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2019 buy qipao cheongsam online

Top 10 Popular Qipao & Cheongsam | Buy 2019

Every time we see the cheongsam dress of the actresses in the film and TV series, we’ll all say, “these women are so beautiful! ” In addition to pretty face and body, they also have different temperaments and charm when they wear qipao. So it is the same for ordinary people, more and more ladies start wearing cheongsam in their daily life, and what style & color of cheongsam you like represents your elegant taste.

2019 buy qipao cheongsam onlineCheongsam, also called Qipao dress, as one of the personalized costumes that highlight the sexy charm and beauty of oriental women, gradually enters the public’s fashion. Nowadays, many young girls began to pursue the unique charm of vintage chic. To show their figure and self-confidence, at the moment when they put on the cheongsam, their personality and classical beauty were also reflected.

Best 10 Qipao Dress to Buy & Shop Online

Where to buy Qipao? If you are already interested in cheongsam and plan to buy a great one shortly, but don’t know how to choose one that suits you. Amazon, eBay, and Shoppe seem not the best place, besides if you live in such as the UK, New York, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. It’s very hard to find a qipao store near you, and the traditional cheongsam usually needs to be customized for a long time, and the cost of customizing a cheongsam is very high, even more than $1000.

Don’t Worry, that’s not a problem anymore. Please see our special cheongsam collection list combined with traditional and modern characteristics which have been loved by countless people in the past. Most importantly, all of these dresses are very cheap, not more than $100, and you can even pack several sets together.

Scroll through for the best qipao dress trends of the year, and choose the best one for yourself!

1. White Lace

The feeling of white is pure and elegant without any impurity. Just like the cheongsam in the old movie exudes a strong old Shanghai-style, a white cheongsam demonstrates the collision of exotic style and oriental classical beauty, creating a gentle and generous temperament. White is a low-key and unobtrusive color, its beauty is implicit, and the unique beauty of this woman makes people feel very comfortable.

2019 buy qipao cheongsam onlineWomen who like to wear white cheongsam, their temperament is mostly gentle and dignified, there is a kind of classical beauty of ladies. Classical beauty is particularly attractive in the complicated modern times, because this kind of woman also has a calm heart in the fast-paced modern times, and is doing the big and small things in life with an elegant attitude.

2. Sexy Black

Black lace has always been the representative of sexuality, especially when a lady wears the black cheongsam. The black element has a cold feeling and mysterious charm. It combines with the temperament of the lady. It is bold and dazzling, reflecting the incomparable sexy beauty. This shows that women are bold in their life and do not fear others’ eyes.

2019 buy qipao cheongsam onlineIn this colorful society, women wearing black cheongsam show a kind of insistence on women’s rights, showing a “Confident Woman” attitude. They do not give in to the status quo and dare to pursue their unique personality and life attitude. So like to wear black cheongsam women, they mostly exude the temperament of confidence, very sexy and attractive.

3. Luxury Red

Red is a passion, publicity, and vitality, which can bring us a different feeling. Compared with the pure color, it expresses a kind of noble disposition and generous. A wine printed cheongsam shows the graceful figure, and the luxury temperament of the queen, also reveals the precipitation of the years, full of mature woman style.

2019 buy qipao cheongsam onlineRed is also a symbol of celebration and happiness. It is an essential element in festivals or celebrate days. Wearing red cheongsam, we’ill see their faces are full of joy and happiness, which represents women’s desire and pursuit of happiness in the new era. Such women naturally emit positive enthusiasm and sunshine.

4. Modern Qipao

Not only are they appropriate for just about every summer occasion—except if you’re a wedding guest, of course—but they allow for endless accessorizing options. Just swap your high heels, and top it off with an exquisite bag of your choosing, and your casual qipao dress will feel like new every time.

2019 buy qipao cheongsam onlineWe’re guessing your plans this year might include everything from weekend getaways to hot city commutes and friend’s parties, making easy and stylish.

5. Shanghai Beauty

Body-con dresses aren’t just for the club anymore. In stylish iterations made of light, breathable fabrics dyed in South of China–inspired patterns (like umbrella print, rain, and beautiful flowers), these dresses are making a chic comeback just in time to flaunt your perfect bod this summer.

2019 buy qipao cheongsam onlineThe above qipao dress with colorful paint splodges created a frenzy on Instagram, and we think it’ll create an appetite for more artsy prints. This dress trend goes hand in hand with the ongoing ’30s revival. Think neon lamp, dance hall, and bold colors.

6. Beijing Opera

You’d be forgiven for thinking that today’s trend reached peak character-print dresses, but everyone from Zoe Lee to Elizabeth embraced drama print for spring once again. At fashion week, many of the street style crowd wore billowing sheer dresses. Designers like Lee showed it’s not a trend to be scared of, creating delicate vintage print dresses.

2019 buy qipao cheongsam onlineLee was inspired to design this by an account dubbed Diaochan, which has 1.1 million followers on the Tiktok short video social media platform. A tall, slim man posts videos on this account in which he is dramatically transformed into a beautiful young woman in traditional qipao dress.

7. School Girl

Taking inspiration from classic 80s designs, it has a pale color with simple plaid. The designer has reimagined the classic school-style dress in a bold pink color with a playful knot design. The vintage-inspired piece can be worn from workday to weekend and would also work well for a short trip.

2019 buy qipao cheongsam onlineThis youthful dress is crying out to be worn for leisurely summertime strolls. And when you feel like it, swap your canvas shoes for heeled boots and you have another outfit altogether.

8. Fashion Girl

If you’re in the market for a do-all dress to wear for those casual summer plans–be it drinks down the pub, lazing in the park or a last-min BBQ – look to comfy fabrics and fun prints. We particularly love multipurpose short dress and blouse for something casual that’ll still impress. Or perhaps your occasion is more formal?

2019 buy qipao cheongsam onlineThis ancient goddess print dress is super fun, while the loose fabric and mini sleeves look flattering on just about anyone. It also looks great for the office and even better with a coffee in hand.

9. Party & Ball

Heading out this weekend? Add flair to your next night out with a new evening dress. Believe you don’t want to prepare a too formal maxi dress every weekend get out for dinner and drinks. Take a look at this delicate one which dressy enough for a night on the town with gals and pals.

2019 buy qipao cheongsam onlineThe style of dressing reflects the charm of women from inside to outside. And this dress offers cute and trendy styles that highlight your best features, you’ll never tire of wearing.

10. Home Dress

We love how light and airy this soft home wear is. The tailored fit, comfy chiffon, and delicate butterfly embroidery make you enjoy a leisure day. Many girls tried on this dress and fell in love! Brought it home, wore it to bed and make a sweet dream.

2019 buy qipao cheongsam onlineThe leisure qipao robe in 2019 you can expect to see a lot more of this style, as Pinterest reports that searches for “Home Cheongsam” are up 600 percent.

Which cheongsam do you like best and want to buy?

After reading these 10 best popular representative cheongsams in 2019, do you already get the answer? If you have some ideas, just like Hollywood Stars, choose one of your favorite colors and patterns, and enjoy the joy of Cheongsam.

2019 buy qipao cheongsam onlineRecently, we got a lot of feedback from readers, It seems that old-fashioned cheongsam is not suitable for most people, because it requires an extremely slim body and is not suitable for modern women. Besides, it’s very difficult for them to buy a perfect cheongsam dress online.

Fortunately, with the development of cheongsam reform, the current fashion qipao has designed more modern with loose style, which is more suitable for most women. You can go anywhere and participate in any activity just like wearing an ordinary dress, It will be fully competent.

In the end, if you want to learn more about other Chinese traditional clothing, such as Hanfu and Kungfu clothes, there are lots of related articles in the Hanfu News Center.

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