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18 Popular Wuxia Cdrama List in 2022

Chinese plays are quite interesting and do not take up a lot of time. In the television entertainment sector, Chinese wuxia dramas have had a huge effect. Chinese drama is accessible in a variety of genres, including historical fiction, period rom-com, politics, and family drama, among others. Several of these programs combine genres to create a far more sophisticated and intriguing story.

Many wuxia dramas strive for historical authenticity, and their meticulous attention to detail is frequently what sets them apart. Other fantasy cdramas, on the other hand, use costumes to enhance the subject, characters, and aesthetics, and the clothes are frequently more exaggerated or lavish depending on the tale. This is most common in fantasy TV with a slightly fantastical element to their plots, such as those in the musical, or horror genres, where supernatural or surreal situations may influence the costuming in such a way that the powerful storylines are enhanced, making them even more arresting or provocative.

You’ll notice that each series’ category is listed below (e.g., romance, adventure, fantasy, etc.). You’ll also come across a few references to wuxia, which are terminology you might not be familiar with. Wuxia is a Chinese literature genre about martial artists and their exploits. Every Wuxia narrative has a distinct historical setting. According to folklore, certain great national heroes have archetypes that have been represented in film, television, literature, and art. The spiritual happiness that people seek is the type of wuxia existence that everyone desires but doesn’t understand.

Legend Of Fei

China creates the most C-drama or TV dramas of any country. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Wuxia dramas available.

18 Best Wuxia Chinese Drama in 2022

1. Sword Snow Stride

It narrates the narrative of a young master named Xu Feng Nian, who grows up to be the King of Northern Liang through struggles and endurance, despite his father’s high hopes. Xu Feng Nian joins the Jianghu for training as per his father’s wishes.

Xu Feng Nian not only improves his martial arts training, but also collects numerous Jianghu vital individuals, despite the journey being lengthy, obstacle-ridden, and full of vicious killing machines. When Beimang attacked, he commanded the Northern Liang cavalry to fight back, and the Central Plains saw him as a light of hope.

2. Imperial Cuisine

The Imperial Cuisine is a Chinese drama that follows four cooks as their lives alter in Beijing. The drama takes place during the Qing Dynasty and follows the lives of imperial chefs.

The issue has been heated since production began on “Imperial Cuisine,” a historical costume court drama that Wu Jinyan and Xu Kai cooperated on following “Story of Yanxi Palace.” The first major motion picture. During the Yongle period of the Ming Dynasty, it narrates the sadomasochistic account of a young girl (Yao Zijin) who entered the palace and was appointed as a maid of the Shanghai Bureau.

3. The Blue Whisper

A relationship between a demon master and a merman is depicted in an Oriental story. Their relationship began with a struggle for control and a need to be dominated. They break through the walls between their worlds to become one other’s savior after a series of intrigues and misunderstandings.

There are only four areas in the world where imperial authority permits the use of the ability to control monsters. Ji Yunhe is a woman who lives in a particular part of the South (Dilraba Dilmurat). She is the most powerful demon tamer in the world, capable of taming any demon. She does, however, fall in love with merman Chang Yi (Allen Ren) and sets him free, even if it means misleading him while she is trapped in eternal darkness.

4. Who Rules the World

Hei Feng Xi is a dashing and refined gentleman. Bai Feng Xi is magnificent and courageous. Both areas diametrically opposed as black and white. They are both unequaled in their abilities. They were both caught up in the martial arts world’s violence and instability. However, between the blood sacrificed in the previous 10 years, they begin to fall in love with each other.

Chinese Wuxia Dramas

5. The Longest Promise

The novel follows Zhu Yan, a princess of the Chi Yi Tribe, and Shi Ying, a royal prince, through their turbulent love affair. Shi Ying’s mother was falsely accused, and he was sent to Jiu Yi Mountain to practice his cultivation. He began to develop love emotions for Zhu Yan, his pupil, after first focusing only on the cultivation.

However, due to their teacher-student connection, none of them expresses their sentiments. When they were on opposing sides in a political conflict and faced life-or-death scenarios, fate intervened. However, they finally put their differences aside and worked together to preserve the Continent.

6. Legend of Anle

Di Zi Yuan seeks vengeance on the royal family after her family was falsely convicted of treason and killed under the emperors’ edict 10 years ago. Ren An Le was her new name when she managed to live.

She devises a strategy to get access to the palace. She falls in love with the crown prince because he genuinely cares about his people, but her history follows her around like a shadow. She will never forget the animosity that existed between the Di and Han families. Because the Crown Prince adores Di Zi Yuan, he attempts to reconcile their problems.

7. Immortal Samsara

The television series Immortal Samsara is set in ancient China. The plot revolves around a guy who has been granted immortality by the emperor and his consort, as well as how he spends his time with his two wives. The production has stunned costumes and a stellar ensemble of actors. The program is based on the same-named Chinese book.

When Liu Feng, a billionaire, ventures into the spiritual realm, he meets Wu Jinrui, the daughter of a powerful spiritual figure. Wu Jinrui is a skilled grower with a strong cultivation foundation. Liu Feng falls in love with her and devotes the next two centuries to developing his cultivation foundation. Liu Feng is ambushed by Wu Jinrui and her associates after he reaches the pinnacle of his cultivation foundation. Liu Feng loses his cultivation foundation and returns to the mortal realm after the attack. Liu Feng comes to the spiritual realm to locate Wu Jinrui after regaining his cultivation foundation. After years of seeking, he eventually locates her and begins his vengeance.

8. The New Version of the Condor Heroes

Jin Yong’s novel The New Version of the Condor Heroes is a coming-of-age story. The novel is being translated for the first time into English. The narrative takes place during the Eastern Jin Dynasty’s later years when the empire was afflicted by revolts and barbarians. Yang Guo, the protagonist, is a young boy who was born into a family of martial artists. At an early age, he is kidnapped from his home and raised by an elderly couple. He goes to his boyhood home and studies martial arts from his childhood idol, Xiaolongnü, an excellent swordsman. Yang Guo’s powers improve with time, and he has numerous adventures.

9. Joy of Life (Season 2)

The joy of Life: Season 2 is a Chinese web series directed by Sun Hao and written by Wang Juan that stars Chen Dao Ming, Zhang Ruo Yun (Fan Xian), and Li Qin Lin (Wan’er) is based on a novel.

The drama picks up where the Joy of Life trilogy left off, following Fan Xian as he faces a stronghold at court and attempts to topple Emperor Liu Yu. Following the ups and downs of the previous life and death, Fan Xian’s issues will continue to increase, while many characters from the first season will return and new roles will be introduced to the viewers in Joy of Life: Season 2.

Chinese Wuxia Dramas

10. Mirror: Twin Cities

According to legend, God built Yun Huang’s beautiful paradise. However, it is evident that the Shangri-La does not live up to its fame when Na Sheng leaves the mayhem that has engulfed her home in the Central Districts.

Su Mo, the Emperor of Quan Xian, and Bai Ying, Kong Sang’s future crown princess, first met in the Mirror Tower about a century ago. Su Mo, then a common slave, was tasked with alleviating the ennui of Bai Ying, Kong Sang’s Crown Prince Zhen Lan’s spouse. Su Mo had her heart set on him after only three years in his firm.

But fate was terrible, and Bai Ying leaped from the lofty Mirror Tower since the crown princess’s seal had been broken, and she could no longer inherit the Bai family’s earthly sovereignty.

11. The Ingenious One

It is based on Fang Baiyu’s classic “Qian Men,” and it tells the story of Yun. Xiang is a young guy on a faction duty who joins the Jianghu encounters a variety of characters along the road which includes heroine Shu Ya Nan, Su Ming Yu, and swordsman Jin Biao.

They mature and evolve amid the perilous Jianghu, their hearts protecting goodness and justice.

12. Word of Honor

In a desperate search for freedom, Zhou Zi Shu, the commander of the assassin group “The Window of Heaven,” resigns from his post, leaving him with only three years to live. He hides his face and spends the rest of his days as an alcoholic traveling the martial arts world.

He encounters Wen Ke Xing, the mysterious leader of Ghost Valley, who is seeking vengeance for his parents. The two meets in the midst of numerous martial arts intrigues become closer as they are lured into a plot involving Glazed Armor and finally become soul mates for each other’s redemption.

One plot, two confidants, five valuables, twenty years of grudges, and a thousand years of Jianghu’s hopes entwined their fates.

13. The Imperial Coroner

The mystery surrounding Chu Chu’s birth sparked a thousand waves and threw the Chang’an’s power balance off, resulting in a power struggle.

The team of Chu Chu and others unravels the mystery one step at a time as the cases are solved one by one, eventually solving a horrifying 18-year-old case. Xiao Jin Yu and Chu Chu marry, and Chu Chu is eventually granted the title of “imperial coroner” by the emperor, fulfilling his lifelong ambition.

14. One and Only

One and Only narrates the narrative of Zhou Sheng Chen and Cui Shi Yi’s prior lives, whereas Yi Sheng Yi Shi Mei Ren Gu was converted into two plays with separate timeframes. The earlier history, for example, ends in tragedy, but the sequel, which makes up a large chunk of the work, has a pleasant ending.

Both characters are superbly cast, and the depth of the characters is enhanced by the precision with which they communicate their emotions in this drama.  This is one of the reasons for the drama’s excellent rating. The plot juggles romance, royal power conflicts, and supporting characters in a careful balance. This drama has been reviewed by over 160,000 people.

The technical execution of this drama is also highly praised; the cinematography, color grading, style, and soundtrack all contribute to the greatest possible ambiance. Overall, this is a lovely narrative that should not be overlooked.

Love A Lifetime

15. Douluo Continent

“Douluo Continent” uses the development of the main character Tang San as a springboard to tell a narrative about the fight to follow one’s aspirations with zeal, encouraging the inspirational spirit of youth and evoking deep empathy in the viewer via its sensitive emotional representation. Through movies and television, the quality IP lives on, moving the audience with heartfelt friendship, love, and affection.

The drama also increases interpersonal connections and emotional connection when adapted, and the “Shrek Seven Devils” representation is brighter and happier, strongly promoting positive ideas.

16. My Heroic Husband

A modern businessman flies back in antiquity, landing in the body of a guy set to marry as a matrilocal husband into a textile merchant family. He then proceeds to use contemporary tactics and ideas to assist his buddies and fight corruption in the local business community. He eventually becomes interested in the country’s affairs.

Ning Yi and his team are continuously in danger as a result of family and national events, but their courage and knowledge eventually allow them to protect Lin’an City.

The reason for this is that it appears to be an honorable thing to be a matrilocal husband from ancient times to the present, due to the idea of a male-dominated culture in ancient China. Ning Yi’s adventure, on the other hand, is readily supported by the audience since the protagonist has certain distinctive features and superpowers, which is the same reason why people enjoy watching Marvel.

17. Palace of Devotion

It is based on Liu E’s love story and portrays the story of interdependence and mutual control among notable ministers, clans, and neighboring nations during Emperor Zhenzong’s reign from 985 to 1033 A.D., with the historical backdrop of “The Reign of Xianping.”

If you love China Hanfu, the traditional clothes included in this show are definitely worth noting. The Palace of Devotion’s costumes are more Hanfu-inspired than martial arts dramas, and you can learn a lot about Hanfu while watching the drama.

18. Song of Youth

Many of the show’s narrative aspects are simple and amusing, and the majority of the story’s developments are in accordance with the audience’s expectations (or the bad guys have a hard time getting their way).

Another reason to watch Song of Youth is for the Ming Dynasty Chinese clothes, which include lots of Aoqun, Mamian Qun, Pifeng, and Robe styles, so if you’re a lover of Ming Dynasty Hanfu costumes, you’ll like them throughout the play.

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