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spring hanfu dress

Spring Hanfu Dresses for Chinese New Year

The historical and traditional Chinese clothes were just a mixture of every kind of style that used to adapt to their environment well. They reflected traditional Chinese aesthetics, philosophy, and social values as they changed through over 3,000 years of history. Hanfu is one of the most historical and traditional dresses of China, and wearing a spring hanfu in Chinese New Year is a happy thing.

spring hanfu dress

Why Do You Need Chinese Hanfu Dresses?

The term “Hanfu” is the name of the traditional and historical dress belonging to the people of Han that existed before the Qing dynasty. Hanfu is basically a long dress or gown with a waist belt and loose, bell sleeves. Even in the 21st century, thinking about Hanfu will immediately bring a picture of a long dress to your mind. But the truth is, Hanfu is much more than that and it has various styles that show the colors and pieces of different dynasties.

Hanfu consists of two main parts. The upper garment that covers the chest is known as Yi. It loosely covers the upper body with sleeves and a belt at the waist. The second part is the lower garment known as Shang that covers the abdomen to legs with a skirt. The dress used to be decorated with jewels, jades, and several other materials that are used to portray authentic Chinese culture. The dress is considered a symbol of Chinese culture for various reasons and to this day, no one can deny its impact and importance. Not just in China, Hanfu has influenced other Asian countries too like Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.

Like every other cultural thing that has been going around since history and dynasties, Hanfu fell out of fashion too but the ethnic Han group never let their traditional dress be forgotten. They started a public trend that made the Hanfu come into the spotlight again as they believe that it is a part of their identity. In the 21st century, with fashion being something that almost everyone keeps up with, Hanfu has been involved in various fashion trends and has been fused with modern-day clothing to put out a new version of the modern-traditional dress.

spring hanfu dress

Find Spring Hanfu for Your Holiday

Online shopping is not always a good experience for some people due to the frauds and scams happening. But there are many reputable websites that vow to deliver the best products and fully prove it by satisfying their customers. Especially in the times of COVID, people have preferred online shopping more as they will not have to go out and search for something tirelessly.

There are also many best sellers of Hanfu online, and of them is Newhanfu which owns a variety of traditional Hanfu in beautiful colors and designs. Below are a handful of our favorite Hanfu dresses, all of which can be purchased from the most reputable online Hanfu seller store: Newhanfu.

Women’s Spring Hanfu

Hanfu was never limited to just one gender. It was and has always been a gender-neutral dress. But of course, its styles, materials, designs have been different for both women and men. Women’s hanfu dress usually comes in bright colors with lots of delicate designing and styling that consists of elements from several eras like of Han dynasty, Wei and Jin dynasties, Tang dynasty, Song dynasty, Ming dynasty, etc. Following are some of the best women hanfu dresses available:

1. Spring Begonia

Spring Begonia hanfu dress

The embroidery and print of this traditional Tang style 3-piece spring Hanfu dress are beautiful and elegant. The design consists of the retro begonia flower in light yellow and green colors. It is an easy-going and casual dress that looks extremely cute in both formal and casual wear. The dress is made of soft chiffon and polyester fabric, so you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing it. Its name, Spring Begonia, suits its begonia flower design, giving it a fresh, spring-like look.

2. Peony Fairy

Peony Fairy fashion hanfu

The beautiful dress inspired by the Song and Qiayo dynasty is a classic 3-piece set that will surely make you go wow. The classic Qiyao Hanfu dress has beautiful peony flowers and fairy anime-like prints. The exquisite peony flower print is based on an eye-catching pink and gray color combination. It is a formal as well as a casual dress that is made of light polyester fabric and soft chiffon, so you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing it. The dress color combination is very decent, and it will surely go well in every season.

3. Flower Dew

Flower Dew new hanfu shop

The elegant 4-piece Hanfu dress is inspired by the traditional piece of the Song dynasty. It is a Qiyao ruqun style casual Hanfu. Designed with gorgeous patterns, it is filled with beautiful flower embroidery and dew-like prints, giving it a soulful look. The rainbow-colored design and pastel combination are cute, and you can wear them anytime and anywhere. The soft and light chiffon and polyester fabric are comfortable to wear. This dress is ideal for both casual and formal wear. It would definitely be a great choice for your next holiday.

4. Autumn Dancer

Autumn Dancer qixiong hanfu shop

Autumn vs Spring? The traditional autumn hanfu dress is also a great choice for formal events or wedding festivities in the spring season. The 3 piece dress is inspired by the Qixiong dynasty and is a ruqun style dancing dress. It consists of vintage crane patterns along with elegant embroidery that makes it look gorgeous for formal festivities. The color combination is also eye-catching with a mixture of cute beige, pink and red color matching. The dress is made up of comfortable materials like light chiffon, and polyester fabric so you can wear it anywhere.

Men’s Spring Hanfu

Men’s Hanfu garments were also a part of the historical dynasties and one of their traditional clothing. But men’s hanfu weren’t just specified for men only as some women used to wear the men’s hanfu too early in the dynasties. Men’s hanfu is not decorated with beautiful patterns or embellished with gorgeous embroideries like women’s hanfu dresses. They were made with thicker fabrics and just a few jades on the belt.

1. Bamboo Poet

Bamboo Poet male hanfu dress

The sleek and modern Wuxia and Tang style designed 3-piece Hanfu dress is a daily wear item and a great choice for men looking for something comfortable. It has beautiful classic bamboo ink prints all over the dress. It is made up of light chiffon and polyester fabric that is soft and breathable, making it an ideal dress for casual wear. The color combination is also very elegant.

2. Dragon Fish

dragon fish hanfu male

The traditional 3-piece Hanfu dress has the ancient divine animal, dragonfish, as its pattern. The dress is made even more gorgeous by the beautiful sea wave and lotus flower embroidery. This men’s Hanfu is inspired by the ancient beast myth of dragonfish, and you see it very well in its patterns and designs. Its fabric is light cotton blended with some polyester that gives a soft and comfortable feel.

Modern Spring Hanfu

Modern Hanfu is the fusion between the traditional and historical pieces of dynasties with the cool and trendy styles of modern fashion. Modern Hanfu was created to accommodate the recent century and adapt to the present-day style so that everyone can wear this traditional piece at any time of the day.

1. Blue Beizi

Blue Beizi hanfu shop

The ultimate Hanfu and modern fusion 3-piece dress are great for young girls in summer. Inspired by the Tang dynasty, this Hanfu dress has got the basic traditional Hanfu style. It has a beautiful beizi pattern along with flower embroideries that make the dress very cute and casual for daily wear. It consists of a beizi top, an inner shirt, and a wrap skirt that looks very classy and modern. Made with light and soft chiffon mixed with a piece of polyester fabric, the dress is extremely comfortable and breathable.

2. Night Bana

Night Flower modern hanfu

This 3 piece Hanfu set is one of the trendiest and preppy modern Hanfu sets available. The design concept combines traditional East and West components to create a traditional yet contemporary aesthetic. It will undoubtedly offer a fashionable, modern, and hippy look. It is a striking design that combines dark style floral patterns along with beautiful retro flower embroidery. It has a modern style because of the lovely floral print and delicate choice of embroidery, yet it retains its refinement and traditional emotions. It’s perfect to wear in the summer because of the light and soft polyester material used in its construction. The color combination is based on red and black making it a perfect party dress.

3. Berry Bunny

Berry Bunny modern hanfu shop

This beautiful and stylish 3 piece Hanfu set is without a doubt one of a kind. It is embellished with flower, bunny, and berry patterns and embroidery, giving it a cute and stylish look. With its extremely intricate and gentle pattern, this easy-going spring Hanfu sequence layout will win your heart. The beautiful bunny and berry patterns give it a fresh and gorgeous look. You can choose from its several options available in green, pink, and red color, so you can choose any color you like. Moreover, it is made up of a light, breathable cotton and chiffon blend fabric. It consists of a tank top, shirt, and wrap skirt.

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