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Spring Begonia hanfu dress

Spring Begonia

Tang style 3-piece fashion hanfu for women. The design uses the classic begonia element with yellow and green, very casual and sweet.

Most Famous Chinese Dresses You Need to Know

Chinese clothing refers to both traditional hanfu and current versions of ethnic Chinese clothing as documented in Chinese antiques and traditional arts. Chinese apparel has been influenced by foreign influences and also dynastic customs. Chinese clothing exemplifies Chinese culture’s traditional fashion sensibility and is one of the civilization’s most important cultural characteristics. Traditional Chinese clothing […]

Bamboo Poet male hanfu dress

Bamboo Poet

3-Piece set casual style wuxia male hanfu. Retro bamboo pattern prints, and use light chiffon fabric, very comfortable to wear in daily life.

Hanfu – from Status Symbol to High Fashion

Chengdu – China’s First Hanfu City Hanfu culture has become a new fad among many Chinese young people in previous years, with events including Hanfu parades, Hanfu dances, Hanfu fashion displays, and so on. The Tianfu Culture Theme Forum, Chengdu Fashion Week, and Chengdu Hanfu Culture Festival have all had a big influence historically. Various […]

Latest Fashion Hanfu Trend You Should Know

Is Hanfu still in fashion or can we wear fashion Hanfu dresses? The Hanfu has evolved across various periods in antiquity, and there are numerous multiple versions, which gives contemporary adoptees additional options. Tang, Song, and Ming dynasties are prominent designs. Bo Li, a Hanfu lover, prefers Ming period style “since it is flashy and […]

Autumn Dancer qixiong hanfu shop

Autumn Dancer

Traditional 3-piece Qixiong style hanfu set for women. Classic design dancing dress, would be a chic choice for a wedding party or festival event.

Why is Hanfu Suddenly Popular in China

Chinese Hanfu has become more popular in China in recent years, with an increasing proportion of youthful individuals donning traditional Chinese garments. What is the reason behind this? Hanfu’s appeal stems not only from its attractive look, but also from the fact that it incorporates historical elements. In terms of the Hanfu trend’s background, the […]

All You Need To Know About Hanfu Dresses

China is a multicultural country with many ethnic groups. The Han, who make up more than 90% of the population on the mainland, is the most powerful. The Han people used to have their own distinct way of life, which included how they dressed. Hanfu, or Han clothes, is the name given to the sort […]

Red and Hanfu – Traditional Chinese Culture

Red Color and Its Cultural Importance in China When it pertains to traditional Chinese culture, the color red is extremely important. The color red, or vermilion, which corresponds to fire, represents great fortune and happiness. Throughout Chinese New Year as well as other holiday parties and community reunions, red may be found aplenty. Aside from […]

Discover Fashion Hanfu Dress for You

Hanfu Buying Guide – Fashion Hanfu It’s difficult to know how to pick clothing that is appropriate for you. You can better set off your physique if you select the correct style. Instead of highlighting your strengths, it will make you appear bigger or shorter. It includes not just everyday clothing, but also Hanfu attire. […]

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