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fashion hanfu dress

Discover Fashion Hanfu Dress for You

Hanfu Buying Guide – Fashion Hanfu

It’s difficult to know how to pick traditional Chinese clothing that is appropriate for you. You can better set off your physique if you select the correct style. Instead of highlighting your strengths, it will make you appear bigger or shorter.

fashion hanfu dress

It includes not just everyday clothing, but also Hanfu attire. The beauty of Hanfu can only be completely appreciated by purchasing the Hanfu that best suits you. Following that, we’ll learn how to choose the right fashion Hanfu based on the features of various distinct Hanfu styles.

1. Tanling Hanfu

banbi tanling

Tanling Hanfu’s necklines are quite wide, so there will be a lot of exposed flesh under the chest and neck, which can visually diminish the chest’s prominence and make it appear smaller. And because most of the Tanling Hanfu’s bottom skirts are quite thin on the body, a full set of Tanling Hanfu will highlight a tiny figure.

2. Qixiong Ruqun

Many of my friends who enjoy Hanfu purchase the first set of Hanfu, Qixiong Ruqun. So, who is the right individual to wear Qixiong Ruqun?

qixiong hanfu lucky packs

To begin with, tall females will look better in Qixiong Ruqun because the super-high waist Hanfu on the chest visibly lengthens your body line, making you appear taller and more imposing.

Furthermore, females with tiny breasts are better suited to wear Qixiong Ruqun, while girls with large breasts will support a part of the bottom of the skirt when wearing Qixiong Ruqun, giving people a bloated appearance. Girls with smaller breasts, on the other hand, will appear more attractive and lovely.

3. Qiyao Ruqun

The Duijin Qiyao Ruqun and the Jiaoling Qiyao Ruqun are the two types of Qiyao Ruqun.

Discover Fashion Hanfu Dress for You 1

First and foremost, Qiyao Ruqun is not appropriate for girls with large waists. Qiyao Ruqun’s waistline will be visible due to the manner he is dressed. The waistline will be less visible if the waist is broader, and the body form will be less appealing.

Duijin Qiyao Ruqun is more suited to ladies with wider shoulders. The Hanfu’s Duijin Shirt can draw people’s attention away from their shoulders and onto their chest. When wearing Qiyao Hanfu, it’s best to pair it with a long sleeve shirt or long Beizi to properly hide your hips if your waist-hip discrepancy is rather wide. It may also be used to change your body lines, extend your body form, and display your height and thinness.

The above are some suggestions for purchasing fashion Hanfu. We believe that every buddy who enjoys Hanfu may find a suitable Hanfu based on his physical qualities.

fashion hanfu dress

Hanfu Accessories for Fashion Hanfu

Hanfu is a unique sort of classical beauty that not only represents Han culture, but also has an archaic aesthetic. Of course, Hanfu accessories are required when wearing fashion Hanfu.

Hanfu accessories are crucial in the collocation of Hanfu, as they may enhance the overall beauty of the Hanfu. We will introduce you to the most prevalent Hanfu accessories.

1. Yingluo

wreath necklace hanfu jewelry shop

Yingluo is a type of “necklace” worn by girls to go with Hanfu. When a high-quality Yingluo is added to a Hanfu suite, the entire set’s temperament rises in a straight line.

2. Round Fan

The circular fan is a must-have accessory when it comes to Hanfu accessories. A circular fan with a tassel pendant on the handle is referred to as a round fan. As an outcome, the entire fan seems ancient, opulent, and majestic.

round silk fan hanfu

One of the most major benefits of the round fan is that it may be worn with any kind of Hanfu, making it highly versatile and adding to the wearer’s overall feeling of warmth and ancient charm. When choosing a round fan, two considerations should be made:

  • In terms of color matching, if you pick a Chinese Hanfu that is similar to a cyan, you should choose the blue Round fan, since the pattern on the fan is cyan, to make it appear more uniform and classic.
  • In terms of hairstyle compatibility, a Round fan is more suited to an old hairdo. You can, for example, coil your hair or put on your hair to get a hairstyle that is more like that of ancient ladies. As an outcome of holding the fan once again, the entire person’s disposition will change.

3. Hairpin

One of the most well-known Hanfu accessories, as well as one of the most frequent Hanfu accessories, is the hairpin. Hairpins with tassels, glaze, jade, and gold leaf are available in a variety of forms and styles. His mood quickly improved by two grades when he inserted the hairpin into the original regular hair item.

Metal hairpins and wooden hairpins are the two most common varieties of hairpins. In general, the former is more ornate and complex, whereas the latter is straightforward. The style of the fashion Hanfu dress may be matched with the style of the chosen style.

lotus hairpin shop hanfu

The usage of the hairpin selection threshold is, nevertheless, very high, despite the fact that the hairpin selection threshold is low. Coiling abilities are required if you wish to utilize the hairpin effectively and maintain it in place.

4. Sachet

A sachet is a typical item that, in addition to its ornamental purpose, is frequently given as a present by lovers or friends, giving it a special meaning. Sachets aren’t usually worn around the waist, and they’re occasionally paired with a jade pendant. You may place some plants that give out scent, and so on, in the sachet, which is comparable to acting as a perfumer.

5. Earrings

Earrings are the only sharp instrument for changing the contour of your face and applying cosmetics to it. An earring that is attractive may frequently improve a person’s overall mood. However, while choosing earrings, it’s important to keep in mind the entire style. If your Hanfu is basic, avoid the pricey long Tassel Earrings. You can wear tiny diamond earrings or clean jade earrings, for example.

Water Lotus hanfu earrings

6. Cloud Shoulder

The shawl is referred known as cloud shoulder because the shawl hem is wavy and will be printed with designs that resemble cloud lines. This sort of accessory is frequently paired with Hanfu from the Ming Dynasty, which may heighten the impression of elegance.

Choose the same hue of Hanfu as the cloud shoulder or a deep and shallow collocation when picking the cloud shoulder. As a result, it may not only contribute to making Hanfu more exquisite, but also to increasing the degree of collocation, making Hanfu more attractive.

7. Headdress

The headgear that goes with Hanfu is mostly pale blue, rather than the white that you might expect. Two types of Hanfu can be worn with the headpiece. The first is to find a Jiaoling Ruqun mate. This will give individuals a sense of Fairy Spirit as if they were a non-ordinary fairy.

The second option is to pair with Qixiong Ruqun, which is more contemporary and gives people a sense of sexiness and character. Whatever type of Hanfu the headpiece goes with, it will offer people a sense of fashion and a fairy-like sensation, which must be one of the main reasons why so many young people adore it!

buy hairband hanfu accessories

8. Hairband

Many fashion Hanfu models will have a hairband, a long hair band inserted between the hair, which looks very sophisticated and elegant. Matching a hairband with a set of Hanfu suits in a languid or chivalrous style may frequently improve the overall look.

Hairbands are divided into two categories: ornamental and utilitarian. The ornamental headbands are frequently just placed in the braids, while the practical headbands are frequently used to secure the hair.

Furthermore, the color of the hairband must be chosen in accordance with the general style of the Hanfu suit in order to complete the look.

fashion hanfu dress

Chinese Hanfu Collars in Different Types

There are several styles and collar kinds as a result of the growth of various dynasties. Today, New Hanfu will show you different styles of Chinese Hanfu collars.

  • JiaoLing (Cross collar) Hanfu is a sort of collar that is frequently seen in Hanfu and is a common feature of Hanfu collars. Jiao Ling refers to the left and right junction of the front of the garment, as the name suggests.
  • Hanfu’s right lapel, also known as the right lapel, is generally covered with the letter Y. The features of the right lapel first arose at the time of Hanfu’s birth and have since continued to influence and influence various ethnic costumes with deep Sinicization. It is Hanfu’s most original, fundamental, and central trait.
  • One of the Han collar kinds is TanLing (Tan collar), also known as u-collar. ShangRu has been developing a type of short coat since the Wei and Jin Dynasties. During the Tang Dynasty, it was extremely popular. As a result, you’ll notice a lot of this type of clothing in Dunhuang paintings. Clothing with a flat collar is often fitted, with small sleeves and a slim waist. This tendency was most noticeable during the early Tang Dynasty, which was clearly inspired by the “Hu Culture.”
  • The Fang Ling’s disposition is quite complex. Fang Ling’s clothing has sharp edges and sharp lines, which makes them more popular in men’s wear.

fashion hanfu dress

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