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10 Best Wuxia Cdrama for New Audiences

Wuxia is a Chinese novel set in Jiang Hu that translates to “Martial Heroes.” Lakes and rivers are referred to as Jiang Hu. Superman and Batman are regarded as martial heroes in the west, whereas wuxia plays are set in ancient China in Chinese drama land. Wuxia plays feature Jiang hu contests, martial arts, and […]

Camellia Girl qixiong hanfu dress

Camellia Girl

Classic 3-piece set qixiong hanfu dress for women. With lovely three-color combination, and made of high-quality chiffon fabric.

Wuxia Hanfu Clothing, the Costume of Swordman

The word “Wuxia” is translated as “Martial Arts” in Chinese. The word is often used to describe ancient Chinese novels, movies, and TV shows. This clothing line is for those who are drawn to the ancient Chinese culture and to the martial arts. Wuxia Hanfu is for those who want to be warriors in their […]

Spring Begonia hanfu dress

Spring Begonia

Tang style 3-piece fashion hanfu for women. The design uses the classic begonia element with yellow and green, very casual and sweet.

Top 4 Famous Traditional Chinese Dresses

If you are imagining traditional Chinese attire, what comes to mind? In this article, we will discuss the many clothing styles that have emerged throughout China’s historical dynasties, the ethnic minority groups’ traditional attire, and the current function of traditional Chinese dresses and clothing. The history of China is well-known for its many dynasties, each […]

Bamboo Poet male hanfu dress

Bamboo Poet

3-Piece set casual style wuxia male hanfu. Retro bamboo pattern prints, and use light chiffon fabric, very comfortable to wear in daily life.

Elegant Hanfu – Traditional Chinese Costume

Hanfu is the traditional Chinese costume and attire worn by the Han ethnic group. Three thousand years ago, when it first showed up in China, Hanfu robes were said to have belonged to ancient China’s famous Yellow Emperor, an enlightened ruler. It has been a significant part of Han culture, and it remains a foundation […]

Red Hanfu

Red Hanfu Dress Don’t miss out on the $39 super cheap red hanfu items at membership lucky pack collection. Become a Member → Find beautiful Chinese red hanfu for your wardrobe! Latest Red Color Hanfu Why We Choose Red Hanfu? What is the red hanfu meaning? Red is the color of love, passion, and romance. […]

Spring Hanfu Dresses for Chinese New Year

The historical and traditional Chinese clothes were just a mixture of every kind of style that used to adapt to their environment well. They reflected traditional Chinese aesthetics, philosophy, and social values as they changed through over 3,000 years of history. Hanfu is one of the most historical and traditional dresses of China, and wearing […]

Autumn Dancer qixiong hanfu shop

Autumn Dancer

Traditional 3-piece Qixiong style hanfu set for women. Classic design dancing dress, would be a chic choice for a wedding party or festival event.

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