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Best 10 Chinese Hanfu Qipao Dresses for Sale 2019

Best 10 Chinese Hanfu & Qipao Dresses for Sale

Although the revival of traditional Chinese clothing has existed for a very long time, their foray into the mainstream is only recent. With costume dramas and other several Kungfu martial arts films being broadcasted, and many fashion designers are working day and night to improve the design of hanfu & cheongsam dresses, which truly make the oriental vintage clothing more and more popular among young people.

Best 10 Chinese Hanfu Qipao Dresses
the beautiful hanfu girls

According to the Alibaba sales report, there are more than 30 million traditional style clothes would be sold throughout the year, and this number is still growing fast. That’s no surprise, more people are passionate about ancient Asian costumes, especially the young girl’s newfound passion has piqued the public’s interest.

Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the best styles for male and female, here are the key trends on what you need to know.

Top 10 popular Chinese style clothes for Sale

Whether you’re looking for a cheap casual hanfu for the summer holiday, a smart ruqun dress for working days at the office or an occasion gown for traditional weddings and other cultural events, we’ve got you covered.

Chinese Hanfu Qipao Dresses for Sale
Chinese style clothing is more popular

Prep your wardrobe now, so you’re not left behind. Check up the best Chinese style dresses you can buy right now that tick some of this year’s biggest fashion trends. Are you ready? Let’s see the top 10 of the public favorite looks below.

1. Traditional Ruqun Dress

The Hua Costume Festival weekend (3 March, Lunar Calendar) has come and gone, meaning the new season is officially here. At this carnival, we can see that most hanfu clothes in the street are still ruqun dresses. Yes, it’s like magic can make everyone fall in love with it. The ruqun outfits are the perfect solution for packing and traveling, while also making getting ready for the office less stressful and a lot quicker. From romantic chest-high embroidery frocks to one-step simple color smocked dresses, consider picking up a few of the best ruqun dresses to live in all season long.

Chinese Royal Hanfu Dresses for Sale
ruqun hanfu

The greatest part? The ruqun style hanfu is almost sale at $100 or less, so you don’t have to decide on just one.

2. Hanfu Dress for Male

Hey guys, look here. Many men see the girls wearing beautiful ancient costumes, and they would ask if they can wear such clothes, or what kind of style is for males. Honestly, compared to women’s diverse clothing, men’s styles are indeed less. But the two-piece set waist ruqun is a great choice for men, you can almost wear it on important or casual occasions and it won’t be wrong. In fact, most of the clothes actors wearing costume dramas are the same style.

Chinese Male Hanfu Dresses for Sale
male hanfu

This is very interesting, according to a street interview, more than 90% of hanfu girls want to find a boyfriend who also likes hanfu clothes as well. What do you think?

3. Songku for Summer Time

A simple dress might not seem like much, but the perfect blouse & Songku combination can be a cure-all for summer style problems. The lovely top with sweetheart necklines, dainty straps tank, light sleeves, and romantic florals, which make a strong case for getting on board with summer’s most desirable silhouette. And the Songku is a kind of wide-leg trousers that are often seen on street-style stars in practically every city.

Chinese Summer Songku Hanfu for Sale
summer songku

On summer weekends, many of the street style crowd wore billowing sheer Songku. Designers showed it’s not a trend to be scared of, creating a delicate and casual combo for retro-style lovers.

4. Modern Hanfu Dress

Modern Hanfu dresses are one of the season’s most popular styles, especially friendly to the new beginner. If you’ve never tried traditional Chinese style clothing before, or you feel anxious that don’t know how to wear it at first, then the modern style is your best savior.

Chinese Modern Hanfu Dresses for Sale
modern hanfu

That’s a perfect integration of modern western design and oriental vintage elements, coming in a variety of dainty patterns and florals. Modern Hanfu is everywhere this summer and this versatile take on the trend from eastern aesthetics is the kind of piece you can wear in daily life, or even down the pub on a Saturday night with friends.

5. Royal Totem Robe

If you’re a fan of costume dramas, you may already be familiar with this clothing. Since the Tang dynasty, the emperors, officials, and warriors were all its admirers. In general, the splendid beast totem only can be used by the royal class, like a dragon, phoenix, Kylin, crane, etc. So this robe, in ancient times, was a very high representative of honor.

Chinese Royal Hanfu Dresses for Sale
dragon robe

Try them with a paper folding fan or an iron sword instead, also can be remixed with combat boots. A grown-up man takes on the royal revival, this figure-hugging robe carries all the glory. Wear with cool shoes and retro accessories, feeling like you’re wearing an arts and crafts project.

6. Horse Face Dress

Gorgeous design and alway use very complex embroidery technology and pattern. If you often attend an important cultural community or need a formal dress for a traditional wedding ceremony, this is the best choice. Move over modern maxi dresses, the Ming style Horse Face Hanfu dress is getting a new dose of exquisite cool.

Chinese Horse Face Hanfu Dresses for Sale
wedding horse face dress

Traditional style wedding was popular last year thanks to the hit TV series like Story of Yanxi Palace, The Longest Day In Chang’an. This summer, on the Chinese Double Seventh Festival, 999 couples gathered in Chengdu City and completed a grand traditional Chinese wedding together.

7. Traditional Aoqun Dress

Two-piece set Aoqun dresses have always been a winter day staple, these warm dresses will take you from a daytime date girls to night party with ease. Their flexible fitted tops and flowy skirts are key for staying warm and comfortable while modestly covered on even the snowy days to come.

Chinese Aoqun Hanfu Dresses for Sale
aoqun hanfu

It’s around this time of year when an awful thought begins to creep into every woman’s mind: I have nothing to wear. Maybe the Aoqun style will bring you a little different experience this winter and help you become a lively spirit in the cold season.

8. Kungfu Wuxia Costume

Do you admire the valiant hero and the beautiful actresses in Kung Fu movies? You can consider giving it a try, maybe you will look super cool or better good look. We should know that most Kungfu masters are generally simplists, the complicated patterns and colors are superfluous. Clean lines, simple tailoring, and just a hint of ancient nostalgia had us falling in love with these costumes.

Chinese Kungfu Costume Dresses for Sale
kungfu costume

The best is the simplest. It represents a spirit of freedom. This plain hand-dyed clothing featuring the most clear silhouette of the martial arts world. Wear with barely-there sandals and billow in the wind like a Jiang Hu regular.

9. Qipao Dress

Cheongsam is one of the most popular Chinese dresses in East Asia in the last century. Traditional cheongsam dress is very sensitive to women’s figures, so it’s hard to buy a qipao dress that fits you online. We should appreciate the efforts of fashion designers, they used modern cutting technology to improve the cheongsam and put it back into the public’s view.

Chinese Qipao Dresses for Sale
cheongsam dress

Although the cheongsam is still more flattering to a slim figure, you can easily choose a suitable and beautiful qipao online according to your usual dress size. Do your best in this 1920s Charming dress, it’s the perfect balance between pretty and sexy. Imagine this with a holiday date splendid evening night.

10. Couple’s Hanfu Dress

It is much more joyful to share the joy than enjoy it alone. If your best friend or sweet lover wants to wear couple of clothes with you, that must be a happy and amazing thing. it could be a pair of designs or the same design with two colors. In ancient society, giving someone hand-made couple’s clothes was the best way to express your heart.

Chinese Couple Hanfu Dresses for Sale
couple dress

“The biggest change for me personally is it gives me more self-confidence when I wear hanfu, and I feel like I’m the most beautiful person in the world,” said Lee, who only gave her last name, a fashion designer in Beijing. Most importantly, the traditional Chinese costume is so beautiful and contains profound history and culture. It is a pleasant thing to wear.

Treat yourself to something new!

Well, we’ve seen all about the 2019 best sale traditional Chinese dress collection, they’re retro, stylish, beautiful, comfortable, and an easy way to look put together. We love anytime throwing on one item of clothing and being ready to walk out of the door, that’s why we created your ultimate guide to vintage oriental dresses for the year.

We searched through every corner of the online internet and offline market to bring you the very best options. Whether you are male or female, traditional or modern, there is something for everyone.

Thank you for taking the time to read our list, hope these will be helpful for you! Have fun~

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