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china hanfu wedding dress

A Brief History of China Wedding Hanfu Dress

Unlike the rest of the globe, China has its own distinct wedding hanfu attire. Themes like good fortune and happiness are prevalent in Chinese hanfu wedding attire. Because the colors dragon, phoenix, crimson, and gold are supposed to bring good luck and happiness, they are essential aspects of Chinese wedding attire and adornment. Aside from that, other aspects of the Chinese wedding gown have distinct Chinese traits.

China hanfu has been a culture that values etiquette from ancient times, and “wedding” is unquestionably the most important event in one’s life. The bridal gown, as an essential aspect of the wedding, has a long history in China. Thousands of years of Chinese culture have been handed down through the generations, and the traditional bridal gown has evolved through time.

china hanfu wedding dress

In this article, we will the traditional wedding dresses in different Chinese dynasties

What is the meaning of a traditional Chinese wedding gown?

One of the most gorgeous weddings is a Chinese traditional wedding. The traditional Chinese wedding gown has a long and illustrious history.

In China, a traditional wedding is more than just the wedding of the newlywed couple; it is also a celebration of their family and culture as a whole.

Classic Chinese wedding clothing comes in a variety of designs, including Dragon and Phoenix, Mandarin Duck, and other traditional Chinese auspicious motifs. The designs are also really beautiful and have distinct Chinese qualities.

China Hanfu Wedding Clothing from different Times

1. Zhou Dynasty

The Chinese wedding garment of the Zhou Dynasty is distinguished by its solemnity and seriousness. The color of the bridal gown is based on the “XuanXun system,” in which “Xuan” refers to black and “Xun” to light red. The bright red hue is utilized as the border of a bridal gown, which is mostly black in color.

People were generally superstitious during the time. They considered Xuan and Xun to be the greatest hues because they reflected the coexistence of heaven and earth. As a result, the bridal gown, which was mostly black and bright crimson, expressed the Zhou People’s reverence for nature.

The groom wore a JueBian, a traditional Chinese formal hat, a blue and black coat (with a pure black border, a bright red dress. The bride is dressed in a beautiful wig made of actual hair, with a black top and bottom to reflect her single-mindedness.

china hanfu wedding dress

2. Han Dynasty

The Han Dynasty’s ceremonial wedding attire is called “Quju-Shenyi,” and it may be worn by both men and women. The entire body of the dress is tight and thin, long, and maybe pulled to the ground, and the hem is typically in the shape of a trumpet, revealing the feet, but yet presenting the delicate and graceful side of women.

Sleeves are divided into two categories: broad and narrow. The majority of the cuffs have a rim. The collar is a cross collar with a low neckline that allows the inside garment to be seen.

Wearing a garment with numerous layers was fashionable during the Han Dynasty. In addition, the bride will wear a veil to hide her humiliation, which is said to be the origin of the Chinese bridal veil.

3. Wei Jin Period

Wedding gowns of the Wei and Jin dynasties were generally made out of wide-sleeved shirts with a horizontal or straight neckline and double-breasted wide-sleeved skirts.

The bride donned a multi-layered long-sleeved shirt and skirt. It used to be that you had to fold it up one by one and then put on a wide-sleeved shirt to wear it, but in the late Tang Dynasty, this was simplified.
The marketing of white wedding gowns was primarily motivated by the mood of “returning to nature” for a period of time. The hue of this full-length white wedding gown is the same as the modern white wedding gown.

4. Tang Dynasty

With the rise of people’s quality of living and dying talents during the Tang Dynasty’s peak, people in this time began to strive for stunning beauty. As a result, wedding gowns started to feature more vibrant colors like deep red and green.

The bride wears a dark blue gown with gold and silver hairpins in the traditional red and green colors, while the groom wears a red gown. According to some experts, this is the origin of the red bridal gown. The vibrancy of the Tang Dynasty’s color pallet adds to its appeal.

china hanfu wedding dress

5. Song Dynasty

The Song Dynasty promoted simplicity, but the Tang Dynasty’s style was retained to emphasize the importance of the blood marriage of the two surnames.

The red phoenix crown and official gown have steadily become key aspects of the wedding dress since the Song Dynasty, and the phoenix crown has been defined as a garment and included in the “crown system.”

The hue of women’s hanfu wedding dresses in the early Song Dynasty is mainly green, and the dresses are nearly the same color as those in the Tang Dynasty.

6. Ming Dynasty

Traditional wedding clothes from the Ming Dynasty are for individuals who want to emulate the old-world elegance of a lovely Chinese bride. The gown is produced by hand from a piece of high-quality silk fabric. Beads and sequins are stitched on the dress’s top. The gown has a slim skirt that creates a figure-hugging look for the bride. The dress’s bottom is comprised of a delicate tulle that is elegantly embellished with beads and sequins. The gown comes in a variety of hues to suit any bride’s taste. This is a fantastic method to get a one-of-a-kind wedding gown that will stand out from the crowd.

The Ming Dynasty wedding gown is a stunning silk gown with beautiful gold and silver embroidery that is hand-sewn. The front is composed of red silk-chiffon fabric with a dragon and phoenix motif, while the back is made of white silk-chiffon fabric with a traditional embroidered border. A beautiful red silk-chiffon veil with embroidered accents is included with the bridal gown.

7. Modern Wedding Dresses

The traditional Chinese wedding gown has evolved from ancient times to the present, but one thing has remained constant that is good wishes and aspirations for the future. However, Dragon Phoenix Gua is the most popular modern Chinese wedding gown. The Ming Dynasty is the source of the Dragon Phoenix Gua.

china hanfu wedding dress

Ordinary people could not utilize the dragon and phoenix design under the feudal monarchy regime at the time, save for the royal family. Later on, Dragon Phoenix Gua became well-known among the general public.

The gown skirt, commonly known as the dragon and phoenix hexagram, is the Han nationality’s traditional attire. It’s a combination of a brocade collar and a horse face skirt. The classic dragon and phoenix hexagram is made of crimson cloth with gold and silver threads stitched on the garments. There are five levels to the proportion of gold and silver linear density throughout the entire garment. Dragon, phoenix, mandarin duck, peony, and more patterns are possible.

Longfeng Gua has the greatest gold and silver line density among them, with a manufacturing cycle of more than 2 years and a gold and silver line density near to 100%. Each dragon and phoenix hexagram is a one-of-a-kind item that takes a lot of time and effort to create and is a valuable collectible. It will retain its particular appeal even after many years of change. The Dragon and Phoenix hexagrams are extremely valuable due to their inherited workmanship.

The hexagrams of the dragon and phoenix have grown into traditional national costumes that symbolize happiness and contentment. In addition, the styles are more varied. It has also been upgraded, which is more in accordance with the aesthetics of modern people, and is more suited and can emphasize the bride’s figure, on the principle of keeping the original features of the clothes.

china hanfu wedding dress

Chinese Red Wedding Color Meaning

The color red symbolizes happiness, vitality, and celebration. The color red is associated with power, ambition, and success.

Wedding colors in China are typically bright and vibrant. The color red is traditionally used to symbolize happiness and good luck. It is also associated with courage, good fortune, and love. For a traditional Chinese wedding, red is the color of choice for decorations, food, and clothes. Red envelopes are also given to guests to bring good luck.

Chinese wedding colors are associated with various meanings, the most popular being red, which is a symbol of luck and happiness. With this in mind, this red Chinese wedding color meaning is the perfect color for your big day.

china hanfu wedding dress

The red hue will make the bride and groom feel warm and lucky, while the hue will also be perfect for the wedding ceremony and reception. The red color will add a splash of color to your big day, as well as make the day more festive.

The color red, specifically a red hanfu wedding dress, is symbolic of love and joy. For the newlyweds, red is the color of happiness and success. Red wedding dresses are not just for the bride, but for the groom as well. The groom traditionally wears a red silk robe over his tuxedo, with a red sash that symbolizes his love for his bride. Red envelopes containing money are given to guests as a gesture of luck and prosperity.

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