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Most Famous Chinese Dresses You Need to Know

Chinese clothing refers to both traditional hanfu and current versions of ethnic Chinese clothing as documented in Chinese antiques and traditional arts. Chinese apparel has been influenced by foreign influences and also dynastic customs. Chinese clothing exemplifies Chinese culture’s traditional fashion sensibility and is one of the civilization’s most important cultural characteristics.

Traditional Chinese clothing is divided into four categories: Hanfu, Zhongshan suit (Mao suit), Tang suit, and cheongsam (qipao).

Why is Hanfu so much in-fashion?

Among the four types of traditional Chinese clothing, you most definitely might have heard the name of Hanfu as compared to the others. Ever wondered why is it so?

newhanfu hanfu blog

It’s because, after being out of style for almost 400 years, several Han ethnic groups have advocated for a rebirth of Hanfu as part of a larger strategy that the masses should be appreciative of their Chinese culture. Having to wear Hanfu, according to many enthusiasts, gives them a profound sensation of cultural identification.

Since growing in prominence in 2018, Hanfu — a broad category for historical or tradition-inspired clothes — has grown to be a big market trend with a population of 400 million people, the majority of whom are young. Hanfu is a humorous form of self-expression that ties with Chinese traditions that is popular among post-’80s and post-’90s generations.

Buying Hanfu Online

Some people are wary of buying things online because they are concerned about frauds or scammers. But poorly do they recognize, this method of purchasing has a number of advantages, particularly during the current pandemic. Hanfu is now available online for purchase. In actuality, several reputable websites, such as Newhanfu, currently sell this traditional apparel.

The advantage of purchasing Hanfu online is the greater choice of selections available. People may check out some of the current Hanfu fashions without having to travel by shopping online. Below are a handful of our favorite dresses, all of which can be purchased from the most reputable online Hanfu seller store: New Hanfu.

newhanfu hanfu blog

Women’s Hanfu

Women’s Hanfu styles are extremely varied and have distinct qualities depending on the era. Either it’s the Han Dynasty’s stately Shenyi dress, the Wei as well as Jin Dynasties’ flowing loose Ruqun, the Tang Dynasty’s sensual Chest Ruqun, the Song Dynasty’s easygoing Songku trouser suit, or even the Ming Dynasty’s luxurious Shan set. It’s never difficult to locate a lovely Hanfu dress that matches your style.

1. Fantasy Sky

fantasy ruqun hanfu shop

The embroidery on this traditional ruqun Hanfu garment is delicate and exquisite. The design is based on a traditional China Goddess mural that is both magnificent and romantic. This is a vintage flower pattern and a classic embroidered and print ruqun design. It’s a traditional and easygoing design that you may wear on lighter days without feeling like you’re overdone your look. It’s constructed of incredibly soft fabric, so you won’t feel at all uncomfortable wearing it.

2. Umbrella Cheongsam

cheongsam dress shop

This vintage-style casual qipao and cheongsam dress comes in a variety of stunning print designs that are sure to attract your eye. It’s constructed of a soft elastic fabric that’ll keep you comfy all day and show off your figure without being too much. The adorable umbrella and flower motif will make you look both adorable and sophisticated. This dress’s color combination is pretty nice, and the design is also informal, so you may wear it to small, formal occasions with ease.

3. Summer Rose

summer rose modern hanfu

This hanfu shirt and songku pants pair in a relaxed design are ideal for all summer plans. It features a clean and trendy style that will make you feel gorgeous without going crazy. This adorable and lovely hanfu garment features delicate floral embroidery that is both modern and traditional. It’s comprised of a silk and chiffon fabric that’s both casual, comfy, and stylish.

4. Butterfly Ruqun

butterfly waist ruqun

This elegant and formal hanfu dress features a lovely butterfly fluttering with flower patterns, making it ideal for the upcoming festivities. Its dark tone gives it a classy vibe, and it’s a waist ruqun hanfu set in the classic way. It also has delicate and adorable embroidery all over it. Because the chiffon fabric is delicate and pleasant, this beauty does not cause any discomfort. Furthermore, the casual red and black color scheme will make you stand out from the crowd.

Men’s Hanfu

Men’s hanfu garments have had a lengthy history, with ancient women using male hanfu apparel as early as the first dynasty. Men’s hanfu outfits are likewise quite adaptable, with heavier fabrics and fewer embroidery than women’s hanfu outfits. Paofu and Yuanling Daopao – a lighter summers style – have been the clothing of choice in China for centuries. Both are priceless cultural items steeped in tradition, in addition to being clothes. They can also be found in most Cdramas and Kungfu films.

1. Red Knight

red knight kungfu hanfu buy

This is a traditional hanfu attire for a swordsman master. It distinguishes itself from other types of hanfu gowns available by using a simple embroidery pattern and a red color scheme. It is well-known for being both casual and cool. It has a subtle cloud embroidered pattern that does not cover the entire garment, but is present enough to give it a refined appearance. It is comprised of a soft polyester fabric that is exceptionally pleasant to wear for extended periods of time. Aside from that, the red and black colors will undoubtedly enhance your beauty and grace.

2. Nan Mountain

mountain male hanfu shop

This is a swordsman immortal hanfu outfit in the classic style. It was created using a traditional China scene painting embroidery design while keeping in mind modern requirements. It’s both graceful and cool at the same time. The fabric has a beautiful mountain embroidered pattern running through it, but it isn’t really heavy and is merely there to provide the dress a refined look. Besides that, its silky fabric will win your heart because it is really comfortable to wear at any occasion. The light grey, white, and golden grey colors will make you appear elegant and handsome.

3. Shaolin Kungfu

buy shaolin kungfu costume newhanfu

This classic 5-piece set of Shaolin Temple kungfu attire is ideal for individuals beginning their kungfu journey and searching for something comfortable yet affordable to wear for the purpose. To begin learning and practicing martial arts, choose a comfortable kungfu costume, and this garment is ideal. It boasts a vintage-style design that is sure to capture your heart. Furthermore, the soft fabric is quite comfortable, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without being bothered. It also comes in three distinct colors for you to select from.

4. Bamboo Poet

Bamboo Poet male hanfu dress

This three-piece ensemble is a wuxia male hanfu in a casual manner. It features classic bamboo pattern prints throughout, giving it a highly elegant look and feel. Furthermore, the light chiffon fabric helps make it quite comfortable to wear in everyday life as well as for formal and informal occasions. The pattern for this modern hanfu is based on the Tang-style Banbi hanfu. The traditional ink bamboo painting prints make it both a casual and a formal hanfu. It’s constructed of chiffon and polyester fabric that’s both soft and breathable.

Modern Hanfu

Modern Hanfu is an upgraded form that inherits the components of traditional Hanfu and has been well accommodated to the comfortable social life of today’s modern times through long-term invention and development. Modern Han apparel is usually cut in a three-dimensional western design and features a mix of classic motifs and contemporary colors.

1. Preppy Blue

Preppy Blue fashion hanfu

This two-piece hanfu set is one of the most trendy and preppy modern hanfu sets available. The design concept combines traditional East and West components to create a traditional yet contemporary aesthetic. It will undoubtedly offer you a really sweet and attractive appearance. It is a striking design that combines a traditional horse-face hanfu skirt with a modern school uniform. It has a modern style because to the lovely floral print and delicate lace edging, yet it retains its refinement and traditional emotions. It’s perfect to wear in the summer because of the light and soft polyester material used in its construction.

2. Water Flower

Water Flower modern hanfu

This song design han component everyday wear hanfu set is without a doubt one of a kind. It is embellished with water flower patterns and embroidery, giving it a cute and stylish look. Because of its extremely intricate and gentle pattern, this easygoing Song beizi hanfu sequence layout will win your heart. It stands out from the crowd because to the lovely flower print and needlework. You can choose from green, pink, or red, depending on what you think looks best on you. Furthermore, the light permeable cotton and also chiffon blend fabric helps make it a summer-friendly garment that will keep you cool all day.

3. Moon Rabbit

modern hanfu dress set newhanfu

In legend, the Moon Bunny is a white rabbit who dwells on the moon and is frequently shown as a friend of the Moon goddess Chang’e. It’s also the Mooncake Festival’s symbol, expressing people’s desire for love. This outfit was created with this legend in mind, making it ideal for all the goddesses of beauty. It has a very soft and charming touch because of the tiny rabbit and flower embroidery that runs throughout. The charming pink and white color combination makes it ideal for wearing casually and at informal events, especially in the daylight. It is also quite comfy because of the soft and light chiffon material.


Hanfu dresses are slowly making their way in the modern fashion, which is why there will be so many new sellers emerging and you need to make sure that the place from where you are buying them is authentic. New Hanfu is one of the most legitimate sellers of original Hanfu dresses. In this article we have linked a few of their most famous dresses for you. We hope you like them!

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