Culture

That other thing is a Hanfu dress. Hanfu refers to the traditional Chinese clothes donned by the Han people. The ruqun, aoqun, beizi, and shenyi, as well as the shanku, are some of the most popular Hanfu styles. Hanfu is typically made up of a piece of outer clothing, such as a cloak or a coat, and a bottom garment, such as a skirt.

Hanfu comprises a variety of accouterments in conjunction with apparel, such as hats, boots, sashes, ornaments such as Yupei, and pocket fans. Presently, the Hanfu is becoming more widely recognized as the Han ethnic group’s historical garment, and it is enjoying a major trend resurgence amongst young Han Chinese people in China and the abroad Chinese community.

red hanfu

Because of the huge distinctions between the nobles and the common people, garments were employed as a symbol of status to underline their entitlements, which had a significant impact on clothes and accessories. “China’s golden period” occurred during the Sui and Tang dynasties, when Han civilization expanded. A clothing style incorporating features of the Hanfu and the Hufu became popular, based on their forefathers.

Because women were no longer bound by Confucian ethical rules, women’s clothing became more casual and exposed than their male counterparts. The Song Dynasty’s clothing generally followed the Tang Dynasty’s style. More embellishments and needlework were added.

Red Hanfu Dresses – A Combination of two Traditional Symbols

But, we aren’t here to discuss history with you guys today, instead, we are here to enlighten and introduce you to the best red-colored Hanfu dresses you can ever find. What better than combining the traditional Hanfu style of China with their color representing fortune and good luck? We think this is the best deal. In Chinese culture, the colors black and white, which are traditional wedding colors in the West, are associated with grief and death.

red hanfu

Ironically, red, which we associate with rage or danger, becomes a symbol of honor, success, loyalty, fertility, and love — it is the Chinese sacred color, and it is said to ward off evil spirits on the big day.

Further in this article, we have linked some of the best red-colored traditional as well as modern Hanfu dresses we could find over the internet and couldn’t help but simply fall in love with them. So, without any further ado, let’s get straight to the topic.

1. Crane Girl

crane girl ruqun hanfu buy

This is a ruqun-style Hanfu outfit for women in a vintage design. The motif incorporates a traditional crane pattern as well as springtime wildflower embroidery, and it appears to be very elegant and lovely.

This two-piece pair of traditional qiyao style Hanfu is one of the best red-hued Hanfu available. It features traditional ruqun patterning, floral embroidery, an ombre red color, and a crane pattern. It’s quite easygoing, but it may also be worn to a formal event. It is really pleasant to wear due to the silky chiffon and polyester fabric.

Placed first in this as well as our priority list, this red Hanfu dress will surely bring magic to your wardrobe and if you are someone who loves wearing the traditional clothing of other cultures, you should surely get your hands on this one.

2. Meet Village

Meet Village modern qipao dress

Another red Hanfu dress that we couldn’t resist including in this collection is this retro-style relatively brief style qipao dress with exquisite village scene artwork. It is made of a light and comfortable fabric that is both trendy and casual at the same time. It can be worn both during the day and at night.

This Hanfu short qipao dress is for women in a modern style. It is inspired by a traditional village landscape painting pattern and has a very retro cheongsam design. It’s both casual and lovely in equal measure. It’s constructed of a silky polyester fabric that’s also incredibly pleasant to wear.

3. Peony Wedding

Red and Hanfu – Traditional Chinese Culture 1

This red Hanfu dress set in an old red color from the Ming dynasty is the ideal choice for any wedding. Antique peony floral embroidery patterns are used in this creation, which is exceedingly lovely and sophisticated, making it ideal for an Eastern wedding. You will undoubtedly be the center of attention if you wear this.

If you’re looking for something relaxing, this traditional reddish tint 3-piece set women’s wedding Hanfu dress should be your next choice this wedding season. To be worn in a traditional yet innovative way. It features classic and lovely floral embroidery and is inspired by Ming-period wedding Hanfu motifs. It is made of a soft polyester fabric that is quite comfortable. It comes in red and white tones, giving it a calm and serene appearance.

4. Autumn Princess

Autumn Dancer qixiong hanfu shop

The crimson color of the ancient princess provides this luxury Hanfu dress set with a much more unique and energetic aspect. It is certainly very attractive and elegant at the same time, using classic qiyao ruqun design with delicate vintage embroidered designs.

This classic 3-piece set red Hanfu in the ruqun style is perfect for any real-life princess. It features gorgeous butterfly and flower embroidery motifs that are extremely gratifying. The qiyao ruqun motif contrasts beautifully with the red tone. The silky fabric is really pleasant to wear, and it’s ideal for the fall and winter seasons.

5. Night Bana

Night Flower modern hanfu

This is an especially stylish modern Hanfu costume for young girls. The design incorporates dark floral motifs with a fantasy red and black color scheme. The smooth and light fabric keeps the girls comfortable throughout their time wearing it. The Hanfu dress’s comfortability, on the other hand, does not detract from its trendiness and charm.

This 3-piece set fashion Hanfu for young girls in a modern style could be your next beautiful red Hanfu dress. It has an elegant design with gorgeous retro flower motifs printed and embroidered on it. It is exceptionally soft and comfy to wear because of the light polyester fabric. It’s both casual and cute thanks to the tiny wrap skirt.

6. Autumn Songku

Lotus Songku Hanfu

This is a traditional Song-style red Hanfu outfit that has lovely autumn blossom embroidery. The red and black color scheme of this Hanfu dress adds to its appeal while also making it casual enough to be worn on almost any occasion.

As a result, this casual 3-piece set Songku style Hanfu is ideal for women to wear on practically any occasion. It has a traditional Song Dynasty Hanfu pattern with lovely red blossom embroidery. It’s smooth and breathable due to the exceptionally light fabric, making it ideal for summer wear.

Choose a Red Hanfu Dress for Yourself

We have often heard about how much importance the color red has in Chinese culture. It is not just a symbol of love and fire, it also embodies success, fame, and similar attributes. Hanfu is yet another important factor and component of Chinese culture. In this article, however, we have tried to link two of the major Chinese cultures into a single one by offering you some of the best red Hanfu dresses available over the internet.

red hanfu

All six of these dresses were chosen after much deliberation, ensuring that they each comply with our selection process criteria. All six of these Hanfu dresses have a fiery or soft red hue to them, which gives them a unique, powerful, yet gentle aura, something we believe every woman should have access to.

Moreover, all six of these Hanfu dresses are extremely affordable considering the quality and materials provided. Each of these is perfect for a different occasion, hence, you are bound to find something of your liking here for sure. We hope you find this of use, and eventually land with your desired red Hanfu dress. Remember, wearing a red Hanfu dress is not just for Chinese women, but for every woman out there who values culture and traditions and wants to embrace them.

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