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Size Guide

Newhanfu Size Guide Select product type to display the corresponding size guide; If you want to check the size details of single product, please return to the product page > size tab. Women’s Size Men’s Size Qipao Size Shoes Size 1# Size Chart of Hanfu Please note that size charts relate to Newhanfu own brand […]

Spring Hanfu

Spring Hanfu Dress Up to 50% off, get special deal lucky pack spring hanfu and enjoy free shipping. Become a Member → Search for over 100+ brand new spring hanfu outfit. Spring Hanfu for Sale Feature of Spring Hanfu Spring is here! And with it comes the new season of hanfu fashion. Whether you want […]

Yellow Hanfu

Yellow Hanfu Dress Step out in a stylish yellow hanfu dress or elegant gown. Yellow is a happy, feel-good color that’s daring and fun. Get eye catching yellow hanfu dresses & gold clothing for women and men at Newhanfu store. Latest Yellow Color Hanfu Why We Choose Yellow Hanfu? Yellow is associated with happiness, sunshine […]

Bright Orange Hanfu Dress You Can Pick From

Are you planning to attend or host a Hanfu party? Does the occasion demand you to dress in the most authentic way possible? Is the color theme of the party bright and bold? Well, if you have answered, “yes” to at least one of these questions, you have come to the right place. Here, we […]

Latest 5 Pink Hanfu to Blow Your Minds Away

Hanfu dresses, in general, are very flamboyant and stylish. However, when they come in scintillating pink shades, you cannot take your eyes away from them. We understand that you might be eager to add one of these remarkable pink traditional outfits to your kitty right now. However, before that, it is important to understand some […]

5 Awesome Purple Hanfu Dresses for Your Wardrobe

Has the Hanfu dress gone out of fashion now? Before you read further about some of the best purple Hanfu dresses in the market, you might have some doubts in your mind regarding the trend of these outfits. Are you worried if the Hanfu dresses have gone out of vogue? You have nothing to feel […]

Black Hanfu

Black Hanfu Dress Browse through one of the most versatile collections of black hanfu dresses featuring various styles, patterns, and prints. Get your favorite one today. From your everyday look to a formal ensemble, Newhanfu has the best black hanfu costumes to meet your style needs. Latest Black Color Hanfu Why We Choose Black Hanfu? […]

Exquisite Women’s Green Hanfu Dresses for You

More often than not, traditional dresses of a particular country or community are of one single type. Gowns, tuxedos, saris, etc. are some examples of timeless styles that you know of when being asked about traditional dresses. However, the Chinese Hanfu is unique from the traditional dresses of other countries. This is because, though it […]

Top 5 Women’s Black Hanfu You Will Love

The Hanfu dress, the traditional dress of the Chinese, represents the rich heritage and culture of China in the last few centuries. It usually comes in three pieces, but sometimes also comes in two or one piece with elements and patterns to authentically represent the importance of different Chinese dynasties like Han, Shang, Zhou, Qin […]

Women’s Red Hanfu Dresses For Your Parties

For all the fiery men and women out there, here is your chance to represent Chinese culture in all your glory. Hanfu dresses in red are the perfect ways to express your vibrant character without compromising on tradition. While you may know that the Hanfu has been the traditional clothing of China for over thousands […]

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