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Ancient Style Hanfu Wedding Embroidered Shoes Chinese Style Bridal Shoes
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These shoes are a canvas of rich red, embellished with goldfish embroidery, a traditional symbol of wealth and abundance in Chinese culture. Adorned with lustrous pearls at the toe and matching pearl tassels, these shoes are a cohesive masterpiece of luck and luxury, designed to be the crowning touch for a bridal Hanfu or any festive traditional attire.

Item Includes: 1x pair shoes

Handmade product, due to light and manual measurement, please allow some differences.

Size Guide

Measurement: Shoes Size/To Fit Foot/EU Size

  • 230mm/226-230m/36
  • 235mm/231-235mm/37
  • 240mm/236-240mm/38
  • 245mm/241-245mm/39
  • 250mm/246-250mm/40
  • *all sizes only support max 8.5cm/3.3inch foot width

*Note: The unit is MM, 1 inch = 25.4 mm; Or view the complete Size Guide Chart to get more help.

Fabric & Wash

Material: Linen, Cotton, Rubber

Hand-wash Only with your hanfu shoes & boots as most hanfu shoes are handmade. Following these basic cleaning steps will ensure clean the shoes and won’t break:

  1. Mix warm water with a small amount of mild laundry detergent or dish soap, you can also mix some baking soda.
  2. Remove the shoelaces and apply a small amount of the mild cleaning solution to them. Massage the laces with your hands, rinse, then dab dry with a soft cloth.
  3. Use the mild solution and a soft-bristled brush, toothbrush, or a soft damp cloth to clean the uppers. Take your time and don’t scrub too hard.
  4. Clean the outsole and midsole thoroughly, taking your time to clean every part of the soles.
  5. When you’re satisfied with the look, use a dry microfiber towel or soft cloth to blot and lift as much soapy moisture and dirt as possible. Repeat if necessary.
  6. Air dry your sneakers at room temperature.
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Ancient Style Hanfu Wedding Embroidered Shoes Chinese Style Bridal Shoes

Ancient Style Hanfu Wedding Embroidered Shoes Chinese Style Bridal Shoes

Ancient Style Hanfu Wedding Embroidered Shoes Chinese Style Bridal Shoes

Ancient Style Hanfu Wedding Embroidered Shoes Chinese Style Bridal Shoes

Ancient Style Hanfu Wedding Embroidered Shoes Chinese Style Bridal Shoes


The foundational red hue of “Goldfish Flats” is not just a color; it’s a bearer of good fortune, a customary emblem of joy and celebration in Chinese weddings. The intricate golden fish embroidery that graces the shoes is a wish for prosperity, making these shoes much more than an accessory—they’re a benediction for the wearer’s future. The vibrant red also ensures that these shoes are a perfect match for the traditional red Hanfu, complementing its hues and completing the wedding ensemble with a flourish.

  • Pearls, representing purity and grandeur, are strategically placed at the forefront of the shoes, catching the eye and drawing attention to the fine details. The cascading pearl tassels bring movement and continuity to the design, connecting the opulence of the pearls with the rest of the shoe. This element transforms the shoes into a unified work of art, each aspect from the pearls to the embroidery working in concert to create a stunning visual symphony.
  • The body of the shoe is a tapestry of embroidered goldfish and auspicious clouds, enveloping the feet in a narrative of good fortune. This pattern is not merely decorative; it’s a narrative in thread, recounting tales of prosperity and happiness that are especially poignant for a wedding. The luxurious design makes these shoes not just footwear but a wearable story of blessings and good wishes.
  • “Goldfish Flats” is ideally suited for Hanfu weddings or for complementing red-toned Hanfu attire, embodying the joy and auspiciousness of such occasions. The shoes resonate with the grandeur and festivity of traditional Chinese celebrations, their every detail crafted to enhance the splendor of the bride’s special day. Donning these shoes is to step into a story of prosperity, to walk in beauty, and to dance in the promise of a future filled with happiness and success.

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13 reviews for Goldfish Flats

  1. nana (verified owner)

    Very pretty shoes

  2. Crystal (verified owner)

    Fits well. Ordered another in a different pattern.

  3. Cassandra (verified owner)

    Size is just right! Very beautiful shoes.

  4. polly (verified owner)

    I loved the fish & floral embroidery of this hanfu shoes. The fabric is light and breathable.

  5. Wenidy (verified owner)

    Lovely shoes. Very well priced. True to size.

  6. Iriene (verified owner)

    The shoe is described – color and fit. The material is very soft and comfortable. Really cute hanfu shoes. Recommend!

  7. samuell (verified owner)

    This shoes was perfect!

  8. Anastasia (verified owner)

    True to size, love it

  9. catherinei (verified owner)

    Great, same as pictures

  10. Jennifery (verified owner)

    great, very beautiful shoes

  11. Barbie (verified owner)

    Fit well, very comfortable

  12. Moon (verified owner)

    Best retro shoes for hanfu dress, Five Stars!!!

  13. Miranda (verified owner)

    fit well, very cute shoes

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