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manchu cheongsam qipao dress

Manchu Origin Cheongsam, Chinese Form-Fitting Garment

The Cheongsam, also referred to as the qipao, is a Manchu-style Chinese form-fitting clothing. It’s a high-necked, close-fitting, typically short-sleeved dress with a slash roughly halfway up the sides of the skirt. Throughout the 1920s as well as 1930s, when it was modified by Chinese social climbers and upper-class females in Shanghai, it was renowned as the mandarin dress.

The traditional Manchu qipao was oversized and draped in an A-line. It concealed the majority of the model’s physique, exposing only the face, arms, and toe tips. Irrespective of age, the baggy attire worked to hide the wearer’s body. The updated form of the cheongsam is known for emphasizing female’s physique, and as a result, it was fashionable as a high-society attire. With the emergence of high-necked strapless gowns, bell-like shoulders, and black lace foaming at the hemline of a ball dress, the cheongsam silhouette evolved alongside Western fashions. By the 1940s, cheongsam was available in a wide range of textiles and embellishments.

manchu cheongsam qipao dress

Buying Original Cheongsam/Qipao in Modern Era

Until recently, the qipao remained on the edge of haute couture and Western trends in its pure state. Then, in Utah, a youngster wore a qipao to her prom, provoking indignation and controversy, leading to the catchphrase “My culture is not your prom attire,” which was part-war cry, part-exhausted-decree. This occurrence sparked a complex argument regarding who has the freedom to dress in certain traditional attire. Nevertheless, it is important to note that there is no regulation stating whether or not wearing a cheongsam is appropriate if you are not Chinese. It all boils down to the attitude with which you carry a style of clothing, and regardless of whether that attitude conveys reverence or contempt.

However, with the increasing popularity of Cheongsam/qipao in today’s fashion, it is becoming difficult to get your hands on original dresses. This is why we are here to help you by introducing to you one of the original sellers of Chinese original cheongsam/qipao in today’s world.

manchu cheongsam qipao dress

For about 300 years, Hanfu, as an item of customary Chinese clothing, was disregarded. Chinese cultural Hanfu will have a tight compatibility with modern context, and will seek advancement, improvement, and hereditary as Newhanfu takes resurrecting Hanfu as their responsibility. The key explanation for New Hanfu’s popularity is that they provide an international warranty with a simple 30-day money-back guarantee.

Further in the blog, we have listed some of their most famous Cheongsam/qipao dresses for you to go through and fall in love.

1. Sea Flower

Sea Flower qipao cheongsam

This is a stunning contemporary design cheongsam dress with an all across arrangement of stunning floral print with lace shawl, providing it an elegant and sophisticated appeal. It is regarded a traditional dress, rendering it a stylish option for a celebration or on a regular basis. In other words, it’s a daily wearable qipao dress in a fashionable casual design. The classic slender cheongsam has a lovely gradient sea blue color with flower prints and is decorated in qipao pattern layout. Captivating pearl tassels adorn the white lace shawl. The smooth polyester fabric is pleasant enough to wear every day, and the breathable function makes it suitable for summer wear.

2. Meet Village

Meet Village modern qipao dress

This is a vintage-styled short qipao dress with reproductions of lovely rural scenery paintings. It is typically regarded as a contemporary short qipao garment for ladies, suitable for both formal as well as informal settings. By not being overdone, the classic village landscape painting pattern gives it a highly refined look and feel. It’s both easygoing and attractive thanks to the classic cheongsam appearance. The soft polyester fabric is quite pleasant to wear on all occasions, and it is also breathable, making this dress one of the greatest options for wearing on really hot and sunny days, but don’t forget that on colder days, you can easily style it with a short leather jacket.

3. Mini Qipao

modern fashion qipao dress shop

This is a highly contemporary, yet relaxed, brief qipao with cheongsam dress featuring a really appealing and eye-catching print pattern. It is composed of a smooth, comfortable fabric that allows you to feel gorgeous while wearing it. We are not kidding when we say that this current design print qipao short mini dress for women is one of a kind. The adorable leaf and crane print pattern keeps it basic, classy, and not overdone. The qipao, which is currently highly fashionable, has a very casual design all around it. Its silky chiffon fabric is exceptionally comfortable to wear for extended periods of time sans causing any discomfort. As a result, it’s perfect for formal occasions and even small weddings.

4. Umbrella Cheongsam

shop cheongsam dress

This vintage-style casual qipao and cheongsam dress features lovely print patterns and is undoubtedly the cheongsam dress you’ve been looking for. It’s constructed of a silky elastic fabric that’s both easy to wear and flattering to your figure. To put it another way, this traditional print qipao dress for women is unique. It has an equally cute and classy style because of the cute umbrella and flower pattern. Furthermore, its casual design and attractive color make it suitable for both day and night gatherings. The silky chiffon fabric is quite pleasant to wear and will not cause you any discomfort even if you are required to wear it for extended periods of time.

5. Blouse Qipao

Manchu Origin Cheongsam, Chinese Form-Fitting Garment 1

This contemporary designed short qipao dress and blouse features a stunning flower pattern and is constructed of light and comfortable fabric, making it both stylish and comfortable. This women’s current design loose long blouse and short qipao dress are quite unique. It’s created of a lovely ancient beauty pattern that’s the right blend of modern and traditional. Its vintage and casual design make it suitable for both formal and informal occasions. It is particularly pleasant to wear because of the soft fabric utilized in its construction.

6. Koi Coast

Manchu Origin Cheongsam, Chinese Form-Fitting Garment 2

This current design little qipao dress features vivid print patterns and is constructed of light and comfortable fabric, making it both lovely and casual. This flowing qipao dress in a nostalgic style is a great alternative for packing your belongings for the summer holidays. It features traditional koi fish prints, giving it a vibrant appearance. The short dress with a small shirt length is both casual and attractive. Its soft polyester fabric is highly comfy and breathable, making it excellent for summer wear.

7. Lace Snowball

Lace Snowball newhanfu

This retro style women’s dress features a flared form and a sensual qipao style slit, as well as a gorgeous lace snowball flower. This sultry and fashionable dress for ladies is ideal for that long-awaited summer vacation, but it would also be a stylish choice for everyday wear, a wedding celebration, or any other formal event. With adorable straps and side slits, this nostalgic design is based on qipao features. It has a gorgeous lace snowball flower arrangement all over with a double hemline. The lightweight polyester fabric is extremely soft and breathable, making it ideal for wearing on those scorching summer days.

When Is it Best to Wear a Cheongsam/Qipao Dress?

Chinese brides and otherwise brides getting married into a Chinese family will typically wear cheongsam for a segment of the wedding day in Western weddings. Many brides opt for a traditional white bridal gown as well as a cheongsam or kwa to wear during the tea ceremony.

In terms of weather, cheongsam/qipao dresses are often made of light cotton or polyester fabric, making them ideal to be worn in summers, but when paired with a short, classy leather jacket, they can be worn in winters as well. All in all, there is no “perfect” weather to wear a cheongsam or qipao dress, but it all depends upon how you style it and what occasion is it that you’re wearing it for.

Is It Okay for Non-Chinese People to Wear Cheongsam and Qipao?

Everyone has the liberty to admire what they consider to be attractive. If a non-Chinese person believes Qipao is attractive and desires to wear it, then go ahead and do so. Chinese people are proud of their culture and consider foreign adaption to be a sign of appreciation. Mimicry, as they say, is the purest form of flattery. Whether in China or abroad, the overwhelming majority of Chinese are either unconcerned or find it attractive. Only a small percentage of Chinese Americans and Canadians object to it. Most of the people I’ve met who accuse others of ‘cultural appropriation’ are disconnected from their culture, may have had a crisis of identity, and appear to believe in the myth.

All in all, it is considered to be okay for non-Chinese people to wear cheongsam or qipao.


Manchu Cheongsam and Qipao are traditional Chinese dresses that have been worn by them for quite a long time from now. They have been wearing these at weddings and formal events, however, recently they have been widely adopted by the Western culture as well. Newhanfu store is one of the sellers of original cheongsam/qipao dresses and we have linked some of our best here for you to see and ultimately fall in love with.

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