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The Best 5 Historical Chinese Dramas

Learning history through Chinese dramas is the best way to spend some free time. By watching historical Chinese dramas, you can learn enough about China’s traditions, culture, and history to be considered safely knowledgeable. Because people today are more aware of traditional Chinese culture, historical plays have become more popular.

Their costumes and different stories are appealing to almost everyone. As soon as you’ve seen some of the most popular historical dramas, you can’t help but look for new shows to watch on different streaming platforms. One of the most adaptable theatres is Chinese historical drama, which can be used in many different ways. They are very sleek and sophisticated, and they cover a lot of different types of music all in one. Several are based on real events, while others are set in a different world and have a lot of fantasy in them.

The costumes and stage design are beautiful, as well as the crazy battle choreography that includes people floating in the air and a great original soundtrack. There is almost always a period drama series about any story you can think of.

List Of The Best Historical Chinese Dramas

There is a great variety of historical Chinese dramas, but today I am going to provide you with a list of the 10 Best and most popular historical Chinese dramas.

1. The Ever Night

This great drama was based in the Tang Dynasty. This story of this drama revolves around a young boy who wants justice and he does his best to fight and attain it. The young man’s family is slaughtered and the culprit manages to escape and hide out in the wild. He is quite a cruel character. In his quest for a revenge, he meets with a girl and after this things get even more complicated for him. Because that girl appears as a mysterious reincarnation of a powerful figure and she is destined to bring a chaos.

The Ever Night cdrama

This great drama is a beautiful Chinese drama. It has amazing fighting choreography, well performing actors, memorable and amusing scenes along with stunning cinematography. It is basically based on Mao Ni’s novel. The name of the novel and movie is the same, and both have a great number of fans. If you are a lover of history, adventure, romantic and action dramas then you must watch this show.

2. The Legend of Dragon Pearl

The story of this drama is based on a true love story between ta young emperor of the Qing Dynasty named Kang Xi and the last princess of the Ming Dynasty named Yi Huan. When Kang Xi became orphaned at a young age the throne was taken over by a regent. The oppressive government begins spying on Kang Xi and tries everything possible to keep him from reclaiming his rightful position. The young heir of the throne has never experienced any kind of love or friendship in his life. This young emperor of the Qing Dynasty gets attached to Princess Yi Huan.

The Legend of Dragon Pearl cdrama

This great story is a roller coaster of emotions. You can laugh and cry at the same time while watching this great masterpiece.

3. One and Only

One and Only, the romantic historical Chinese drama. This story is based on romance and duties. This drama is taken from a novel named (Yi Sheng Yi Shi Mei Ren Gu) written by Mo Bao Fei Bao. The Zhou Sheng Chen was a Nacnchen King who had a great record of war and became famous at a young age. His strict humility and style were praised by the world, he was so determined to serve his entire life in service of his country. The one and only daughter of the Cui family named Cui Shi Yi was appointed as a concubine of the future prince. When she turned 10 years old her father abandoned her.

One and Only cdrama

Due to this, she suffered from aphasia. After a few years, For learning some skills, she was sent to a royal residence by her elders. There she met with Zhou Sheng and became the master of him. Cui Shi Yi and Zhou Sheng fell in love during the time they spent with each other. After this, the borders once again fall in danger and Zhou Sheng needs to lead his army troops in war, during the war he was killed by a traitor. On the other side, the Cui Shi Yi marry the prince due to her family reputation but after hearing news about the death of Zhou Sheng she leaped from the wall and died.

4. The Legends of Awakening

The story of this Historical Chinese Drama is about the adventures in martial arts of five friends. But the main story revolves around the Qing San and the Lu Ping.

At first, they both hate each other but after some time they both end up falling in love with each other. This great story defines the complexity of true love. This great story is not only about the sacrifice of two actors. The five friends in this story also sacrificed their friends and lovers.

The Legends of Awakening cdrama

If you just want to watch something which brings the characters’ emotions to life with the emotions of the characters then you must watch this great drama.

5. The Rebel Princess

This is one of the best dramas out there. In this drama, the first attractive thing you will see is the beauty of the Rebel Princess. The cost of production is huge. The stage included built-in rivers with custom cities.

The Rebel Princess cdrama

This drama has great costumes as well as action sequences. Two famous actors of China named Zhang Zi Yi and Zhou Yi Wei are playing lead roles in this drama. In the beginning, the romance between the characters Ah Wu and Xiao Qi is a challenge due to their opposing personalities.

Clothing in Historical Chinese Dramas

The clothing used in historical Chinese dramas is absolutely amazing. Hanfu dress is a traditional costume that is mostly worn in historical Chinese dramas. Many actors and actresses wear different dresses of different dynasties. The costumes are the best part of historical dramas. The best thing of Historical Chinese Dramas is that they have beautiful robes and detailed embroidery on the character’s dresses. In my opinion, when it comes to historical drama, the costumes are crucial since people in historical dramas wear a range of outfits such as home costumes, costumes of work and so forth. It is normal to see only two or three items of clothing in historical Chinese dramas.

There are only two ways to increase the excitement, enjoyment and interest level of your audience. The first is making it visually beautiful and well-made, and the second way is to by giving it a strong emotional impact. The appearance, cutting, ornamentation, color, and design of Chinese costumes have all altered over the span of the many dynasties that have ruled China. During the period of the Xia Dynasty black was the most respectable color. In the Shang Dynasty, white was the most dignified color. In the Zhou Dynasty crimson was the most dignified hue.

The clothing of a person plays an important role in society, occupation. The Purple official robes were designed for the higher level officials during the Tang Dynasty. While in the Qing Dynasty. More embroidery and borders were done on a character’s attires in the Qing Dynasty. The costumes of Chinese historical dramas in the Song Dynasty have featured elaborate clothes made using the Chinese silk tapestry method known as Kesi, which has been used for centuries.

If you are impressed by the clothing of Historical Chinese Dramas and you want to buy the costumes online, so here is a great store which is providing amazing dresses. For your convenience, I am mentioning some products below.

1. Flower Dew

Flower Dew new hanfu shop

Colorful hanfu for women in a casual four-piece set. It’s styled after a traditional song pattern. It’s a beautiful and stylish dress. It is constructed of light chiffon and polyester, making it a breeze to put on and take off.

Review: This is a great colorful dress and easy to wear.

2. Morning Flower

Morning Flower Chinese hanfu

This women’s song-style casual hanfu is designed in a contemporary manner. The design and embroidery feature summery has light-colored flowers. It’s just adorable. It has a lightweight chiffon and polyester combination that provides a soft and breathable surface for this dress.

Review: The color scheme of this dress is so adorable.

3. Vine Ruqun

vine ruqun hanfu shop

Women’s traditional ruqun hanfu clothing set from the Jin dynasty is included. 100% historical costume, as determined by archaeological clothing design.

Review: This great historical resemble dress is great to wear.

Final Thoughts

So I hope that you get enough knowledge about Historical Chinese Dramas. If you are a fan of romantic, thriller, action dramas and you want to know the history of China then it’s the best way to get information about China’s history.

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