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Everything About Cheongsam or Qipao Dresses

The qipao, also known as the cheongsam or “mandarin dress” in Cantonese, is a Chinese garment. The qipao was born in Changfu. A tight-fitting garment made from a single piece of cloth. Cheongsam or Qipao dresses are traditional Chinese garments for women. The dress has a tight-fitting bodice with a mandarin collar and long sleeves. […]

Top 30 Traditional Chinese Clothing of All Time

Traditional Chinese clothing is one of the world’s most iconic traditional items of costumes. You may also have heard of hanfu dress – it is instantly recognizable, with Overlapped and Rightward Collars, flowing cutting, retro Eastern patterns, diverse colors, and luxurious silk fabric. But hanfu robe is not the only classical clothing ancient China has […]

10 Best Creative Hanfu Cosplay Costumes

Received a message last week asking what the best cosplay hanfu attire of the year was and how to start a hanfu cosplay. Wow, time is flying by before you know it, we’ve reached the last season of 2020. That’s right, it’s time to take a look at this year’s new hanfu cosplay costumes and […]

Best Hanfu Rental Guide – How to Rent Your 1st Hanfu

In recent years, hanfu rental services for tourists have become very popular. Although the hanfu is a traditional Chinese dress, in modern-day, it is worn not only on special occasions but also as a part of daily life. An appropriate style and color of hanfu are to be worn depending on the occasion and the […]

5 Best Red Hanfu Dresses in 2020

If you already have your mind dress up with red hanfu clothing, this post is for you. I’m sharing the 5 best red hanfu dress outfit ideas in 2020 with you. Put down that boring black shenyi style. We know you can do much better. With the autumn ahead, we are ready to show an […]

Top 5 Styles of Kung Fu Uniforms – Martial Arts 2020

Different martial arts use different costumes, the Kung Fu uniforms, of course, follow that pattern. In the Kungfu world, we need various style uniforms to show what kind of Kungfu we are practicing – Tai chi, Shaolin, or Wingchun. One huge monetary benefit and reason for the proliferation of martial arts is that you don’t […]

How to Pick Your First Hanfu Dress & Clothes

Chinese traditional dress hanfu is experiencing a significant renaissance, attracting lots of new fans from all over the world. However, whether you’re looking for a hanfu shop, discovering a hanfu costume for the first time or an experienced retro wearer, there’s always a lot of information and tradition to learn! We had in-depth interviews with […]

Best 5 Chinese Style Clothing List 2020 | Shop Online

In recent years, oriental fashion and clothing are gradually popular in the West. At first, the trend of Korea swept the world, then the Japanese fashion circle showed high brilliance, and now the traditional elements of China are also loved by the public. So if you are searching on the Internet for the: Popular Chinese […]

Top 10 Popular Qipao & Cheongsam | Buy 2019

Every time we see the cheongsam dress of the actresses in the film and TV series, we’ll all say, “these women are so beautiful! ” In addition to pretty face and body, they also have different temperaments and charm when they wear qipao. So it is the same for ordinary people, more and more ladies […]

Best 10 Chinese Hanfu & Qipao Dresses for Sale 2019

Although the revival of traditional Chinese clothing has existed for a very long time, their foray into the mainstream is only recent. With costume dramas and other several Kungfu martial arts films are being broadcasted, and many fashion designers are working day and night to improve the design of hanfu & cheongsam dresses, which truly […]

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