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hanfu dress blog

China Hanfu Dress in the 21st Century

Every country prospers and grows forward with their precious and millennia old cultures and traditions that truly keep them alive all over the world. A country that forgets about its history and everything related to it, and blindly adapts to the modern world has no color left it in. China is one of the countries […]

manchu cheongsam qipao dress

Manchu Origin Cheongsam, Chinese Form-Fitting Garment

The Cheongsam, also referred to as the qipao, is a Manchu-style Chinese form-fitting clothing. It’s a high-necked, close-fitting, typically short-sleeved dress with a slash roughly halfway up the sides of the skirt. Throughout the 1920s as well as 1930s, when it was modified by Chinese social climbers and upper-class females in Shanghai, it was renowned […]

spring hanfu dress

Spring Hanfu Dresses for Chinese New Year

The historical and traditional Chinese clothes were just a mixture of every kind of style that used to adapt to their environment well. They reflected traditional Chinese aesthetics, philosophy, and social values as they changed through over 3,000 years of history. Hanfu is one of the most historical and traditional dresses of China, and wearing […]

newhanfu red hanfu blog

Most Famous Chinese Dresses You Need to Know

Chinese clothing refers to both traditional hanfu and current versions of ethnic Chinese clothing as documented in Chinese antiques and traditional arts. Chinese apparel has been influenced by foreign influences and also dynastic customs. Chinese clothing exemplifies Chinese culture’s traditional fashion sensibility and is one of the civilization’s most important cultural characteristics. Traditional Chinese clothing […]

newhanfu blog hanfu buying guide

How to Choose Hanfu – Buying Guide & Tips

Whenever purchasing Hanfu, many people make mistakes that they are unaware of. It’s indeed critical to understand the intricacies involved in selecting the greatest Hanfu to ensure that consumers get proper Hanfu and the most value for their money. It doesn’t have to be tough to find the greatest Hanfu. Buyers will be more likely […]

traditional Chinese dress

10 Most Popular Traditional Chinese Dress in 2022

Discover the top 10 fashion types of traditional Chinese dresses and their respective functions. From casual beizi shirt to formal ming style dress, from warm winter aoqun to loose-fitting summer ruqun, from wuxia outfits to elaborate festival outfits, there are plenty of options to enjoy retro Chinese culture. For a quick look at ancient Chinese […]

fashion hanfu newhanfu blog

Latest Fashion Hanfu Trend You Should Know

Is Hanfu still in fashion or can we wear fashion Hanfu dresses? The Hanfu has evolved across various periods in antiquity, and there are numerous multiple versions, which gives contemporary adoptees additional options. Tang, Song, and Ming dynasties are prominent designs. Bo Li, a Hanfu lover, prefers Ming period hanfu style “since it is flashy […]

fashion hanfu dress

Discover Fashion Hanfu Dress for You

Hanfu Buying Guide – Fashion Hanfu It’s difficult to know how to pick traditional Chinese clothing that is appropriate for you. You can better set off your physique if you select the correct style. Instead of highlighting your strengths, it will make you appear bigger or shorter. It includes not just everyday clothing, but also […]

summer hanfu

Summer Hanfu Dresses You Need for Your Wardrobe

You’ve come to the correct place if you want to enjoy your summer days doing anything fun and different. We’ve completed the legwork for you and selected the hottest it-dresses to contribute to your closet. The picks this summer are all about elegance and functionality. Summer is all about light, breezy, and chic clothes and […]

Top 5 White Wedding Qipao in 2021

Top 5 White Wedding Qipao Dresses

Wedding Qipao dress is also known as Cheongsam dress was the Republic of China’s mandarin gown from Cantonese Chinese. The stylish as well as often stand-collared, tight-fitting Qipao (Chipao) or Cheongsam that is so popular today was formed in Shanghai in the 1920s and also made stylish by upper class and socialites’ women. When the […]

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