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newhanfu blog hanfu buying guide

How to Choose Hanfu – Buying Guide & Tips

Whenever purchasing Hanfu, many people make mistakes that they are unaware of. It’s indeed critical to understand the intricacies involved in selecting the greatest Hanfu to ensure that consumers get proper Hanfu and the most value for their money.

It doesn’t have to be tough to find the greatest Hanfu. Buyers will be more likely to receive a high-quality item if they avoid some common mistakes. If you want to get a Hanfu that is worth the money, consider Newhanfu.

newhanfu blog hanfu buying guide

Numerous individuals make the same mistake of purchasing the incorrect Hanfu and end up regretting it. Now we will go over some of the most common errors people make that should have been eliminated when shopping for Hanfu clothing in order to prevent everyone else from repeating the same mistake. To discover more, keep reading.

What Are Some Common Hanfu Purchase Mistakes to Avoid?

1. Not reading customer reviews

An error to avoid when shopping for Hanfu is not checking the reviews of the Hanfu sold as well as the vendors. Remember that reviews can provide purchasers with additional information about the things they are considering purchasing. If you ignore the product’s specifics, you’re more likely to end up with the incorrect Hanfu. When reading reviews, it’s important to analyze Hanfu’s overall rating, costs, and quality. Do you want to get Hanfu right now? We propose that you go to our hanfu blog.

newhanfu blog hanfu buying guide

2. Failure to make a budget

Whenever purchasing Hanfu, numerous individuals underestimate the difficulty of purchasing without the need for a budget. Keeping a budget is essential since many consumers wind up spending more than they anticipated. Whenever shopping for Hanfu clothing without a set budget, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number of options available. As a result, always develop a budget that shows the maximum amount that may be spent before making a purchase.

3. Choosing Hanfu of poor quality

It’s indeed critical to consider quality while purchasing Hanfu or other items. Numerous factors must be considered while evaluating the quality of Hanfu. The look and fabric material are two important factors to consider.

newhanfu blog hanfu buying guide

Purchasing this Hanfu is acceptable if the fabric is of excellent quality since the material is good. Sometimes consumers overlook the need of inspecting the Hanfu they are purchasing. As a result, they wind up with shabby garments that aren’t worth their cost. Do not however go out and get a cheap Hanfu right away. It’s because low-cost things are usually of poor quality and won’t last long.

4. Completely ignoring the Hanfu’s Sizes

The size of the Hanfu is another significant consideration that many people overlook or overlook when buying. Keep in mind that there is a manner that this traditional dress that may be worn by everyone. As a result, whether purchasing a tiny or very large Hanfu, the user may have difficulty wearing it. With this in mind, always double-check the item’s measurements before paying for it. Avoid falling into the trap of choosing a large or tiny quantity that you can’t comfortably wear.

newhanfu blog hanfu buying guide

How to Keep Your Hanfu Clean and also Safe in Storage

The Hanfu appears to be fantastically full, and wearing it on the body is a unique experience. Hanfu comes in a variety of forms, and each material has its own qualities. Do you know how to properly care for your Hanfu, for those of you who prefer to wear them?

The cleaning of your Hanfu and the storing of your Hanfu are the two key aspects of Hanfu upkeep. These two components are vital in determining how long your Hanfu will last. It’s all about getting people’s attention.

newhanfu blog hanfu buying guide

1. What is the best way to clean Hanfu?

First and foremost, let’s discuss Hanfu cleansing. Hanfu is not the same as regular clothing; some Hanfu come as a whole set, with longer and wider skirts and sleeves, which need extra attention while washing. There’s also the issue of determining how to clean it depending on the Hanfu’s various materials.

  • The right technique to wash Hanfu is to turn it over and try to wash it by hand. If you’re going to wash it in the machine, place a dust bag on the exterior of the Hanfu before putting it in the machine and washing it gently.
  • It is indeed important to mention that various colors of Hanfu should not be washed together at the same time to avoid cross-dying. Hanfu should be cleaned separately in dark and light colors. If you have dark-colored Hanfu that has become stained, such as hanboks, you can eliminate the discoloration by soaking them in warm salt water for some time.
  • For cotton fabrics, the first time they are cleaned, they will shrink. They can be soaked in water for a short period before washing, but not too long, or the color will fade.
  • To avoid the fabric surface pilling, wash the linen fabric gently. Do not go forceful and harsh rubbing. After washing, it should not be wrung out too hard.
  • Last but not least, do not dry Hanfu in direct sunshine; otherwise, some Hanfu will fade. When drying the Hanfu, pick a well-ventilated and cool location to minimize direct exposure to UV light, which will cause the Hanfu to age.

newhanfu blog hanfu buying guide

2. What is the best way to store Hanfu?

  • The very first element to keep in mind is the Hanfu storage’s living atmosphere; if it becomes more humid, it must have been prepared to resist insects.
  • Similarly, keep Hanfu separately according to the different materials and kinds. Hanging silk, cotton, tweed, as well as other easily wrinkled, quickly shrunk materials inside the wardrobe so you might not have to worry about Hanfu deformations. If indeed the material isn’t readily wrinkled or shrunk, such as chiffon, it can be folded and put in a dust bag in the closet.
  • Though long garments should be hung in the closet, short garments should be folded and stored in the closet. Maintain a dry environment in the closet by ventilating it on a regular basis.
  • The preservation of Mamian dresses or pleated skirts is even more unique. On the one hand, prevent pleats; on the other, preserve them in good condition. Afterward, before storing the pleated skirts, push the bamboo pieces into the pleats to preserve them.

In the Year 2022, There are 3 Essential Hanfu Layering Tips to Remember

How can you stay warm yet not bloated throughout the fall and winter seasons? Of course, there’s layering! Hanfu products may be worn throughout the year with proper layering, and the temperature difference between day and night can be combined more freely.

newhanfu blog hanfu buying guide

Layering is not only possible with fashion, but it is also possible with Hanfu. Create your own winter Hanfu look by following the Han Time winter Hanfu layering suggestions.

1. Comfortable

The first would be convenience; many Hanfu has relatively large or excessively tight sleeves, making them unsuitable for layering. It’s not comfy if it makes you feel tight and unsuitable while you wear it. When layering, these are the subtle nuances that are easiest to overlook. So, to highlight comfort, inside the garments should be as loose as possible, and looseness from the outside to the inside should be a slow process of shrinking.

2. Good-looking

Fabric matching is an important aspect of appearing beautiful. In general, we are accustomed to purchasing tweed and knitted materials in the fall and winter seasons; nevertheless, layering these items of equal thickness will result in a bloated feeling. Cotton, which is relatively soft, and tweed, which is harder and more bracing, such as suit fabric, maybe successfully matched together in harmony.

newhanfu blog hanfu buying guide

Numerous individuals will mix and match summer textiles into the fall and winter seasons, but because of their thin and translucent features, they are better suited to thick coats beneath adornment.

3. Color

The remainder of the very little portion is color, autumn, and winter season if you are not wanting to contrast color, consider classic color systems, such as white, beige, khaki, or white, grey, black, with which you can easily ride a lot of color layering.

Hanfu, or Han Chinese clothing, is the traditional garment of China’s biggest ethnic group, the Han. With both the support of social media, a Hanfu revival movement has evolved out of some opportunities to share a sense of nationalism and the rising assurance of consciousness by Chinese adolescents.

newhanfu blog hanfu buying guide

Hanfu was previously reserved for exceptional events, but it is now being worn as part of everyday fashion. Because of the worldwide Chinese diaspora, the possibilities to see Hanfu outside of China have substantially risen over the last decade. Although correctly putting on a Hanfu may be a hard procedure (there are seven stages), current aficionados have discovered a method to make it easier by decorating it with contemporary items.

Hanfu is largely offered online. Since the beginning of Hanfu’s resurrection, Alibaba’s online platform, Taobao, has been the principal port of export, making it accessible to clients all over the world.

It’s tough to tell Hanfu companies apart in the crowded e-commerce industry, and the development of physical storefronts is expected to push this form of clothing one step closer to mainstream culture. You can also shop Hanfu dresses from online stores.

newhanfu blog hanfu buying guide

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