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5 Best Red Hanfu Dresses 1

5 Best Red Hanfu Dresses

If you already have your mind dress up with red hanfu clothing, this post is for you. I’m sharing the 5 best red hanfu dress outfit ideas in 2022 with you.

Put down that boring black shenyi style. We know you can do much better. With the autumn ahead, we are ready to show an attention-getting modern hanfu design with hot red color element. Whether you’re attending family dinner, headed out to a dancing party, or going on a sweet date night, you can’t go wrong with something red. It doesn’t get more classic than a red hanfu dress.

1. Fairy wedding

red wedding hanfu dress

The Eastern Royal red Wedding effect keeps trickling down this list of trends. After seasons of lithe sheaths and a-line creations dominating the runways, many designers welcomed the return of the classic Qiyao ruqun & robe set.

There’re many reasons you may decide to stand out in a red hanfu dress on a wedding day. Maybe it’s symbolic, a cultural influence, or it could simply be a personal preference.

In China’s traditional wedding, brides are dressed in red wedding hanfu, which symbolizes good fortune, luck, and happiness. Symbolizing something special – Seeing red brings an immediate association with love, passion, and romance.

Red brings a definite air of luxury to your look. The hemline and the shoulder neckline are both adorned with embroidery petals. At the same time, the defined waist and full skirt create the perfect princess silhouette.

2. Snow Goddess

snow girl red white hanfu dress shop

This red lace dress is an absolute gift for the goddess. With its elegant cutting, fitted bodice, and stretch satin fit, you’ll look and feel fantastic. There’s no doubt all eyes with remain on you in this outstanding fairy style red hanfu dress.

Lovely lacy belt and contrasting burgundy tulle robe. This is an excellent option for girls in search of a vintage style gown.

What goes with a red dress? We should know almost any color pairs well with a red hanfu. For a pop, try white or white, yellow, or black as safer options. For jewelry, the pearl is an irresistible combination, and white gold jewelry makes for an interestingly refreshing combination.

“Hanfu is a cosplay suit, I won’t try it”, I debt you must heard similar voice. Come on, it’s 2020, Hanfu dress is widely regarded as one of the best popular daily clothing, not a cosplay or performing clothing, in an official opinion poll released in 2019. If you like, just try it.

3. Modern Girl

modern hanfu shop

This list would be incomplete without sharing one looking wearing a red hanfu shirt with classic songku pants. With red being a bold color, there’s a concern or fear that pairing this vibrant color with dark trousers and heels like floral embroidery shoes might be too heavy on the eyes. In truth, it is a delicate balance.

Every week, we have the same sartorial stress of what to wear. Maybe you need something different, which makes you won’t disappear into the crowd. Enter this modern red hanfu that plays on this hard choice and looks good while doing it.

While I probably wouldn’t opt for a pair of high-heels, these beautiful embroidery hanfu patterns with red show a level of sophistication.

This red hanfu top dress paired with youthful canvas would be great for street, bbq, and a preppy school looks.

I prefer a loose style, so I sized up to an L in the pants. If you love the relaxed look of a shift dress, get your usual size, and you won’t be disappointed.

4. Red Rose

red rose ruqun hanfu newhanfu

Don’t like a red hanfu shirt or red hanfu jacket? You can have a try start from the bottom.

A skirt offers the most versatile way to dress red because you either unleash it proudly, or use it as an accent under other laters. In its part, the color injects new life into the casual staple, which can be smartened up with a tailored shirt or jacket.

Tops with a light embroidery pattern or graphics prints against the red are particularly effective in a suit, with the contrast making for a particularly eye-catching design. There’s a reason why everyone from Zara to H&M has harnessed the power of that particular color combo.

If opting for a simple beige shirt, a darker skirt will tie in nicely to the style’s sense of elegance, tucked in and worn with a neutral-colored jacket or robe over the top.

Just popping on a red hanfu skirt is not enough to turn you into an overnight sensation though; you have to style it accordingly. For example, a delicate mini hand-bag and elegant shoes will fit the bill.

5. Red River

shop male hanfu red

This final hanfu set choice is special for our male friends. We posted a guide the other day that includes a traditional red men’s hanfu shirt.

Totally unique styling, we imagine it’s also the perfect opportunity for men to show off a particularly fantastic hanfu costume on a casual day!

It may be rare for a boy to choose a red hanfu, but it can bring a different feel, a sense of wildness. Just enjoy the charm of a grown man.

Whichever you choose, we hope your eyes have been opened to seeing red when it comes to your hanfu clothing. Dare you indulge in romantic red?

It’s never easy to edit a list of top red hanfu dresses down to a small group of favorites. These irresistible red beauties have made our job even harder. That being said, we did manage to get it down to five outstanding choices.

Red hanfu mark as the 2020 autumn represents color, which do you think will be the next one in the last season, white, blue, or yellow? Please tell us your answer.

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