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fashion hanfu newhanfu blog

Latest Fashion Hanfu Trend You Should Know

Is Hanfu still in fashion or can we wear fashion Hanfu dresses? The Hanfu has evolved across various periods in antiquity, and there are numerous multiple versions, which gives contemporary adoptees additional options. Tang, Song, and Ming dynasties are prominent designs.

Bo Li, a Hanfu lover, prefers Ming period hanfu style “since it is flashy and graceful.” The Ming dynasty is noted for its luxury fabrics, like as velvet and silk, which are sometimes embellished with gold leaf to add to their luxury. The layered silhouette is complemented by intricate needlework that necessitates a high degree of competence. Kuby Ku, a Hanfu lover, on the contrary hand, adores the Tang. “It’s energetic and new, with a sweetness to it.”

fashion hanfu newhanfu blog

Hanfu was previously reserved for exceptional events, but it is now being worn as element of regular clothing. Because of the worldwide Chinese immigrant community, possibilities to see Hanfu outside of China have substantially risen over the last decade. Even though slipping on Hanfu can be a complex procedure (it takes seven steps to do so correctly), current aficionados have discovered a method to make it easier by decorating it with modern works.

Even if Hanfu is now slowly slipping back into fashion, it can sometimes be difficult to find a good Hanfu dress, that perfectly fits the occasion and is also not too much pocket burdening. Well, we are here with some of the Hanfu styles that will surely capture your heart, but mind you, not your pocket.

fashion hanfu newhanfu blog

Find a list of such Hanfu dresses below, and we hope you don’t have a hard time choosing one from them.

1. Modern Hanfu

Modern Hanfu is an upgraded form that preserves the components of classical Hanfu and has been well accommodated to the comfortable community interaction of today’s contemporary times via long-term invention and improvement. Modern Han apparel is usually fashioned in a three-dimensional international design and features a mix of classic motifs and fashionable colors.

a- Flying Crane

Flying Crane hanfu dress

This summer fashion Hanfu set in a contemporary style is ideal for those who enjoy being outside. Its traditional flying crane patterns style makes it ideal for everyday wear as well as vacations. It has a unique vibe because to the classic Song Dynasty summer hanfu prints. Furthermore, the short shirt and small skirt cuts, as well as the charming flying crane patterns, giving it a highly modern style while still retaining traditional hanfu characteristics. In the summer, the lightweight and delicate chiffon with polyester combination fabric is quite comfortable to wear, and in the winter, it may be paired with a stylish jacket.

b- Moon Sky

Moon Sky modern hanfu

This charming hanfu set with a modern style is ideal for when you’re gearing up for the summer vacation. The pattern is influenced by the classic Chinese fable of the moon and rabbit fairy; therefore, it would be excellent if you’re travelling in a Chinese predominant region and would want to wear anything modernized yet something that has incorporated their traditions.

This three-piece hanfu set in a summer fashion design is rated ideal for young girls. It has a contemporary yet classic style because to the Song Dynasty short-cutting design hanfu patterns. It becomes quite adorable for everyday wear when moon, star, and bunny patterns are used. The airy and comfy chiffon and polyester fabric is light and silky.

c- Blue Beizi

Blue Beizi hanfu shop

This Hanfu set is influenced by the Tang dynasty’s beizi style hanfu set, which is perfect for the summertime. This hanfu would look great at a party or on a regular basis. It’s a three-piece set of women’s qiyao hanfu apparel in a casual design. This has a highly detailed Tang Dynasty beizi hanfu design. It has a very relaxed and charming design with warm emotions thanks to the cute flower embroidered with blue colour pattern. Because of the light and airy chiffon and polyester blend material, it’s ideal for wearing in the summer because it won’t smother you and allows for easy mobility.

2. Women’s Fashion Hanfu

Women’s Hanfu styles are quite varied and have distinct qualities depending on the era. Whether it’s the Han Dynasty’s stately Shenyi dress, the Wei and Jin Dynasties’ flowing loose Ruqun, the Tang Dynasty’s sensual Chest Ruqun, the Song Dynasty’s casual Songku trouser suit, or the Ming Dynasty’s luxurious Shan set. It’s never difficult to locate a lovely Hanfu dress that matches your style.

a- Modern Lady

modern lady Chinese hanfu dress

The use of a modern design centered on a Ming lady style hanfu pattern makes this fashion hanfu set for women rather unique. As a result, it is both elegant and gorgeous, as well as smart. This three-piece Ming dynasty hanfu set was designed with all of the gorgeous ladies in mind.

This long Bijia vest with a traditional Ming style stand-up collar would go great with your personality. It will also have a more up-to-date aspect thanks to the charming little flower embroidery and trendy lace adornment. The light chiffon and cotton blend fabric is ideal for summer, and you can select from two extremely cool and airy shades: pink and blue.

b- Twin Pheonix

Twin Phoenix qipao dress shop

This stylish style women’s short qipao cheongsam dress is ideal for any occasion, especially while attending a formal event or simply having a pleasant lunch out. The retro wave and phoenix totem prints design give it a very exquisite and adorable appeal, which doesn’t detract from its sophisticated quality. For all those fashionistas out there, this modern style summer short cutting little qipao dress is for you. It has highly traditional components since it is based on a traditional cheongsam pattern with a classic phoenix element design. The allusion to the street fashion style, basic and informal yet chic, is particularly noticeable. The stretchy polyester fabric is smooth and comfy to wear.

c- Autumn Dancer

Autumn Dancer qixiong hanfu shop

This is a typical three-piece hanfu set for women in the Qixiong style. Its traditional style distinguishes it as a one-of-a-kind dance gown, and it would be a stylish choice for a ceremony or festive event. This Qixiong ruqun style hanfu dress from the Tang period is ideal for nighttime gatherings where you want to look your best, but not be all over the place. It has a sophisticated vibe thanks to the vintage crane pattern prints and embroidery. It also looks soft due to the charming beige, pink, and red colour complementing. The airy chiffon and polyester fabric are also quite comfy.

3. Men’s Fashion Hanfu

Men’s hanfu clothes have a lengthy history, with ancient ladies using male hanfu apparel as early as the first dynasty. Men’s hanfu outfits are likewise quite adaptable, with heavier materials and fewer embroidery than women’s hanfu outfits. Paofu and Yuanling Daopao – a lighter summers version – have been the clothing of choice in China for centuries. Both are priceless cultural items rooted in tradition, in addition to being clothes. They may also be found in most dramas and Kungfu films.

a- Bamboo Garden

Latest Fashion Hanfu Trend You Should Know 1

This ruqun hanfu with classic bamboo pattern designs is ideal for everyday use. The design has a light and dark blue colour gradient that is both beautiful and informal in appearance. This casual style unisex qiyao hanfu is suitable for both men and women, however it was made with men’s needs in mind. With bamboo element prints and a striped hem, this classic Jin style jiaoling ruqun pattern has a very basic design. Its smooth polyester fabric also makes it ideal for weekend, vacation, and party wear.

b- Ink Kirin

Ink Kirin male hanfu

This is a one-of-a-kind vintage wuxia style men’s hanfu outfit. The design is based on an antique Chinese ink drawing and the Kirin Beast tale. This 3-piece outfit of traditional male hanfu apparel is appropriate for almost any occasion, especially formal ones. Vintage Kirin beasts and lovely floral embroidery adorn the old Wei and Jin period hanfu designs. Its light chiffon and polyester blend material have a silky feel to it, making it ideal for summer use.

c- Sea Loong

Sea Loong Hanfu Robe Shop

The classic Chinese sea dragon totems motif is used in this antique unisex Loong pattern hanfu robe suit. It is quite fashionable and cool for both young girls and guys. This traditional Chinese Loong totem round collar robe hanfu set is suitable for both women and men. It has a traditional style thanks to the classic hanfu robe design and beautiful long pattern embroidery. It’s also easygoing and classy due to the white and light marine blue colour scheme. It’s exceptionally soft and breathable thanks to the light chiffon, cotton, and polyester blend fabric.


This article contains an in-depth information about Hanfu, and answers the most important question, Is Hanfu Still in Fashion? The answer to that is, YES. Hanfu is very much still in fashion thanks to its ever changing and new fashion adapting capabilities. People still prefer to wear Hanfu for it not only incorporates those Chinese traditional elements within itself, but now also comes with modern look and designs as well.

We have formulated a list of nearly 9 Hanfu dresses, each better than the previous one to help you understand the current prevailing designs and open new options for you. We hope you find this useful.

fashion hanfu newhanfu blog

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