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wuxia cosplay ancient chinese cdramas hanfu blog

Cosplay Costume for Ancient Chinese Dramas

Fawning over the costumes is the finest part of watching historical shows.  Hardly anything makes me happier than seeing pics from an imminent period drama with lovely costumes and intricate needlework on the figures.

Numerous people value costumes in ancient plays since they see individuals clothed in a variety of outfits in current dramas: at-home clothes, workplace apparel, fitness attire, and so on. In an ancient one, however, there are generally just two or three clothes, maximum.

As a result, the more eye-captivating and well-designed the outfits are, the greater the influence the personality will have on the audience, and the more you will love the play. Undoubtedly, a solid script and outstanding performers are important, although for some people, beautiful clothing can help or hinder a drama.

Chinese costume dramas have been more renowned in China recently. If you enjoy Chinese period dramas, you’ll be glad to know that there have been so many options to choose from. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best ancient Chinese costume dramas as well as popular cosplay clothing in c-drama.

wuxia cosplay ancient chinese cdramas hanfu blog

Top 7 Ancient Chinese Costume Dramas

1. The Legend of Mi Yue

The Chinese Warring States Era is depicted in The Legend of Mi Yue. The narrative of Mi Yue, China’s first stateswoman, is told in this play. The drama depicts her stormy life, in which she followed Mi Shu to the Qin dynasty and eventually became a concubine of the King of Qin, suffering greatly before achieving enormous power and becoming China’s first Queen Dowager.

2. The Empress of China

The Empress of China is a period drama that airs on television. It is one of China’s most costly television shows to date. It relates the narrative of Wu Zetian, China’s only lady ruler, who reigned during the Tang Dynasty. The play focuses on Wu Zetian’s relationship with Emperor Li Zhi rather than Wu Zetian’s ascension to the throne and administration of the kingdom.

3. Scarlet Heart

Scarlet Heart is Chinese time-travel and romantic drama that premiered in 2011. The series is set during Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty’s Nine Lords War. It clearly depicts complicated personalities and furious fights among the emperor’s nine sons, and the intense romance interspersed with the war strikes our hearts.

wuxia cosplay ancient chinese cdramas hanfu blog

4. The Princess Wei Young

The Princess Wei young is based on a novel. The plot is centered in the turbulent Sixteen Dynasties era and gives us the story of Feng Xin’er, a kindhearted royal princess, and is modeled on Qin Jian’s work The Poisonous Daughter about an actual princess. Nearly the entire royals are slain due to the selfishness of others, leaving the princess alone. She then penetrates her opponent’s palace by mistake and assumes Li Wei Young’s guise.

Happiness and love are also represented, in addition to the motif of retribution. It’s fascinating to see a Chinese period drama about women who strive and occasionally accomplish in a period when they were regarded as nothing more than property.

5. Legend of the Dragon Pearl

Legend of the Dragon Pearl relates the narrative of Kang Xi, the Qing Dynasty’s youthful ruler, and Yi Huan, the Ming Dynasty’s final princess. A monarch has assumed the throne since Kang Xi has become an orphan. The despotic government begins eavesdropping on Kang Xi and doing all in its power to keep him from reclaiming his rightful position.

Until now, the teenage successor to the kingdom has never known real friendship or affection. He develops feelings for Princess Yi Huan, who considers him as an equivalent in this novel.
Legend of the Dragon Pearl is a roller-coaster of emotions. It will make you burst out laughing while also making you cry a river.

6. Song of Phoenix

Song of Phoenix is inspired by Liang Zhenhua’s work of the same name and follows the great Chinese poet Qu Yan during the turbulent Warring States period.

A genius is born into a nice, privileged background in this narrative, but he is infatuated with a slave. You’d think that a romance that crossed class lines would be destined to fail, especially in those days. The pair, on the other hand, is adamantly and madly in love. They are willing to overcome insurmountable challenges in order to be with. It was also the tale of a prodigy’s attempt to preserve his homeland.

7. The Legend of Zhen Huan

Everyone who has seen the Legend of Zhen Huan will appreciate it. It depicts the narrative of Zhen Huan, a lady who overcame several assassinations and infidelities to become the most influential lady in King Yong Zheng’s harem. Simultaneously, she evolves from a sweet and naive young lady to a power-hungry, deceitful dowager.

wuxia cosplay ancient chinese cdramas hanfu blog

Popular Wuxia Cosplay and Cdrama Clothing

Wuxia dress, also known as xianxia attire in eternal wuxia books, is a supernatural martial arts outfit. Wuxia clothing is usually produced expressly for shooting films and costume Television programs, therefore there are a variety of styles.

The ancient Chinese Hanfu Style (baggy form and worn left over right) is the inspiration for martial arts gear, however, it is not a carbon duplicate. Almost all of the martial arts garments we witness in the movies do not belong to history as there is no focused study on historical clothing and makers can flexibly create them. It is, technically following, a type of contemporary apparel.

Many superb wuxia movies and historic Chinese dramas have attractive characters, kungfu moves, and swaying beauty designs. They continuously invent in terms of ancient culture, historical context, individual character, and so on. Textile choice and color calibration are both meticulously planned for utmost beauty and perfection.

Wuxia clothes may be described as magnificent modern art. Let’s have a look at the wonderful martial arts world through some of these lovely wuxia outfits.

wuxia cosplay ancient chinese cdramas hanfu blog

1. Xianxia Apparel

In the past few years, a new type of fiction has emerged: the Taoist xianxia novel. It arose from martial arts and was famous on the web. It was akin to the fantasy magic world. It’s been dubbed “supernatural immortal literature” by others.

Xianxia clothing is characterized by its use of simple, clean colors and a lack of repeated designs and ornamentation. It indicates that these individuals have disassociated themselves from everyday life in order to reach a higher heavenly realm.

2. Wuxia Clothing

Jianghu, a Wuxia book, creates a wild universe and warring culture. Someone once claimed that the swordsman was a contemporary man’s fantasy. However, in its performance scuffles and bending plot narration, Chinese martial arts films always conveyed a deeply ingrained Chinese cultural ethic, which supported the complete spirit structure of a martial arts realm.

The finest wuxia stories strike a balance between apparently opposing aspects like fight and humor, love and retribution, or ancient and mythical components.

Wearing wuxia clothing is akin to protecting justice and liberty. Always keep in mind that with enormous influence is regarded as a major responsibility.

3. Kungfu Outfit

To practice Kungfu, you’ll need a good Kungfu outfit that allows for fluid motions and shields you from damage.
The skill components of the kungfu film, and also the aesthetic aspects of the swordsman film, were given by the fight director. In kungfu, there are certain tough maneuvers. You can master it sooner if you don’t give up and practice often with adequate assistance.

4. Court Dress

The linguistic qualities of the protagonists in palace battle dramas are highlighted, which not only establish the historical background but also reflect modern sentiments. Court plays are now famous, owing to the show’s highs and lows as well as its distinctive storytelling language.

Imperial apparel is inextricably linked to luxury, requiring the greatest fabrics, tech, and Chinese designs, and is a real test of a designer’s abilities. From concept to completion, a princess’s formal gown will take about 3 months. It’s made of a bunch of high metals like gold, silver, and gems, and it’s really expensive. Just after the film is completed, a lavish palace gown is usually transferred to a gallery.

wuxia cosplay ancient chinese cdramas hanfu blog

5. Swordman Clothing

Beginning with Zhang Yimou’s Hero in 2002, filmmakers have produced House of Flying Daggers, Curse of the Golden Flower, and The Banquet all major films in a short period of time.

The soldier dressed up in a swordman’s costume and an antique Chinese robe and acted like a true hero. Despite the fact that it is a combat film, there is no intense violence or terrible murder; their conflict is more like a lovely dance.
Ancient films have become increasingly popular in recent years, and they all aim to reproduce the mythical era in which they have been set.


People are increasingly appreciating vintage attire, and some are even working in the connected sector. When Xianxia literature, Wuxia films, Hanfu animes, and worldwide style are combined, they may create an unrivaled romance.

Wuxia clothing tells people about a unique Chinese culture that they may see now thanks to ancient Chinese dramas.

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