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Choose Your Hanfu Robe

When choosing a hanfu robe, try to opt for a material that’s easy to care for. Silk robes are luxurious but take a little extra maintenance compared to cotton robes. On the other hand, chiffon hanfu robes are super-simple to clean and maintain. Popular retro hanfu robes are often made of vintage materials, such as chiffon or satin, which makes them a great way to incorporate this classic clothing into your everyday wardrobe. To make sure that your robe lasts longer, look for ones that are well-made. The more expensive the robe, the higher quality it is likely to be. The key is finding a robe that fits your style and fits your budget.

The hanfu robe is a unisex garment that has been worn by men and women for generations. The robes are known to be functional clothing that covers all of the body except the face. Sometimes, hanfu robes are also known as hanfu cloaks, gowns, and coats. There are a lot of types of hanfu robes, from the long, floor-length, and elegant robe to the modern, short, and comfortable robe. For formal occasions, long and floor-length robes are preferable. For casual, a light robe is ideal, whether it is short or long.

Hanfu Daopao, Taoist Robe

Hanfu daopao, Taoist robe, is a traditional Chinese garment, also known as Yuanlingpao (round neck long robe); Today, hanfu ancient daopao clothing is often used in Chinese opera performance, is one of the most common traditional Chinese hanfu worn by men.

There is a difference between traditional Taoist robe and modern hanfu daopao. In addition, the Taoist robe refers specifically to the clothing that Taoists wear, whereas hanfu daopao refers more broadly to the classic hanfu type. The Taoist daopao is typically blue, as the color of Taoism, and often bears a pattern of eight trigrams, which are used as a form of divination in the Taoist religion. The fashion hanfu daopao robe is colorful and has lots of beautiful prints and embroidery.

Daopao literally means Taoist robe however, despite its name, the hanfu daopao did not imply that its wearer had some affiliation to taoism. The daopao is also one of the most distinctive traditional clothing of the Han Chinese. The hanfu daopao dates back to at least the Ming dynasty and has been worn since the Song dynasty. Initially, the daopao yuanlingpao was a form of casual clothing that was worn by the middle or lower class in the Ming dynasty. In the middle and late Ming, Yuanlingpao was one of the most common form of robes worn by men as casual clothing. The yuanlingpao daopao was also popular formal wear by the Ming dynasty scholars in their daily lives. Hanfu robe was also the daily clothing for the literati scholars in the Ming dynasty. In the late Ming, the classic Chinese hanfu robe was also a popular form of clothing among the external officials and eunuchs sometimes wore it.

Hanfu Robes for Occasions

Classic hanfu robes are timeless and perfect for your day to day casual dressing needs. They also make for great party clothes, especially if you pair them with cute hanfu accessories. Some of the famous kung fu stars who often wore a hanfu robe to attend activities, include Jet Chen, Kate Lee, and Jenny M. In addition to these, there are a number of reasons why people may want to wear the robe, such as taking the outdoor photo and go Comic-Con.

Hanfu robes don’t need to be fancy and they can certainly stay put without having to make major changes to your style. And since they work with a wide array of other hanfu attire, classic robes also serve as a perfect go-to outfit option for the office, weddings, and any other event that requires professional appearance.