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hanfu dress blog

China Hanfu Dress in the 21st Century

Every country prospers and grows forward with their precious and millennia old cultures and traditions that truly keep them alive all over the world. A country that forgets about its history and everything related to it, and blindly adapts to the modern world has no color left it in. China is one of the countries that are proud of their legendary history which include arts, museums, monuments, dresses, cultural days and festivities. And one of the most famous traditional Chinese dresses is Hanfu, which is still, to this day, is part of their culture, history and legacy.

China Hanfu was the name given to the traditional Chinese clothing of the ethnic group from the pre 17th century called Han Chinese. Hanfu traditionally consisted of two parts; Yi which was knee length tunic with narrow cuffs and Chang which is a full length skirt and is worn with a bixi. They are usually stitched in a silk or chiffon material. From then to the present day, Hanfu has gone through multiple changes and evolved with various fashion statements.

Alongside the changes in ruling dynasties over the centuries, Hanfu went through changes like people with high ranks and influence used to wear a more decorated and expensive Hanfu. Their waist belt used to be decorated with jades and the sleeves were wider than usual. Hanfu gained popularity in different dynasties as the manufacturers started creating and sewing Hanfu with multiple methods and cutting styles. As it was a loose dress, they didn’t have to create multiple sizes for it. It came a time when Hanfu had a huge impact on each living person in the ancient period and it became a form of art instead of being just an apparel.

hanfu dress blog

As the fashion evolved over the years, Hanfu also went out of fashion for a long time but it was hard to give up on such a precious tradition that holds much history. It came back into fashion again and the fashion industry experimented with it by incorporating the modern fashion trends to create a more comfortable and unique look.

Fusing the Western elements into the classical and traditional piece of history was of course a difficult task because any mistake, like incorporating too many western elements could easily make Hanfu lose its traditional appeal. This would not only affect the efforts of creating a Hanfu dress for Gen Z customers but also disappoint the passionate Chinese people that adore their historical piece. But many designers and people successfully fused the modern elements into Hanfu, creating a comfortable and trendy cultural piece that can be easily worn as a fashion piece or a daily wear in the 21st century.

From being just the “clothing of Han dynasty”, hanfu dress became the cultural face and traditional statement of the history of China. As the modernization of Hanfu is increasing day by day, it is also increasing the interest of people from all over the country in China’s heritage, culture and traditions which is helpful for the fashion industry and China’s tourism.

hanfu dress blog

There are multiple sites selling traditional and modern Hanfu dresses for women, men, and gender neutral dresses. But as many websites have been involved in various scams and frauds, people aren’t able to fully trust these websites. It is actually quite normal to be suspicious of these online sites selling these dresses and products. Not all websites are scams and Hanfu is being sold on many reliable websites that offer great quality and designs for women, men and others. NewHanfu is a great website that sells beautifully designed hanfu dresses for both males and females along with modern hanfu that are a fusion of traditional hanfu with modern fashion elements.

Fashion Hanfu

Hanfu is more than just a fashion statement; it embodies the etiquette of a 5,000-year civilization and displays China’s rich culture and character.

Hanfu is a clothing line combining classic and contemporary features. The brand features modern interpretations of traditional Chinese clothes, all of which are created in China. There are five different collections of Hanfu that anyone can select from. Every collection of this Hanfu can be worn in different seasons

Fashion Hanfu consisted of a sash-tied limited knee-length coat and a chang, a small ankle-length dress used with a bixi, a length of material touching the knees. They were silk scarves in red and green. Since its inception, Han-Chinese attire has altered and grown with the times. Traditional Chinese crafts and high-quality materials have a distinct ethnic flair. Owning a fashion Hanfu is an excellent choice if you are interested in Chinese culture.

Hanfu is constructed of a soft and breathable fabric that is both healthful and ecologically beneficial. The design is fresh and exquisite, giving you a one-of-a-kind look. Hanfu is a fun birthday or holiday gift, and it’s perfect for Chinese New Year, Halloween parties, role-playing parties, or as a Christmas or birthday present.

Hanfu Trend and Movement

The Hanfu trend is a resurgence of the historic Hanfu clothing style. It’s a movement aimed at making China’s fashion culture more varied, inclusive, and traditional. The Hanfu trend is a resurgence of the historic Hanfu clothing style. It’s a movement aimed at making China’s fashion culture more varied, inclusive, and traditional.

The Hanfu movement also aims to promote the virtues of simplicity, inclusion, and egalitarianism, as well as the preservation of cultural heritage. Hanfu was traditionally worn as a formal dress in China. Hanfu, which is characterized by broad sleeves and flowing robes, is commonly referred to as “traditional Chinese attire.” Males and women wore it, although men wore it the most. Many Chinese are urging the return of Hanfu as a trend that the people should be proud of their Chinese culture after a 400-year hiatus.

Many Chinese universities have Hanfu clubs, where members dress up in Hanfu to commemorate traditional Chinese holidays. They take advantage of the situation to introduce Hanfu to others. Hanfu has been given a modern touch with the use of new textiles and colors thanks to current technology.

Many people like Hanfu’s simplicity and minimalism, especially in contrast to the contemporary Western culture of abundance. Hanfu is particularly acclaimed for its comfort, natural materials, and superior craftsmanship.
Types of Hanfu Dresses.

However, a photograph of current Hanfu adopters should be utilized since it may show Hanfu’s most recent design and style. Today, young Chinese men and women wear Hanfu, which has sparked renewed interest in the reemergence of Hanfu in China and across the world.

Various cultural movements have attempted to resurrect the Hanfu as a traditional emblem in recent years. The Hanfu is now worn in a variety of cultural events, such as the Chinese New Year, religious celebrations, and historical reenactments.

Hanfu Components and Designs

There are three main layers to the Han Chinese Clothing: undergarments, inner garments, and topcoats. Collar, hem, sleeve, lapel, belt, and so on are among the ten parts that make up these three layers.

Hanfu comes in three different looks. People often wear a shirt and then a jacket on the top. It can be also worn as a one-piece dress that you can pair with the jacket on the top of the pants.
Basically, in Hanfu clothing a jacket or a shirt are the two basic styles. But, it has been seen that robes are getting more normal with Hanfu however, Chinese women still prefer wearing the old traditional style like pairing the dress with a skirt or the jacket on the top.

NewHanfu is an extremely reliable and great website that offers beautiful traditional Chinese attire along with great offers, super customer support and secure checkout so you can get your favorite Hanfu without any doubts or worrying about scams and frauds.

NewHanfu store offers endless options and varieties of Hanfu with gorgeous designs, colors, embroidery and patterns that are unique and fashionable in their own way. Their customer support is ideal that makes sure to guide and help you with any query like choosing a hanfu or taking tips to wear the dress. It also has an advanced security encryption system that ensures safe and reliable checkout and purchase. Let’s look at their hanfu categories and some products that are one of the bests on the store.

Women’s Hanfu

Women’s Hanfu dresses have evolved throughout different eras and dynasties. From a formal dress to the flowing loose dress or the casual trouser suit, every kind of Hanfu is available here that will match your event, festive and aesthetic.

1. June Camellia

Red Camellia summer hanfu

The gorgeous Hanfu dress is an ideal summer season qiyao hanfu dress. It is a 3 piece set that is designed with classic Duijin style patterns that makes the dress formal and casual enough for every kind of event. The dress is based on casual color gradient with white orange and blue. The flower embroidery is the cherry on top and it gives the dress a very lovely look. It is made up of light and soft material that fits the summer season well. It consists of a tank top, a skirt and a shirt.

2. Rainy lily

traditional ruqun hanfu dress newhanfu

The Lily flower has a special meaning in China. It is considered a sign of 100 years of a couple, deep love, happy family and lots of blessings. The blessings of lilies can bring good luck to single people so they can meet their real love. This beautiful hanfu dress is designed with gorgeous lily flower embroidery that is based on casual light green and apricot color. This traditional ruqun hanfu consists of a shirt and skirt that is casual and elegant. It is made up of soft chiffon and linen fabric that makes the dress breathable and light enough to wear.

Men’s Hanfu

Just like Women’s hanfu, men’s hanfu has also evolved along with the eras and dynasties. They were usually designed with thicker fabrics and less decoration, sober patterns, and little to no embroidery as compared to women’s hanfu. In ancient times, the waist belts of hanfu dresses used to be decorated with jades and multiple other jewels.

1. Red Knight

red knight kungfu hanfu buy

The traditional Hanfu dress is inspired by the swordsman master Hanfu dress for kungfu masters. This ruqun hanfu and two-piece set hanfu dress is based on red and black that giving it a graceful and handsome look. It has simple cloud embroidery that looks sober and elegant on the color of the Hanfu. It is made up of soft polyester fabric that is not too casual or formal so it fits just right in every season and festive. It includes one shirt and a skirt.

2. Nan Mountain

mountain male hanfu shop

The classic swordsmen style hanfu dress is really the epitome of grace. The traditional three-piece ruqun hanfu set is ideal for martial arts immortal. It uses the ancient Chinese landscape painting as its embroidery pattern that is delicate and elegant. The dress is based on a soft and cool color scheme which is light gray, white and yellow-gray color that provides a handsome look. It is made up of soft fabric that is comfortable and light enough to wear. This three-piece hanfu set consists of an inner shirt, a skirt and a robe.

Modern Hanfu

Modern Hanfu is a fusion between the 21st century fashion and the traditional Hanfu elements. It is the well adapted version of the classical dress. It is a combination of trendy and retro patterns, cuts and designs that creates the perfect westernized hanfu. As compared to the traditional women’s hanfu, modern hanfu is tailored and designed with a close fitting tailoring and is available in multiple sizes. Modern Hanfu is both functional and elegant, it is much easier to wear and wash as compared to the typical hanfu.

1. Street Fashion

street fashion modern hanfu store

This gorgeous piece at NewHanfu really represents the street fashion of China as it is inspired by the Songku hanfu dress. It is a modern hanfu that consists of the traditional hanfu style shirt along with pants, creating a jumpsuit look. It is a casual yellow color outfit, ideal for summer. It is designed with cool plant patterns that give it a trendy look. Street fashion is made up of soft cotton blend material that is very light to wear. This set comes with a shirt and pants.

2. Summer Rose

summer rose modern hanfu

This modern hanfu outfit is the most ideal outfit anyone could for in summer. This three-piece set is a great outfit for casual and daily wear. It consists of beautiful and gorgeous flower embroidery. The hanfu shirt and songku pants have cute designs that fit modern fashion perfectly. It is made up of silk and chiffon fabric that is extremely comfortable to light to wear. The set consists of a tank top, shirt and pants.

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