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All You Need To Know About Hanfu Dresses

China is a multicultural country with many ethnic groups. The Han, who make up more than 90% of the population on the mainland, is the most powerful. The Han people used to have their own distinct way of life, which included how they dressed. Hanfu, or Han clothes, is the name given to the sort […]

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Red Hanfu, the Traditional Chinese Culture

Red Color and Its Cultural Importance in China When it pertains to traditional Chinese culture, the color red is extremely important. The color red, or vermilion, which corresponds to fire, represents great fortune and happiness. Throughout Chinese New Year as well as other holiday parties and community reunions, red may be found aplenty. Aside from […]

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Hanfu – A Formal Chinese Dress

History of Hanfu Hanfu refers to the historical Chinese clothes worn by the Han ethnicity. Hanfu was claimed to be the clothes of the fabled Yellow Emperor, a renowned sage emperor of Chinese History, when it first emerged in China more than three thousand years earlier. From 1600BC to 1000BC, the foundation of Hanfu was […]

Why Plus Size Hanfu is so Popular in Ancient China

Why Plus Size Hanfu is so Popular in Ancient China

What is the meaning of plus size hanfu in China? And why did the ancient Chinese people like to wear wide robes and big sleeves outfit? I believe many readers are similarly confused about the fact that traditional Chinese clothing in the East is usually in loose designs, as opposed to the tighter dressing style […]

3 Tips to Know the Black Hanfu History and Meaning

3 Tips to Know the Black Hanfu History and Meaning

Can I wear a Chinese black hanfu dress? Many new hanfu enthusiasts will often wonder about this question. Yes, it’s always right to be careful when not understanding the meaning behind a thing. Let’s take a look at the brief history of black hanfu dresses. 3 Tips to Learn about the Black Color of Hanfu […]

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Top 5 Styles of Kung Fu Uniforms – Martial Arts 2020

Different martial arts use different costumes, the Kung Fu uniforms, of course, follow that pattern. In the Kungfu world, we need various style uniforms to show what kind of Kungfu we are practicing – Tai chi, Shaolin, or Wingchun. One huge monetary benefit and reason for the proliferation of martial arts is that you don’t […]

How to Wash Hanfu

How to Wash Hanfu in Summer

Summer is coming. It’s the season of silk and chiffon. Although it’s hot, the elegance and droop of silk and chiffon make summer beautiful immediately. Hanfu made of silk and chiffon are easy to clean, preserve and wrinkle. They are one of the easiest kinds of cloth to clean and maintain. But we can still […]

Where to Buy Hanfu Online - 2019

Where to Buy Hanfu Online

Many new Hanfu fans have bought Hanfu online before, probably on Amazon, eBay, or other shopping websites. However, they are not very satisfied with the Hanfu that they bought, not only high price and low quality, but the style is particularly not good-looking. Most of them are finally very disappointed and even give up the […]

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