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Latest Fashion Hanfu Trend You Should Know

Is Hanfu still in fashion or can we wear fashion Hanfu dresses? The Hanfu has evolved across various periods in antiquity, and there are numerous multiple versions, which gives contemporary adoptees additional options. Tang, Song, and Ming dynasties are prominent designs. Bo Li, a Hanfu lover, prefers Ming period hanfu style “since it is flashy […]

Red Hanfu, the Traditional Chinese Culture

Red Color and Its Cultural Importance in China When it pertains to traditional Chinese culture, the color red is extremely important. The color red, or vermilion, which corresponds to fire, represents great fortune and happiness. Throughout Chinese New Year as well as other holiday parties and community reunions, red may be found aplenty. Aside from […]

Summer Hanfu Dresses You Need for Your Wardrobe

You’ve come to the correct place if you want to enjoy your summer days doing anything fun and different. We’ve completed the legwork for you and selected the hottest it-dresses to contribute to your closet. The picks this summer are all about elegance and functionality. Summer is all about light, breezy, and chic clothes and […]

Hanfu Reviews – Top 10 Best Sellers Hanfu Dresses

It’s almost in the winter of 2020. Have you got your new hanfu yet? If not, then congratulation! Cause you can take a look at the lists of hanfu reviews about what are the best popular hanfu fashion this year. Every year, there are millions of hanfu costumes sold worldwide; we kindly figure out what […]

Why Plus Size Hanfu is so Popular in Ancient China

What is the meaning of plus size hanfu in China? And why did the ancient Chinese people like to wear wide robes and big sleeves outfit? I believe many readers are similarly confused about the fact that traditional Chinese clothing in the East is usually in loose designs, as opposed to the tighter dressing style […]

5 Best Red Hanfu Dresses

If you already have your mind dress up with red hanfu clothing, this post is for you. I’m sharing the 5 best red hanfu dress outfit ideas in 2022 with you. Put down that boring black shenyi style. We know you can do much better. With the autumn ahead, we are ready to show an […]

Top 7 Popular Ancient Chinese Clothing in History

Ancient China has always covered with a mysterious ring of light. From the earliest silk, and tea to later blue and white porcelain, which is all loved by people all over the world. Ancient Chinese clothing, as a new Asian fashion trend, it’s making a comeback. We are bringing to you the best 7 authentic […]

How to Pick Your First Hanfu Dress & Clothes

Chinese traditional dress hanfu is experiencing a significant renaissance, attracting lots of new fans from all over the world. However, whether you’re looking for a hanfu shop, discovering a hanfu costume for the first time or an experienced retro wearer, there’s always a lot of information and tradition to learn! We had in-depth interviews with […]

Top 10 Most Popular Hanfu to Buy Online

According to the Finance & Economics official channel of China, it is estimated that at present, the number of consumers in the Hanfu clothing market has exceeded 2 million, and the total industrial scale is about 1.1 billion dollars. The crazy growing demand for Chinese traditional clothes has brought about a boom in the market. […]

Best 10 Chinese Hanfu & Qipao Dresses for Sale

Although the revival of traditional Chinese clothing has existed for a very long time, their foray into the mainstream is only recent. With costume dramas and other several Kungfu martial arts films being broadcasted, and many fashion designers are working day and night to improve the design of hanfu & cheongsam dresses, which truly make […]

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