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Outlet Warning!

Our outlet hanfu products are often offered at heavily discounted prices (up to 100% point discount) due to various reasons such as overstock, return, exchange, discontinued items, or slight imperfections.

Item Includes: 1x hanfu set (random style)

*Note: some items may have minor cosmetic flaws or imperfections, for example, wrinkles, small stains, printing errors, misplaced embroidery, etc.

If you can’t accept similar quality issues, please consider choosing other brand-new lucky packs, or if you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer support team. Happy shopping!

Size Guide

General Hanfu Size Chart (S/M/L/XL):

  • Chest: 88/92/96/102CM
  • Waist: 84/88/92/96CM
  • Hip: 96/100/104/108CM
  • To fit Height: 160/165/170/175CM
Point Discount

Discount rate: 100%

1. If you are a Newhanfu Member, you will get an extra 10-20% member discount.
2. Return & Refund Policy is not available for any outlet orders, but if the items have huge quality issues, we will re-ship a new one for you.

Outlet Packs Samples

Night Flower modern hanfu

Night Flower modern hanfu

Fashion Hanfu Costume Ladies Mamian Qun Dashing Dragon Patterns

Fashion Hanfu Costume Ladies Mamian Qun Dashing Dragon Patterns

Summer Hanyuansu Songku Set Modern Hanfu for Women

Summer Hanyuansu Songku Set Modern Hanfu for Women

Outlet Hanfu 1

Song Dynasty Qiyao Hanfu Summer Martial Arts Heroic Costume

Summer Purple Hanfu Set Unique Tang Dynasty Hezi Dress

Summer Purple Hanfu Set Unique Tang Dynasty Hezi Dress


1. Can I choose a certain style or color?

No. Outlet Pack is similar to a lottery, and you just need to choose the size.

2. Can I apply for a refund if I don’t like the style opened in the Outlet Pack?

No. All Lucky Outlet Packs do not support refunds. If the package is damaged or lost in shipping, we will resend a new one.

3. Is there a quality difference between Outlet and other lucky packs?

Yes. Some outlet items may have minor cosmetic flaws or imperfections, for example, wrinkles, small stains, printing errors, misplaced embroidery, etc.

4. Can I buy 2 or More packs at a time?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of purchases.

5. If I purchase several packs, will I get the same style?

Yes, it is possible but rarely happens. To avoid that, if you have purchased more than 5 packs during one month, please try to choose another style Lucky Pack or wait for the next month to buy again.

6. What‘s the price of these hanfu items?

All items’ regular price will be over $60 (except on-sale items), while most packs will come with one or two hanfu accessories gifts.

If you have more questions please contact us.

Before You Buy:

  • The price is in US Dollar, Paypal & Stripe payment will auto help convert currency when you checkout, if you fail to pay with your local city bank card, please try using a different bank card
  • Color may little vary due to different Display/Monitor settings, and the product photos use fill light, so that the visuals will be a little brighter than the actual item
  • Manual measurement, there will be 2-3cm differences of the size, and some items may be available in newly produced or improved versions, which may have minor differences, such as the position of the pattern print, the raw material & color of the pendants, buttons, and other accessories

4 reviews for Outlet Hanfu

  1. engadottur (verified owner)

    Ordered again in the hope of getting something wearable this time, and I did (well…sort of). Upon opening it, I saw that it was summer rainbow, only that the skirt was a different style (qixiong). However this one mistake completely changed the outfit and not entirely for the better. It is a shame because the fabric and embroidery are perfect. The sizing is even true to the original.

    The potential buyer should be aware that this sort of thing can happen.

  2. HilowPeoples (verified owner)

    If you are unsure what you want for a hanfu style and don’t want to spend a lot of money, I highly highly recommend this! I am incredibly happy with my order! I was unsure what I wanted so I ordered this to be surprised, and I am so glad I did.

    I received a small discontinued summer songku set from 2021, and I am blown away by the elegance and beauty. The sizing was perfect (I was a bit concerned because I am right on the border for some measurements, but I am shorter than the medium by far) and there are no problems with the pieces as far as I can tell. It was well worth the long shipping time to avoid shipping fees (about 12 business days). I also received some temporary tattoos as a gift, so cute!

  3. Jing (verified owner)

    I received a discontinued Jin dress / robe with a coat. It seems too large for a medium, but I think that’s just the way Jin hanfus are.

  4. engadottur (verified owner)

    If you like surprises, then this is for you. You can get almost literally anything- including a discontinued style (as I did). You could get something terrific, a bargain or you might be disappointed. But because it is so cheap, you haven’t lost much if you don’t like it.

    I received a two-piece printed skirt and banbi set in teal and beige; made from cotton (or cotton blend), not polyester. The 100 cm skirt is far too long (I’m 158cm and it drags quite a bit ) and is also very big generally. If it wasn’t labelled small I never would have believed it. The top is fine although the print is faded on one side. As it happens, I’m not sure that I like this hanfu, but that is the luck of the draw. Unfortunately no gifts came with this set.

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