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cheongsam qipao dress blog

Everything About Cheongsam or Qipao Dresses

The qipao, also known as the cheongsam or “mandarin dress” in Cantonese, is a Chinese garment. The qipao was born in Changfu. A tight-fitting garment made from a single piece of cloth.

Cheongsam or Qipao dresses are traditional Chinese garments for women. The dress has a tight-fitting bodice with a mandarin collar and long sleeves. The cheongsam is generally cut with a straight skirt that hugs the body and then flares out at the hem.

There are different styles of cheongsam that include the fitted cheongsam, the straight cheongsam, and the flared cheongsam. The fitted cheongsam is more popular in China than in other countries. It has a straight skirt that tapers at the waist and narrows towards the hem. The straight cheongsam is similar to the fitted cheongsam, but has a straight skirt that does not taper at the waist. The flared cheongsam is characterized by a flared skirt that can be split into two parts.

Cheongsam dresses are typically worn with a qipao undershirt or qipao top, qipao trousers, qipao shoes, and qipao accessories. The qipao top is a short-sleeved, loose-fitting blouse that is often made of silk or chiffon. The qipao trousers are tight-fitting and made of silk or satin. The qipao shoes are high-heeled and made of leather or suede.

The qipao accessories include a Xiapei, a Yajin, and a qipao hat. The Xiapei is a long piece of fabric that is worn over the shoulders and draped over the hip. The Yajin is a tassel pendant, similar to a brooch that is worn on the pankou knots. The qipao hat is made of lace fabric and has a brim that extends from the crown to the forehead.

This traditional Chinese garment for women is characterized by a tight-fitting bodice with a mandarin collar and long sleeves. The dress has a straight skirt that hugs the body and then flares out at the hem. There are different styles of cheongsam that include the fitted cheongsam, the straight cheongsam, and the flared cheongsam.

cheongsam qipao dress blog

5 Chinese Dress Elements to Make Your Own Qipao

You’ve decided to wear a modern qipao (cheongsam) to your wedding or tea ceremony, but what exactly defines a qipao (cheongsam)? These five essential components of a qipao should hopefully inspire you to design something fresh that pays homage to your ancestry while remaining loyal to your personal style.

The Qipao’s Material

Qipaos can be created out of a variety of materials, but the traditional ones are made out of silk cloth with embroidery on top. Embroidery with a phoenix and/or dragon is frequently chosen by women for their wedding qipao. The dragon and phoenix together represent good luck and a happy marriage in Chinese tradition.

cheongsam qipao dress blog

The Qipao’s Color

Colors of Chinese wedding gowns are important. While there is no one color that is uniquely connected with qipaos, red is the color of choice for Chinese weddings.

Red represents everything you could possibly want in Chinese culture: good luck, happiness, and joy. As a result, the Chinese New Year envelopes are likewise crimson. As a result, for good luck, brides often chose crimson for their Chinese wedding gown.

Using a contrasting color for the trim around the collar, sleeves, and pankou knots is a terrific way to add some more color to your modern qipao (frog buttons).

A different color accent or flowers may also be incorporated into your cheongsam pattern cloth. Secondary qipao hues include gold, white, blue, purple, and pink.

Qipao Mandarin Collar

The most recognizable feature of any qipao. After the Manchurians ousted China’s existing reigning dynasty and established the Qing Dynasty in the 17th century, the mandarin collar became fashionable. One of the classic elements of Manchu robes was the collar.

It’s erect, unfolded collar that fits around the neck and is usually two to five cm tall. Most are approximately 3-4cm in length for comfort.

cheongsam qipao dress blog

Knots Of Pankou

The classic knotted buttons or frog buttons used on qipaos are known as pankou in Chinese. Frog fasteners are another name for them. They are traditionally composed of silk or satin wrapped around a stiffening substance such as copper to help keep their form and available in a variety of animal and floral motifs.

You may be as elaborate as you want with pankou knots. Straight pankou knots are the most basic form. A basic knotted button with a loop fastening is used.

On the other hand, you may make your qipao more complicated and sophisticated by using flowery pankou knots.
The phoenix tail pankou knots are a common choice for Chinese wedding qipaos, as the phoenix traditionally represents the bride and is a prominent Chinese wedding emblem.

cheongsam qipao dress blog

Top Diagonal

A diagonally formed chest region is usually encircled by a succession of pankou knots on the top front half of a qipao.

In most cases, the diagonal extends from just behind the right armpit to the base of the middle collar. Straight diagonals, double-sided diagonals, and even ones that go all the way down to the waist are all options for this front.

Nowadays, the qipao has become a culturally significant piece of clothing in China. While there are some characteristics that distinguish a qipao dress, you now have numerous alternatives for customizing your cheongsam to suit your current tastes.

How You Can Accessorize Your Cheongsam?

You’re dressed in a traditional Chinese wedding gown. So, what’s next? With these accessory choices, you can complete your cheongsam style.

Accessories for Chinese Hair

If you’re wearing your bridal cheongsam with an updo hairdo, a Chinese hairpin might be the ideal finishing touch. A red and gold pankou knot is used to create a Ruby hairpin, which pays respect to the traditional knots found on qipao and cheongsam garments. Even if you have short hair, the longer hairpiece that comes with the Ruby hairpins may be used to style your hair.

If your clothing isn’t crimson, a hairpin embellished with pearls and fans can still show respect to Chinese culture.

Consider wearing traditional Chinese flowers like lilies and orchids in your hair if you want to add some flowers to your hair. If you really want to feel like a queen, a more elaborate hair accessory like our Empress hairpiece is the way to go.

cheongsam qipao dress blog

Chinese Necklace

To bring out the gold specks in your cheongsam dress or to balance off the red, consider adding a gold necklace. A necklace with a phoenix and dragon pair is a terrific way to represent the bride and groom at the wedding if you want to add more symbolism to your accessories.

Consider a thin jade necklace if you’re seeking something more delicate. In Chinese culture, the jade stone is a well-known emblem of beauty and wisdom. Its delicate characteristics go well with a cheongsam dress in white or light colors.

Bracelets for Chinese Weddings

If you’re going to show off your arms, why not do the same with your wrists? This is another excellent chance to incorporate some Chinese wedding traditions. Wear a gold or jade bracelet with your cheongsam to honor the union of two individuals. Choose a bracelet with phoenixes and dragons entwined throughout the pattern.

cheongsam qipao dress blog

About New Hanfu Dresses & Qipaos

Long qipao dresses, ankle-length qipao gowns, and knee-length qipaos, as well as more modern mini qipaos cut at an ultra-modern cheeky mid-thigh length, are all available. Our form-fitting contemporary cheongsams are crafted from fabrics that are as comfortable as they are flattering and feature gorgeous flower motifs inspired by Chinese culture.

Do you find qipaos to be a little overly formal? Contrary to popular belief, Chinese cheongsams, particularly as a modern Chinese clothing style, maybe dressed up or down with ease, as New Hanfu’s distinctive qipao designs demonstrate. There is also a selection of casual qipao alternatives, as well as a range of exquisite, occasion-ready cheongsam dresses, including New Hanfu’s most acclaimed silk qipaos, jacquard qipaos, and stretch cotton qipaos that are excellent for Chinese New Year and celebratory gatherings.

Consider the stretch mini qipao, which can be packed in your luggage and emerge wrinkle-free; the A-line qipao, which echoes a sweet baby doll silhouette; or our signature modern qipao, knitted from a blend of mulberry silk and cotton, which thoughtfully combines traditional cheongsam elements with the modern comfort of knitwear. These stylish yet casual qipaos are a terrific qipao prom dress alternative since they can be dressed up for the evening with pumps and elegant sandals, or toned down with combat boots for the daytime. Every occasion calls for an iconic New Hanfu qipao dress.

New Hanfu store has produced pieces, like our best-selling qipao blouse fashioned from a comfortable and elastic knit fabric, for people looking for qipao-inspired alternatives rather than a full cheongsam dress. For a bejeweled touch, this trendy cheongsam shirt is accented with gemstone bead buttons.

Apart from classic Chinese qipao dresses, New Hanfu also has a tempting selection of qipao-inspired modern Chinese dresses, which blend traditional qipao components like the mandarin collar with unique materials and shapes. Discover fashionable styles like fit-and-flare skater dresses with a silk mandarin collar, biker-inspired zipped mini cheongsams, and Chinese collar dresses with varied fabric paneling in the dress collection.

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